Tuesday, September 10, 2013

So much has happened....... catch up report:

Hiya all,

Soooo much has happened since my last post. Your head will be spinnin' with all this stuffs.

I got stungs by a not-so-friendly BEE. It stungs me on the back paw pad.... and I took 24 hrs of moping around to get over it. I had some first aid and Mum says it's the quietest I have ever been. My paw hurt.

Another day, dad dad and I got the rest of the big tree out my yard.

All that snoopervisin' was exhausting..... and there was quality schnuffing to do in the dug up dirts and stuff.

We had "Father's Day" - and my mum baked this Blackforest Cherry Cake for her Dad - my Grandpaw. I cannot report if it was good or not, coz I was NOT allowed to try some. (*humpf*)

While at Grandpaws' - I tried to teach Scarlet and Zoe the art of "Chicken Whispering" but they were crap at it.

The key is to remain calm and quiet, without sudden movements.... but they cannot do this like I can.

It was unseasonably warm for Grandpaws' Fathers Day BBQ .... we enjoyed the shade (and some meats off the BBQ).

We gots a new car. You know I don't like gettin' in cars. It's one of my things. This one has slippy seats so my back seat schnauzer sling moves around and I'm just not impressed .... still.

One day dad dad took me on our daily walk.... inbetween the rain showers.

Yea - good one dad dad. Don't go into weather forecastin' !!

 Scarlet came to my place and she likes to sit at the dinner table when mum stands up .... she is still waiting for "her" plate. Dream on Scarlet!!

Zoe has to wear this thick baby sock. She got bitten or cut by something and got an infected front paw. She had to go to the V-E-T lady . There was pus and everything. 

Zoe ..... I like your purple sock! Does it still hurt????

Last story.... there was a huge fireworks display just over our hill at one of the local schools. There was bangin' and sparklin' .... and mum managed to get this really crappy picture of one of them. The imPAWtant thing.... is that mum held me and showed me the bangin' and sparklin' .... I usually go hide under a desk. But this time I got really brave ..... I shivered a bit .... and DUG my claws into the soft bits of mum ..... but I stuck it out and go over it and even kinda enjoyed it at the end. My pawrents were very pround of me coz I can be a real "cot case" over things like this.

That's been my life in the last 3 weeks or so. Hope you enjoyed my report!!


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