Thursday, September 29, 2011

Photo Scavenger Hunt - September

Hi all! Hope you have had a great September! The end of another month - means the posting of the:

From the host blog "Postcards from the P.P.

This is something that I allow my mum to do on my blog (coz she doesn't have one!!) and I mark her on her performance (she gets one point for every photo that includes ME!) She had a VERY poor performance last pull up your socks and show us what you got mum!!

This is my closest skool, but it's not for furkids. I like the oval here.

This is Australian Rules football - but just local school/uni boys playing. This is one of the sports ovals attached to my mum's uni where she got a important paper than sits in a frame.

This is my bag which is packed for outings. It has little containers of treats and some toys. It always has a  doggie brush in it too - but uh - she brushed my woozle and then put it down - somewhere else - so it didn't make the shot (*eyes rolling upwards*). Trust me - there is always a comb or brush where I go!!

ZZZZzzzzzzzzzz!!!! A girl can never have enough blankies!

I'm not in this one because I was not born at the time of this pic. This is sugar cane being harvested just outside of Port Douglas, Northern Queensland. The peeps used to do this by hand, I bet they are very happy that things have progressed!! Apparently when this stuff is being chopped, there are heaps of rodents and snakes that get shaken out!!

Sooo funny - this is obviously a pile of my stuffie's - look at the show-off patchy pony balancing on the very top! This pic is about "take 4" because each time mum made the pile I thought it was a great fun game to smash it!!

This is my desk, which mum shares with me. This is where we do our commmpuuting and all bloggie stuffs.

Here is dad dad pretending to make a call! You're not fooling me dad dad!!

I just HATE that the kitchen counters are Taller Than Me!! Otherwise I could reach these tacos!!!!!

My mum bought these to put into an Apple and Almond cake she made for Grandpaw. They smell good and the cake smelled even better. Tasted good too!!!  ;-)  Yummers!!

We actually managed to get three road signs in this shot. I wanted to show the one with my mates "the duckies" - yes we are standing on the roadside in the vicinity of my park and duckie pond. Did I tell you that we have a new batch of duckie babies????

Heeellllooooowwww up there mum!! Mum is taking our pic from on top of the jetty at the beach.

Well Done mum!! - you have done a great job...... I'm in 10 of the pics!!!!!! So you get:

10 / 12 !!!!

Thumbs up from me!!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My Beach and FURST Jetty Experience

Hi Blogville furends!

Today I want to show you my last visit to Brighton Beach (my local). I was lucky to go to the beach this day - my mum sold some books to the bookshop there in the little shopping strip, so it was only a hop-skip and jump to the sands and sea.

Woo Hooo - strutting my stuff alongs the waters edge.

Hmm, I believe there is a 15 knot wind coming from the South West!! My ear and woozle are never wrong.

This is Maggie.

We loved mucking around together.....

She is only 8 months old, and she was trying to tell me that she was the boss of me!!!

I took none of that....and we just resumed outrageous mucking around until my mum and her mum stopped with the Blah blah blahing!!

Look at this little one coming my way......

Had a play with her too!

We should head back now.

Look here is a Labrador swimming.....I must say he is keen, it's pretty fresh here today - I haven't even bothered to get my paws wet!

Mum realises that I have NEVER walked on a Jetty - so off we went! Furst - I viewed the nice steel sculpture.

Ohhh, goodness, the wind is at about 20 knots up here!

It's actually pretty cool on a Jetty - and there are interesting smells to schnoofle on the concretes, mum says the black stains are squid inks.

Here we are at the very end of the Jetty - you can see the squid ink stains on this pic. I'm staring at some fishing men to my left.

Time for homewards...... the building to the left is a hotel that does a "killer" buffet lunch/dinner (with lovely views over the water) - I'll have to take your word for it mum!

Let's go see how much money mum made from her ol' books!! I have my eye on some treats from the treat shop!

I'll be back real soon with the "Photo Scavenger Hunt" for September!! Bye!!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Guest (Cousin) Post: Meet Our Friend Hattie!

Hi Everyone,

I'm feeling particularly lazy unmotivated I'm going to hand over my bloggie to my cousins, Scarlet and Zoe. They want to introduce you to their furend.

Don't make fun of my "bed head" ....oh...I mean "bed woozle"!

Scarlet: Hi Ya! Meet our furend Hattie! She's an Airedale Terrier - look how big she is!!

Hattie: How Ya doing?? Pleased to meet you!! 

Scarlet: We are over at her digs, because my dad dad has packed the buzzy clipper thingy, and Hattie is gonna "cop it" He He He........

Hattie: UUUUrrrrcccchhhh..............(*mental note to self*) : should have locked the front gates today. 

Scarlet: This is Hattie after enduring HOURS of the buzzy clipper thingy!!

Hattie: It's OK for you got to chew bones on the grass while I was being tortured!! But hey, don't I look slimmer with my winter furs off!! Pretty No??

Zoe: Isn't it hard to get a good picture of all three of us together? Here you can see uncie M's knee and foot, he's Hattie's dad dad! 

