Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Royal Wedding

Hi all!

I'm sooooo excited. There is only one thing that I love watching more on television than Cesar Millan's show- and that is a Right Royal Event Extravaganza!!!! Yep, Wills and Kate (I think she is going to be using her full name "Katherine") are gonna get married tomorrow. Let the Pomp and Pageantry Begin!!

I rummaged through the cupboards and asked mum to dress me up to mark this great occasion:

 I am a boootiful bride...just like Kate's gonna be.

Flash necklace (check), Tiara with gems (check), Veil (check) and Bling Handbag (check). NB: I did have Earrings..... but I refused to wear them declined politely - the tiara and necklace were enough!!

In case you are wondering, it's a long trip down the Westminster Abbey aisle, so I have liver treats and milk bones in my handbag for extra sustenance, should my blood sugar levels drop!!!

Oooh, I can't wait....just imagine how gorgeous Katherine is gonna be gliding down the aisle! 

She will meet and marry her Prince Charming, Wills, at the alter........(sigh)! Who doesn't love a good wedding!?!

 Just like Katherine, I have slimmed down for her wedding -the best way I know how.... not by diet and exercise, no, no, no. I had a buzzy grooming on Wednesday and I feel pounds lighter!  

I might just keep the necklace on.

So dear friends everywhere, will away any London rain, sit down and cuddle up with your humans on Friday and share the popcorn, cupcakes and bubbly (or doggie carob buds, mutt balls, and liver treats etc) and absorb the magic of a Royal Wedding! 

We wish the happy couple all the best and hope for a fairytale ending!!!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Sunday

Hey is Easter Sunday and we went to Grandpaws' for the day. It's a very special Easter because it is also my mum's Birthday!!!  I gave my mum a very special gift and she got all choked up when she opened my card..... I'll show you!

The envelope

Front of Card

Inside the Card.... My dad helped with the production of my card - I don't know how to use photo paper yet!

I'm very pleased that she liked it!          Back to Easter at Grandpaws':

This is MY Easter haul, mum promised me eggs - and I also got bunny cookies, and a yoghurt and a carob bunny!! All the bunnies were from "The Woofery" my favourite doggie bakery. Can't wait to get stuck in!

While waiting for Scarlet, Zoe and uncie to arrive - I got some quality time in with my auntie. A little more scritchin' to the left, auntie!!

Guess who burst in!!?

Once my cousins arrived, we got beefs ribs bones to nom on. This is Scarlet with hers.

Zoe gettin' amongst it.


We were not the only critters havin' a feed outside.... check out these birdies that were nomming on Grandpaws' palm tree! See how pretty they are!

Ohhh..... lunch is served!!! Whadaya mean it's not FOR US!!!

OK - we will wait nicely for our turns at eating! Humph!!

Now it's our turn...... mum's peelin' our yellow eggies. As you can see I'm tryin' to speed the process along.... PEEL WOMAN!!!!!! We had to sit through all your duck and pork and stuff!!!

Zoe doin' quality assurance of our eggies!

ZOE: Ummm, yummers - keep peelin' auntie!

Yea finally - we all got to eat the eggies..... and it was my first ever boiled egg!

OMD........CAN YOU BELIEVE YOUR EYES????!!!! This is mum's Birthday Cake! She wishes to share with you this close up:

Taaaaa Daaaaa! Three layer almond meringue, with lemon curd, mango slices and vanilla thick cream. Oh - and she wants me to tell you there is almond praline on the top. She a clever mum - making her own Birthday Cake! Now hand some over!!!!!!!

Well - if we can't have some cake..... let's crack into those bunny cookies then!!

Here I am again - showing extreme patience and helping mum take it out of the cello bag.


So that was my first Easter, and the first Easter that ever fell on my mum's birthday - she hopes it doesn't happen again. Grandpaw felt a bit sorry for her having to do all the cooking and stuff today - so we are all going out to a Thai Restaurant on Wednesday! We furry girls just have to find a way to sneak in with the humans!!!!

