Saturday, April 18, 2015

Proof of LIFE ..... and Hollingday Pix (Moonta Bay) Pawt 1

Hi everybuddy ... I knows you have been wonderin' what the heck I'm up to ... goodness knows the human who is SUPPOSED to turn the BIG computer on so I can do my bloggin' ... Has been super SLACK I mean busy ... too busy to help me and my readers!!

As you know my furiends, my humans are selling our house and will start building our new one in the next few months. There has been much activity with all that - not to mention A LOT of my stuffs I cannot FIND anymore ... not since they hired a storage unit. A lot of our stuff is in there. Our house is now officially on the market, and every weekend there is what they call an "Open Inspection" of our house where peeps come and see if they want to live here. I mainly stay out the way and try not to shake any dirt on the freshly cleaned floors. I miss playing ball down the hallway too. The place is all clean and tidy now - minimalist they call it - and the peeps are just wishin' the house sells quickly. We will be homeless for a while .... but rumour has it we are going to go and live with Scarlet and Zoe for a while (Yays!)

On a happier note:

So this is my Proof of LIFE picture:

See here I am alive ... and relaxin' in my PKW (Peep Kennel on Wheels). The humans call it a caravan. But I didn't spend too much time here on the INSIDE because... the outside was way better see:

Check out the improvement structure of our Base Camp. This hollingday happened in the last two weeks of February. Mum and dad dad organised an extended balcony for me. See the extra creamy stuff on the ground - that gave me extra runnin' around room and they also packed my doggie fence so I could be lead free while at Base Camp and have an awesome view to boot!

This was some of which I could see - MY BEACH, jetty and general PKW park sights. Lots of woofing at dawgs and peeps walking' past my camp too!

The above shows you the expansive beach that was ALL MINE for 10 days! The tide was out through the day - made the beach even bigger. Well, ok, sometimes I had to share my beach...

Ya haff to be all polite and stuff to the LOCALS.

There was runnin' in the water and chasin' of the birdlife to do.

See this picture??? Mum says it's my look of PURE JOY!!!

I had MUM to worry about - she had her fair share of DRAMA

While she was walkin' along the edge of the water she decided to take a photo of the plantlife ...

And the silly duffer stood on one of THESE!

And Mr Sandcrab was not very happy about a heffer person standing on him and he PUT HIS CLAWS up AROUND mum's FOOT! Needless to say - there was a SCREAM - but everybody lived to tell the tale.

She also has very tasty skin and blood - and every sand fly and insect had a go at taking bites of her feet and legs ... she had red lumps all over them!

You cannot take her anywhere my friends!

I saw no reason to stop the good times from ROLLIN'!!!!

There were very pretty SUNSETS behind my the Jetty.

And loads of good foodables back at Base Camp.

I also made a very special furiend, I'll tell you all about her in the next post .... pray it won't be long everyone!!

Mum wants to let you know that I cannot yet get around to see all my Blogville mates ... still a lot happening at our end ... but I will in the end - I promise!!

I bet I have missed HEAPS!


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