Saturday, June 30, 2012

Photo Scavenger Hunt JUNE and Equestrian Reminder for OLYMPICS

Hiya all,

Thankyou for all your sympathies regarding that Stinky Tuesday post..... peeps really have no idea of what constitutes a good smell do they!!!!

Anywho, another month has jetted past and mum would like to present her pics for the Photo Scavenger Hunt as hosted by the blog POSTCARDS FROM THE P.P.  

And because it's My BLOG I get to score mum on how many of the pictures include ME!!! Here goes......

As some of you will know, my dad dad's daughter (Sissy R) has recently built a house, in fact she just just got the keys a week ago. Here is a Before picture of her Kitchen.

And ....see..... this is the After picture!

At night, when I am ready for sleepy-bo-bo's..... I wait at the end of the bed for my mum to come to bed too!

This is the Caution Bunting the builders put around the drive into Sissy R's garage..... the fresh concrete was still drying. It was a bummer because I was happy the leave my paw prints across it for her!

That's me and cousin Zoe getting Close to another Schnauzer buddy at the doggie park.

Awwwww - see this little Crown???? Mum bought this when they went to the Yoooou-Kayy and visited the Westminster Abbey.

This is mum's Diamond engagement ring - dad dad had it made and mum designed it!

These are pictures of Will and Kate's Wedding Day...... those royal occasions are FULL of Pomp and Majesty

That's me standing On the Edge of the cliffs overlooking Pt Noarlunga Beach.

It's so unfair when it's your first Birthday...... and you are still not tall enough to reach your own Birthday Cookies!!!! Yup - they were Out of Reach for me!

Now there's nothing wrong with getting ultra-comfy when in Sleep....... ZZZzzzzzzzz!

A mirror will demonstrate Symmetry at it's best......and it's best includes one silver schnauzer!! BOL!!!

So mum, looks like you get 8 / 12 this month....not bad.....but now there's room for improvement!!!


I want to take this opportunity to REMIND you all to get your pictures done for the BLOGVILLE OLYMPICS!! There are LOTS and LOTS of events to enter...... and all are WELCOME!

I'm hosting the EQUESTRIAN EVENT...... and here you can see my training (it's been gruelling):

This horsey compliments my furs don't you think?????

A few of you have asked what kind of entries you need to come up with.... you can use a wide imagination...... be pictured with a horse or with what YOU CONSIDER to be a horse...... and YES - I've spoken with the Equestrian Judging Panel..... and creative photoshopped pictures are more than WELCOME!!!

Start sending your PICTURE to me no earlier than the 9th of JULY..... and no later than the 18th July mid-night MY TIME here in Australia.

The Equestrian Event will be POSTED on the 5th of AUGUST, right here on my BLOG!

The email address you will need to use is: rubie(dot)schnauzer(at)me(dot)com

I look forward to all the "horsing around" !!!! BOL!!!! Please remember to do your WARM-UP stretches and COOL-DOWN work before engaging in your heavy training for all events!!

Tail Wuggles, Rubie xxx

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

STINKY Tuesday

You know my furiends......... I finally did it. I have read about my furiends who have already done it, some have done it several times......

Today ....... (drumroll) ........ I FOUND SOMETHING SUPER DUPER STINKY on my walk with dad dad. Then I ROLLED ALL OVER IN IT...... and got extra stinky stuffs glued in under my armpits and even managed to smoosh my diamonte collar into it!!

It was sheer glee!

Mum wishes we owned one of these!!!!

The story is..... when dad's back was turned I leapt into some long grasses and started to folic with glee..... then dad dad noticed when I returned to him.....that it was not just wetness from the grasses that was schmeared all over me..... but some really good stinky stuffs!! Yaaaaaaa! I smelled so good.... I wondered why he was turning interesting shades of green!!?????

We got home and mum answered the front door with dad dad saying......"run the bath.....she found something really awful to roll in" !!

The cheek of it. I smelled GREAT!!

In the bathroom we went. Mum caught my full perfume... and gasped and squealed, and then made funny choking noises!! She had to leave QUICKLY!!  What a drama queen ! She couldn't stay in the bathroom with me..... so dad dad put me through the first shampoo. And all my great, hard earned stinky smells were being washed down the plug-hole!

Mum came back in and was able to give me the second shampoo. Great.  Don't ask me why they had to do it twice!?!

After my blow-dry - I got sprayed with two sorts of stuff, and mum was very happy she had this in the cupboard. I think this stunk to high heaven. In fact, I'm still trying to get it off me!

Who invents this sort of spray??? Obviously someone who doesn't like dawgs!

Mum seems to be in a bad mood now........ it's me that should be feeling PUT OUT. I find the SMELL of my LIFE, and they go and wash it OFF ME

Peeps! Geez! Sometimes they are NO FUN!

LATE NOTE from Rubie's Mum: We have no idea what it was.... the smell was unbearable..... I'm thinking it maybe was a "dead something"......??????? Rubie is not saying!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

The sky is crying / staying with uncie

You know it's winter here in Adelaide?? Well my furiends, we here in South Australia don't always get much rain fallin' from the sky. We ARE the DRIEST state in the DRIEST inhabited continent in the whole wide world. My state is fairly big....and most of it is classed as "arid". That's why most of our population live on the coast.