Wherever you are, if you celebrate Easter - make sure you have a GREAT ONE! 

Pee S: My FIRST Barkday is VERY SOON.... and I can't wait to eat MY CAKE!!!!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Propping

I've been visiting other furends' bloggies this week - and have noticed that there seems to be a lot of "Easter propping" going on.

I decided to get into it as well. ;-)

See'in as my mum hasn't got her "rear into gear" with her "Birdbath"..... I decided to use it sensibly!

Here are some of my Easter stuffs that I am givin' my people this Easter!! I been busy in the shops! I forgot to buy me some novelty Easter bunny ears though!!!

Hey - I don't think my Snoopy is supposed to be in there!

This toy will do ANYTHING to get into the "shot". Humph!

Bad toy! You're a DOGGIE not a BUNNY!! (or BILBY!)

We'd better bring you back with my other toys and stuff.

Right. Now mum wants to demonstrate to me and all of you what this terracotta mosaic'd thing is really for..... Taaaa Daaaaa!

MY OUTDOOR DRINK-A-DINK BOWL!!!!! Wonderful and thoughtful mum!!! Ahh nice clean water!

RUBIE'S MUM:  (groan....... rolling eyes skyward)

Pee S: Please don't be concerned, I know that I am not allowed to eat any choccie stuff, I am banking on mum giving me an easter egg that I CAN have! It's Easter Sunday tomorrow and we're goin' to Grandpaws' ... so you will see more in my next post!!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Stuff in the Garden

Hi ya!

I was walking around my garden today and I bumped into this:

What on earth is this????

A different angle of this mystery object. 

Ohhhh, mum just put on the big dish on the top...... maybe it's gonna be filled full of liver treats and milk bones for my outside snack bowl....... FABULOUS!

RUBIE'S MUM: Rubie, remember the birdbath that I was going to mosaic for your uncie?? Well, there was an accident which involved your dad......... and the pedestal of the birdbath was broken.

Instead of throwing it all in the bin, I decided to "repurpose it", you know, like your friend Wyatt talked about in his post.

RUBIE: Oh yea - I remember, like the window frame!!

RUBIE'S MUM: That's right, now we have a little birdbath, instead of a full size one! It might set a trend..... you never know!

RUBIE: I get it! But, we COULD also use it as my outside snack bowl...... I thought that was a cracking idea!

RUBIE'S MUM: Hmmmm, that wouldn't do anything positive for your waistline Rubie. Sorry Boo.

RUBIE: Bummer Drag!!

This is what a full size pedestal should look like - we had to go get another..... now it needs mum to apply her mosaic magic to it.

She's finished the bowl - it's even got fishies on it - I think it would look great with puppy food in it!! Don't you agree???

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Puppy-sitting my Cousins

Uncie was invited to a birthday pawty the other day - but my cousins, Scarlet and Zoe were not. (gasp) I know - I can't believe it either! Anyway, it was alright in the end, because they got dropped off at my place so we could hang out together.

Here we all are after we are caged in and watching their dad leave em'. Scarlet is the most "attached" to her dad - so I need to distract her.

How's this for prime distraction - I got mum to give us all a beef tendon treat - YUMMERS!!!!

I'm a genius.....

ZOE: Yep - I like this type of distraction - good suggestion Rubie!

Then I organised some outdoor Rock Climbing for us to do - Scarlet is really perking up now!

Zoe and I are participating in some flower bed stomping - not an approved activity by my mum - lucky we were looking so cute!

Mum couldn't resist fitting this photo into my post.

I then suggested some tug-a rope for another activity......

But that turned ugly when stoopid Zoe tried to tie me up with the rope!

ZOE:  He, he, he, who me?

ZOE: Don't ya love the outdoors!!

SCARLET: Yep - and after the sun has been on these pavers.....they are toasty warm to lie on!

So that's a little of our day..... I think my puppy sitting was successful, Scarlet cuddled up to mum just before uncie came to collect them - I think they both like that!


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