Tuesday, July 15, 2014

This and That ......

Can you F-E-E-L my PAIN....... my furiends...

Can You ????? (Big sigh!!!)

You know we are driving for two days soon and will end up someplace so COLD that we will all live in SNOW in a SNOW CHALET for a little while?? Well my mum thought she better get me ready. We have concluded that my pink puffer jacket is too snug and I will have to borrow Scarlet's. Also - why do jacket manufacturers think that Hoods are a good thing for us dawgs??? The moment I jumped off my ottoman with this hood - it went over my eyes and I couldn't see A THING!! Lucky it snaps off!!

Even my pawrents are getting ready to cover their human paws and heads.

I will be AMAZED if we make it OUT ALIVE !!! I'm starting to get a little concerned. Apparently we have to put chains around our car tyres to drive the mountain road too. I hope my pawrents are up to all this.

Anywho - on a lighter note - GUESS WHO got a PRESENT in the mail???????    YUPS ME!!!!!!!

A box from Malaysia just for ME!!

My Auntie Tooki-Jo from Kota Kinabalu send me a Proboscis Monkey to play with!!! I think that means a monkey with a Big Nose! See I even got a nice card. Thanks Very Much - Auntie Tooki-Jo, CoCo and Wawa!! You're the BEST XXXX

Out on a walk with my mum, (dad dad was busy) I met a nice Puggy called Osker .... I thought it was my mate Frank the Tank, but it wasn't. 

Time to go - See Ya Round Osker!!

Mum remembered her iPhone on this walk (for a change).

My dad dad had a Birthday. He's thousands of years old now. Mum made him Tempura Battered Soft Shell Crab (with sweet chilli and coriander)...

and made an Asian side salad and steamed rice.

Dad Dad was so happy - he gave mum a 10/10 score!!

Right ..... now that you've been updated with "this and that" me and my Monkey have a little catching up to do!!

Bye for now!! xxx

PeeS: If anyone out there has any snow survival tips for my Pawrents and me (Uncie said take lots of tissues because your nose runs heaps in the cold) please feel free to pawss them on. That way I MIGHT just make it out ALIVE!!


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