Hattie: Check out my yellow ball - it is showing evidence of my "jaws of steel"!!!   :-)

Scarlet: Here we are trotting through the "toy infected" family room - Hattie has a baby peep sister who plays with lots of colourful things...... a bit like us really!

Hattie: That's when she is not playing with me!

Hattie: Do you like this angle??

Zoe and Scarlet: Yes we do - so where are all the "good girl" treats for making it through the buzzy clipper thingy!!??

Hattie: Scarlet - you already got into the bread that we were saving for the ducks!!

Scarlet: Well I was hungry.... and it was........ reachable!! (*licks chops*)

Hattie: Listen up, we need to try and bust through the little gate to get to the food room..... are you in??

Scarlet: Let's give it a go!

Zoe: Ok everyone, we are going to go and get our treat rewards now.....Hattie says there are foodables on the other side of the little white gate!

Hattie, Scarlet and Zoe: Let us in, Let us in!!!! We want treats!! We want treats!!

Scarlet: Geez, service is slow around here!

Scarlet: If I sit here looking all cute..... do you think the magic gate will open???

Hattie: I hope so! If I can get in there I can reach anything that is on top of those counters, and can even reach into quite a few shelves in that there pantry cupboard.....(*winks*)

Scarlet: Now I would like to be able to do that!! Being short is sometimes a DRAG!!

Thanks for that post Scarlet and Zoe...........and it was lovely meeting Hattie. I need to meet her in the fur one day! Now all I have to say is zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz !!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Wyatt's Recognition Prize for ME !!!!!!

Hi Everyone....... I'm soooooo happy and excited. Today the postman put this yellow package in my letterbox and it was addressed to ME !!! It's from my good friend Wyatt because mum and I entered two types of Baked Goods into his County Fair Birthday Bash!

See - my envelope......

And my goodies!!!!!

It's a good fit.......

And best of all it says I'm a CHAMPION !!!!!!!

Hey - there is a two page letter and a brochure in the package too! It's from the Australian Government Quarantine department. They have stolen my treats from my parcel!! 

Apparently I'm not allowed to receive ANY "pet or stock feed derived from animal, plant or microbial origin" without a prior "Import Permit".

 I say   "#!*#PPFFRRRTTTTTT*%#!"   to that Mr Quarantine Man!!!!!!!

And THIS is what I think of your papers !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
**(stomp, stomp, stomp!!)**

My 'Gooberlicious treats' have been SEIZED (and I bet the Quarantine Man's doggie is having a feast  on them as we woof!!)

But all I was expectin' was a little blue ribbon for my baking noms, and my beautiful "champion" medal is much nicer than even those medals they give out at the Lympics! I can even smell you and your mom on my pretty glittery card Wyatt!!

A HUGE thanks to you Wyatt and Stanzie, and their Mom for being so thoughtful.....and holding a fabtabulous fair!!

PeeS: I really loved the Roller Coaster Ride!!

PeePeeS: Don't feel sorry for me, mum is going to buy me some treats like the ones you tried to send me!

Tail Wuggles, Rubie xxx

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

THIS was supposed to be PLAY-DAY!!!!

Hello everyone and everypup,

I must take a deep breath before I type this post..... it was a tough tough day! I'd like to take this opportunity to thank my wonderful readers and comment makers for all the words of moral support in my last post. You are wonderful. Especially my Dex.

ZOE: What the bark?????? How/why is this horror happening at Auntie's?????? Heeeellllpppppp!!!

SCARLET: Can't help ya sis, ........ I got thrown in the tub with ya! Not Happy!!

While the girls are dryin' off - I've been brushed and still OK with standin' on this little the moment.

Yikes..... I've just got through most of my hair cuttin' - but I get real shirty when my head is bein' trimmed. 

This is your last few moments of feelin' happy and relaxed Zoe, your dad dad is gonna start up that buzzy clipper thingy soon!

ZOE: He loves me, he wouldn't do that, would he????

ZOE: Well - even though my dad dad loves me, he cut all my furs off even though I was all unhappy about it! And, Scarlet, I'd wipe that smile off your face...... coz you are NEXT!

SCARLET: Whaddayamean????   I'm gorgeous will all my furs on, he wouldn't buzzy clipper me!!

SCARLET: See, mini schnauzer perfection!!!!!!

SCARLET: Yikes!!!! I'm being groomed too!!! Hey! So much for not messing with perfection dad dad!!

Well Zoe - I'm checking your furs - and it's really short on your back.....

SCARLET: Whew - I'm outa that torture room - now give me a treat!!

ZOE: Look at my Goth lips!! My auntie loves them..... and where is my treat??

Aaaaahhhh - I may have already had my treats (I need support to get through THAT buzzy process) ....... but that doesn't stop me asking for more!

ZOE: Let's come over here and pose - we may score some of those dried liver noms......yummers! Sit and pose all nice like, girls!

Right we are all here, but Scarlet is too exhausted to sit - she needs to lie down - but we are all gonna get more treats! Such a traumatic day.

ZOE: Hey! I'm making a cool schnauzer shadow!!

** R.I.P. Furs **

(coffee cup is there for size reference)


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