BUTT, we have had LOTS of rains here this month for a change. In fact we have had the wettest June here for years and years.......

Rain, rain, rain....

Runnin' into the storm water systems

Runnin' through my yard and down my moss rock steps!!

It has really interfered with my daily walking schedule. In fact, dad dad and I have often come home soaking wets.....makin' mum yell at my wet and muddy feets goin' through the house when we got home! He he he. That bit has been super fun.


Secondly, remember when my peeps insisted on going to Bright for their hollingday and left me to hollingday with uncie and Scarlet and Zoe???? That was last April. We finally want to show you some pictures....courtesy of uncie!

On the colder days we had to snuggle for warmth together under blankies and stuff.

Scarlet under the blankie.

This is us mucking about in the backyard and burning some calories.

There is lots of dirts available in uncle's backyard.......he used to have a big lawn....but that passed away  in the big drought when householders were not allowed to put any water on them. But we kinda like the big clumps of weedy grasses and's like a jungle!!

Problem is there are often "foot baths" happening before we can go back inside!

This is the first time I set eyes on this really cool doggie park near uncie's place. It has a section for big dogs.... and a section for pups and small dogs.....

We love running around in here meeting everyone....

Sometimes we meet fellow mini schnauzers!

Here I am dragging Scarlet and Zoe to play in the tunnels..... but they are skeered of them....

I'm not...... because I ran through tunnels at agility skool!

Look at this adorable photo....mum LOVES it!

Because this fellow mini schnauzer is light furred like me...... and this is rare here in Australia, his peeps were freaked out to meet me!

Here we are sayin' "Hi" to the big dogs on the other side of the fence.

Such a good time!!

So, uncie was sending pictures and texts to mum while they were away to show her I was happy and havin' a good time. The first night I kept going to the front door to wait for them....but then I settled into routine and was fine. So I have since given my peeps the OK to leave me at uncie's if I can't go with them. Just NOT that often!!


Back to the present......... I hope you are all in hard training for your events in the Blogville 2012 Olympics....... I'll be doing a reminder post soon!

Tail Wuggles, Rubie xxx

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

International BOX Day - Today 19th June

My Furiends, the OP Pack have this fun annual event:

We are supposed to be photographed around or in a box for this event, but I can be a little .....***WARY***... of new thingys.

First mum finds the biggest box we have handy......she's forever getting on the internuts and ordering stuffs and then it arrives in big boxes. So first she lets me check this box out for a bit. I'm not too sure....

Then while the going is good..... she stuffs one of my floor cushions in the bottom..... and PLONKS me ON TOP. 

Actually - it's not so bad in here......kinda COMFY really. (remember to ask for your "photo shoot" treat!!)

Hope you have celebrated your International Box Day TOO!!!!!!


PeeS: Don't forget to get your EQUESTRIAN training in for the Blogville Olympics...... and all the other cool events!! No excuses - it will be FUN!!!!

Tail Wuggles, Rubie xxx

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Oh My Dawg.......The Blogville Olympics are Comin' !!!

LISTEN UP.............and DROP what you are doin' and chewin'.......!!!!!!!!!

That means you too Zoe!!

Huh?????? Wha??????????  Wotz goin' on??????

The whole of BLOGVILLE is about to embrace the wonder that is the FIRST EVER BLOGVILLE OLYMPICS 2012.

There will be LOTS of events to enter......... and lots of cool Blogvillians Hosting these EVENTS. For a full list of EVENTS and their HOSTS - visit my mate Oskars post CLICK HERE.


I, Rubie, am hosting the EQUESTRIAN EVENT.

Don't be intimidated by this picture. This is a PEEP participating in the PEEP Olympic event. OURS WILL BE BETTER, AND MORE CREATIVE!!

What you need to do is to be photographed with this event in mind. You can be dressed ready to ride, you can be dressed as your horse, you can be pictured ridin' your horse, ......heck....... there is no right or wrong way to enter this EVENT. Get creative everyone!!!

All species can PAWTICIPATE...... you don't have to be a dawg....... all are welcome! 

You can start by thinking up great things for your entry....and get your picture done. Don't send them until the 9th July....... with STRICT CUT-OFF times of Midnight July 18th! No late entries will be says the OLYMPIC COMMITTE !!!!

(*extract from the minutes*)
THE OLYMPIC Committe MUST INSIST that All ATHLETES be ENTERED by Midnight July 18th.  in order for the athlete to be SCREENED fur Bugs.       The Peep Athletes have to be Screened fur DRUGS... butt WE of Blogville are above that!    However, we gotta be sure that no Fleas get in...          Complain to FRANKIE if you don't like the deadline. 

All entries for my EQUESTRIAN EVENT can be sent between 9th July and 18th July to me, Rubie:


So that no-one spits their dummies...... I WILL respond to each entry to say..... "GOT IT"!! ... you know how the INTERNUTS can be......... That way you can REST ASSURED you are all officially entered and stuffs.

I heard a rumour that there could be GOLD MEDALS up for GRABS!!!!:
They might be cool like this one?????

Now with all this EXCITEMENT on offer....... who can resist ENTERING!!!!!!

There....seeeee...... NO REASON not to join in on ALL this FUN. Make sure you enter lots of EVENTS and follow all the stuff that will be goin' on !!!!!!


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