Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Scarlet and Zoe over for Hollingdays!! ....Can you spell ABANDONED??

Hiya all,

I have had a very full household. You see Scarlet and Zoe, my cousins, got dropped off and abandoned  for a Hollingday at my place. They were staying for FOUR days. Phew - I was hoping I could keep up my bestest hosting skills for all that time.

Scarlet, as some of you might know, is the tallest of us and is very much into her dad dad..... and in fact we were all worried about how she would go without him. 

Scarlet and Zoe brought one of their beds. Here I am tryin' to get a game of bitey face goin' with Scarlet.

Scarlet notices the flashy box and Zoe departs to find something interesting to do or chew.

Zoe relaxing on MY ottoman.

Now mum has a special treat for you. She had a bit of training with my uncie to sign me up with a You-tube account and we have put together a little video of our antics. This video is a hoot - it has everything, growling, bitey face, excited barky face, toy squeaking, me boxing Zoe's ears to try and engage her, her "snapping" and then biting my floofy legs....... oh it's a gem. Oh and the last part of the video shows me and Zoe doin' our special thing......"licky face" - this is something special that only her and me do together.... like loving cousins and all. ENJOY!! It will be like you are there WITH US!

Hope you enjoyed that video. We enjoyed making it!! BOL!

After making that video we were a little pooped. This is me re-energising!

SCARLET: So only two more days before dad dad comes and gets me?? 

NB: Scarlet was very much waiting for her dad dad by the front door on the first day and into the evening. She did not want to go to sleep because she thought he was going to come for her. We are pleased to report, she was alot calmer after the first night and did not show any more "waiting and wimpy" behaviours.  

ZOE: Well except for the flashy box being pushed into our faces.... we actually are having a great time!! Great snacks here too.

Tell em' what you did on the FIRST morning after we got up, Zoe!!

ZOE: I threw up on the Wool Rug in the foyer. Sorry auntie!


That's not very good manners Zoe, lucky mum loves you!!

All in all it was a great visit, and it was cool having two dawgs to play with everyday. We all went on our daily walk too.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Our PARK Day

Hiya all,

Sorry but we have arrived a little LATE for Blogville's Park Day - but sometimes it is just too hard to keep the lazy humans focussed..... we WON'T mention any names..... but MUM (oops) wasn't feeling the best and she didn't want to turn on the big computer so I could put up my post in time.

Forgive us.

Anywho - My cousins and I wanted to show you our Dawg PARK and what we got up to when we last were there:

Woooo hoooo!!! That's me runnin' around all NUTS-OID!!

And this is Scarlet arrivin'

Followed closely by Zoe!

Here we go runnin and runnin!

I love meetin the bigger, faster visitors.... they are good for run chase-ies!

OOooo who do we have here???

Your name is "Red"..... are you a relative of my mates Frankie and Ernie from OHIO in the U.S.A???? They look very much like you only fluffier?!

RED: We are probably distant relatives Rubie - especially if they are as good looking as me!...... Give me their bloggie address and I'll look em up!

Hey Red! Don't forget to tell em' I sent you over!! 

Puff puff puff!!!!! All this runnin' around and meetin' Dawgs is exhausting!! But we always love the Dawg Park!!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

SPOILED!??!! Who ME!!??!!

Hiya all,

Mum has been analysing my preferred sleeping habits. (As she should). She has deduced that I am most happy when I can put my furry schnauzery head on a pillow of some sort..... and I also like support around me - so that if I get the urge to lean against something..... it's there.

The other thing she has realised is that I am a "Den Animal" from WAY back - and I quite like to snuggle into a Den like structure for my day-time naps.

Quite sharp observations mum..... I'm proud of you!

When my Grandpaw gave her a HUGE King size quilted bedspread that he no longer wants .... she got  ideas!

She cleared off the dining room table and got out her sewing scissors and started snipping.

Then she got out her sewing machine and started sewing.

Just LOOK what I GOT my furiends!!!

It has two removable pillows - one is a "V" shape, the other that I am modelling is kinda a "L" shape.

That's the "V" - she was whining about having to "hand-sew" the velcro strips on the pillows. The velcro means that the top pillows won't slide off the bed. Ingenuous!!

And this is the "L" pillow. Don't tell her I said this - but I am VERY impressed at her skills.

This bed is going under mum's desk in the office - that way I can take naps in between my posts! BOL! If you look real close you will see a blurrrrr where my tail should be - Happy, Happy, Happy Wuggles indeed!!

I then requested an upgrade in the "pillow-dom" under Dad's desk. So she made me a big "V" to go on top of my Faux-fur pillow. This is also a great hit with me!! See I only had a boring little square pillow before and that kept wanting to leave the den. My IKEA rat has even got his head on the new pillows.

Who's a Happy Schnauzer now!! ME!!!!

See what your Peeps can do once they put their minds to it!?!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Farewell "Dolly"

Hiya all,

It's a bittersweet day here. Meet my Friend Dolly. 

Dolly has had major surgery at my place by my mum. She actually  belongs to the Government..... specifically one of the last school libraries run by the Education Department here. She is loaned out to teachers so the teacher and Dolly can help the school children learn stuffs..... like about feelings and stuffs like that.

Anywho - Dolly had problems.

She was in bad shape.... she was blind and had no eyes. So mum gave her some.

She had really weird hair and had big bald patches on her head, but mum put a lot more on her, and gave her cool "pig-tails". Oh - and she has a pretty hair pin too.

My auntie (who works in the library) bought her new clothes to wear.

And Dolly had a little black slit for a mouth, so mum gave her a little pretty red mouth. I'm still a bit uncertain about her little DOT nose.

Dolly could not hold her own head up either...... so mum opened her up and shoved lots of white fluffy stuffs into her neck and upper torso. 

So Dolly had major stuffs happen to her - and she is very much improved version of herself - kinda like the Hollywood women who go to the clinic and come out looking plastic like a barbie doll .... BOL!

The sad thing is - Dolly and I have bonded and are good mates. We have shared a lot of deep and meaningful talks too.

She goes home tomorrow to the library. 

Mum says if she gets all roughed up again, and needs more clinic time - she is happy to provide her assistance again.

Maybe my mum needs to make me a "Dolly" ???

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Our Easter

Hiya all,

I wanted to tell you a little about our Easter. We went to Grandpaws place on Easter Sunday. 

I was waiting very patiently at the table for my share of the Easter goodies. Zoe was getting ready too by licking her lips!

Mum baked lemon shortbread cookies for us.

***Whaddayamean "NO"!***

Grandpaw and auntie bought us these!

***What! We CAN'T have these either????***

So what is next??

OOhhhh goodie!!! Our dessert is served!!!

***NO!?!  Not THAT either!!!!!!***


SCARLET: AAaaaa Rubie - Here is something that I reckon we can get a taste of..... quick -  look cute!

Confit Duck Leg.......

YAY - we dawgs got a taste of that....AND some roast pork....and some carrot and beans!

FINALLY - an Easter treat just FOR US!!

UUuuummmm - mum baked Easter Cookies just for us - Scarlet gives a preliminary sniff to make sure.

They were good my furiends!!!! Didn't last LONG.... but we all got to take some home for later too!

Get those crumbs off your face Zoe !!

Hope you all had a nommy, yummers Easter! I am just SO HAPPY that mum forgot to put those embarrassing Easter Bunny Ears on my furry head! Win to that!!


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