Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Oh My Gosh ..... A Storm Blew In!!

Yesterday was an exciting day...... I just HAD to tell you all about it!!

After my walk yesterday ..... we gots home and I had my paws washed (it's a mum thing!!) ..... then the SKY went very very DARK. The temperature dropped, and it started raining and the wind picked up too. The rain looked like it was horizontals.

Mum said to dad dad - "somethings gonna blow"....

Then the weather exploded!!!!!

This is the footpath and verge across the street, you can see the waters rushing down our road and into the storm water drains. See the white stuffs ..... it was NOT snow....

It was little tiny balls of ICE, falling from the SKY. I haven't seen this before.

My entire garden got a smattering of white ice balls.

On my Moss Rock steps.....

Behind this statue.


I was rushing around sniffing it....

Tried licking it.... stomped around in it - see my paw steps!

Mum scooped some and said I can lick it...

Our rainwater tanks' filters blocked up and then we had a mini flood of standing water on the side patio...

Then the little ice balls floated under the washing line ...

See - mum called these "floating islands" and I had my paws in ICE WATER!!

So - We ALMOST had a "snow-like" feeling - the house across the street had white on its roof and on the ground around it ... but it wasn't snow it was little ice balls.

It's NEVER snowed on the Adelaide Plains .... but I reckon we got CLOSE!!

After mum finished her flashy box photos ..... we got towelled off and I rested on the couch under my blankie .... watching the rain from the warmth of inside. Mum looked at the temperature gauge and said it was 7.2 C outside. (44.6 F) - that's bbbrrrrr cold for US!

Later that day, my cousins Scarlet and Zoe came over - and look what happened:

Little Zoe had to wear her SNOW BOOTS!!!!

Too funny - don't ya think?????

(As long as mum doesn't make me put on mine!!)

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Sharing ...... I had to learn all about that!!

Hiya my furiends! Yes I know we don't post much anymore - my mum always seems to find other things to do before switching on the computer for me ... I cannot tell you how much that ruffles my furs!!

(It's Winter here now ..... this is me chillin' with blankies on the couch)

Talking about ruffling my furs - I had to learn more about "Sharing" recently. You see - every morning mum left us and went somewhere else for a few hours. It happened again in the mid afternoon .... where was she going EVERYDAY??!!

Well it appears she was caring for others......




This was a shock - especially as my humans do not go to work anymore - and usually are here, at home, at my beck and call! This went for 5.... count em..... 5 .... whole ..... weeks!!


Two more Exhibits MOVED INTO MY HOUSE!!!!


EXHIBIT  D (you may recognise her as Scarlet my cousin)


EXHIBIT E (cousin Zoe)

There they were hogging my stuff, eatin' my treats and going on my walks ..... plus sucking up the love from my humans.....

The humans spent a lot of time untangling the three leads.... he he....

But .... even the EXHIBITS had to go through PAW WASHING when we came back from the walks. No fur kid is ever happy with a Paw Wash!

EXHIBIT D very happy when her dad dad came back to collect her and EXHIBIT E !!!

Finally - after all the SHARING I had to put up with .... I can now get back to being "all about Rubie" again.

Thank goodness.!!!

Hey - in my world "all about Rubie" does NOT include BAFFS!! She didn't listen, here I am after the Baff and Blowdry...

Keep passing the Liver Treats ... and no-one needs to get hurts!!!

Where's an EXHIBIT when you NEED one!!!!!!!


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