Friday, October 26, 2012

Shopping with Benefits!

Hiya all,

Mum, dad dad and I went shopping to my our favourite place a few days ago...... it's the place where we bought the "Peep Kennel on Wheels" (PKW) - or as the peeps call it, a caravan. Actually the dealership has recently moved to much larger premises - so we also wanted to check that out.

For those of you who remember, the people who manage the dealership have a wonderful fur-kid..... "Wookie" and we are good furiends. Wookie is an exotic rare breed, he's a "Lagotto Romagnolo" (just get your peep to google that...... they will learn all about them!)

YUP Wooks!!! ......... It's ME RUBIE!!!!! Ready to PLAY!!

Wookie: Oh Rubie..... it's so fab to see you again...... and you smell so good!

You smell great too Wookie!

Wookie: Do you like our new premises Rubie??? Much larger showroom!

Wookie: Do you want to check out our yard?.... it's so much better now!

I am very impressed Wookie.....

My mum is sorry her camera focussed on her hand and not on the Beautiful face of my furiend...... but you get the idea of how lovely he is!

Wookie: Ooooo looks like Rubie's mum has packed some chicken bone cookies for us!!

Wookie: MMMmmmm I like these visits!

Wookie: Do I have a crumb on my nose??

I can help you with crumb "clean up"....

I got one too Wooks!

Hey Wookie..... you know I only poke my tongue out at my good furiends, don't cha?

Wookie: ?? ...... Hmmmm ....must be a schnauzer thing???

Oh looks like my peeps have bought what they came for..... so we gotta go now...

Promise I will see you soon Wookie! 

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

One of the Joys in Life - Liver Treats!

Mum just sat down with the Liver Treat Jar..... Scarlet and Zoe are here too. We had better pull-out some of our cracking good "sweet faces" and begging looks.

Great work Zoe - that will be enough to score a few!

What's Scarlet got?

Oh.... she's pulled out the "resting the face on the human leg trick".... very nice!

OOOoooo - that's what I'm talkin' about..... get it closer.....

ZOE: Yeeee Auntie..... that's a beautiful sight to me..... lean it over to me!!

SCARLET: I know I am on the bad side for photography because all the bright light is behind me.... but - I'm waiting nicely Auntie...

ZOE: My eyes are fixed firmly on the prize..... surely you can't fit much more of my cuteness on one photo Auntie???!!

(The treat feeding frenzy begins)

Mum can't get a clear photo while there is snapping like hungry crocs!

Scarlet takes them more delicately than me!

Moments before the blurry snapping begins..... he he he!

ZOE: I have to move away to chew..... Rubie been known to snatch things out of my mouth ya know!!

Thank goodness for Liver Treats!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Toy Hospital

Hiya all,

There has been three of my toys removed from my grasps...... they had to go to Toy Hospital.

You see, I don't tear up my toys..... but sometimes they do suffer from the disease "manufacturers weakness and poor stitching". Mum says sometimes they need a little "needle and thread" assistance.

This is my rabbit - the one I found on one of my walks...... that mum had to wash and dis-in-fect before I was allowed to have him. It has really long leggies and armies so it's fun to play with.

Right all done???? Thanks ma - I'll take him from here!

Awww - now she has sewn up my Halloween bottle pumpkin, the back of his head started to come un-done. This was sent to be by the Five Sibes last year.

Thanks mum!

I love this one.

My little Christmas bear started to lose a leg.....

But he's all fixed up now - so he can join the pawty!

I love days like today when you get your stuff back all fixed!! What took so long ma????

Thursday, October 4, 2012

National TACO Day - 4th October 2012

Don't ya just LOVE a DAY DEVOTED to FOODABLES??....... I SURE DO!!!!!

My dear furiend JAZZI organises this special day to salute her FAVOURITE dish in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD...... and some of us HELP in celebrating...... (paws clapping!!!)

So here is MY TACO - mum says I could eat "al-fresco" as it was a nice warm spring day here:

OMD.......Stone the Crows!!!!! Have you EVER seen such a FANTABULOUS TACO!!!!???????

Mmmmm - my mum has outdone herself this year. Homemade wholemeal flatbread (someone forgot to buy taco shells) with fried beefs, lentils, fresh cabbage and cheese........ mmmmm cheese!!

First you gotta eat the insides.....

See the artistic shot..... through the front legs...he he he.... then you gotta lick the flat bread clean like

Then slide the flatbread off the plate and tear bits off to nom....

There...... clean plate mum!!! (PeeS: this is my pretty plate Jazzi sent me for her last Birthday give-away.... we save it for special occasions - like this one!!)

Can we do another National Taco Day TOMORROW????

PeePeeS: If you click on Jazzis link above - she has a list of all us doggies taking part in National Taco Day with a link to all of our bloggies. 


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