Monday, February 28, 2011

More Groomin' ..... and some play

It was time for our last "summer cuts" so when uncie, Scarlet and Zoe came over last week, I noticed they had fresh that meant only ONE thing:

Yep - another groomin' session - with the buzzy clippers. Yucch. At least uncie didn't yank hunks of hair outa my ears this time!

Scarlet and me waiting patiently by the dining table for our bits!

ZOE: This is the way I wait - I'm lying over the back of the couch, using the room divider as a chin rest! Then I can rest and wait at the same time. If I see any scoring by the other two - I'm there in a FLASH!

We are going to show you some mini schnauzer positions.... get ready

Scarlet doing the "reverse lean over Zoe" who's doin' the "flat lap, spillin' over the arm rest" position.

Zoe and me showing the "digging rear legs into uncie's lap and tummy" positon!

Scarlet demonstrating the "balance beam" along the top of the couch.

SCARLET: I was making my way to this little "cozy couch corner position".

No need to POKE your tongue out at us Scarlet!!!

This is the "too pooped to pop" position - a favourite of mine after a visit from Scarlet and Zoe (and uncie).

More positions to come! What are your favourites?

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Apparently..... I'm STYLISH !!!

A while ago now, there seemed to be a lot of this award flying about the "cyber-inter-web-bloggies":

First it came from my good friend Lavi.  Thankyou soooo much Lavi - I thinks you're stylish too. My silly mum panicked and did nothing about it (!) :-o The reason she did nothing about it was that she is still not too fantabulous on the technical side of computer blogging and I heard her whine about not knowing how to paste in award images and how to put in links into her text to other blogs. Zoinks! - and this is in charge of my life!! She is a bit of a dunderhead novice on the computer.... so her brother (my dear uncie) has to roll his eyes heaven-wards and help her out. Like now.

The pressure intensified when another "Stylish Blogger Award" came to me from my dear dear mates and fellow mini schnauzer Santa .  Santa's blog was one of my true inspirations to begin my blog - I love hearing about them and seeing what they are up to. Mum couldn't run and hide again, and she enlisted uncie's help to do something about it.

As part of this award, I am supposed to tell you 7 things you don't know about me, so I've put on my thinking cap and come up with these:

1. Mum and dad went on holiday to Tropical North Queensland (Cairns and the Barrier Reef)  just before they got me. It was the only holiday that mum wished would finish quickly so she could get her hands on me as soon as she got back to South Australia.

2. Mum has a special nickname for me - she calls me "Boo-Boo". I respond to both "Rubie" and "Boo-Boo" equally. 

3. The first time I went to a dog-park I had a blast. Before we left some STOOOPID woman came in with her two big doggies, and they bowled me over and I was scared and shocked by the speed of it all. Ever since then, my parents have been too nervous to take me back to a dog park. 

4. I am training my parents. Initially they thought I would sleep in my blue doggie bed in the family room (on the other side of the house from their room). Ha. They contained me in a little jail enclosure. Then they put my bed next to theirs and that worked for a while. Finally - I have made it to the Big Bed where I was always supposed to be. Because of this I get a bath weekly so I can't leave good puppy smells in the bed.

5. I eat anything organic - and sometimes inorganic. This includes sand, dust, dirt, small pebbles, mulch, bark etc. It's horrifying to my mum. Because of my love of eating I am always on a diet. I always help my humans eat what they are eating - a pup has to do "QA" after-all.

6. Mum loves me LOTS - but if there was one thing about me that she could change it would be my independence. I don't feel the need to constantly sit on my humans or lean on their legs or touch them or even be in the same room as them. I have independence. She gets jealous when she sees my fellow mini schnauzers sprawling all over their humans being all soppy and sloppy. Toughen up mum! She also gets jealous when I hug all our visitors when they come over.

7. My tongue can magically extend to reach the very bottom of medium sized ice-cream plastic cups. I loves soft serve ice-cream, and would not entertain the thought of missing out on a single lick.

So that was all good stuff hey?!.   It's good that we could have this little bit of info share huh!?

Now the tricky part of this award.... I'm also supposed to nominate some blogs to receive this award. Well, as you can see on my blog, I don't follow many blogs, and the ones I do follow, I follow because they are interesting and stylish all in their own ways. So I don't want to play favourites. And besides, there are blogs I would nominate but they already appear to have already had this award given to them!! 

I declare mum and I have a special bond with one of my favourite blogs Living with 3 Hampsters (and 2 Dogs) because Tooki and my mum seem to have a special relationship. Mum says Tooki is a true animal lover and has a special warm heart. So I will pass this award to Tooki. So the other nominations I award to my followers and the blogs I follow. You are all Stylish and Wonderful, so go ahead and take this award. You deserve it! 

Special Tail Wuggles, Rubie.

Monday, February 21, 2011

"The View's" 3rd Annual Mutt Show

I was busy chillin' with my mum earlier today (I decided to thrill her by sittin' on her lap!) and, "The View" came on. I love Whoopi Goldberg - so I watch "The View" when I get to control the TV remote.

Look mum! The 3rd Annual Mutt Show is the topic today!! I get see DOGGIES!

That one is really cute - white and fluffy - lucky that Mutt has already found a home!

Here is a line-up of all the Mutts awaiting their "best in show" award. I'm hoping the schnauzer cross puppy wins it!

That was a good program mum, I hopes all the Mutts find good homes. A few of them were just abandoned by their peoples! The man judge said "there are no bad dogs, just bad owners!" 

I am happy with my owners.....

The only sufferin' I do is having to .........COPE WITH the FLASHY BOX!!

(oh and have groomin' and baths yuccchh!)

Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Play Bonus

We had a bit of a summer storm yesterday, and it actually rained nearly all day! Mum seemed happy about this - something about the garden getting to have a good drink - but it was boring for me.

 Today dad and mum took me for a walk to let me sniff the world again, then.....

Look what else happened today........ auntie lynny came over with one of her furry kids - Zac the mini poodle. He's over 10 years old! He's never been over to visit me before:

Here he is - and I'm making my "crazy eyes" at him!! And he's not even FOOD! 

Come on Zaccy - let go of your mum and play with me! I'll show you my toy basket and the garden!

We played fetch with the tennis ball up and down the hallway..... he's won this time,

I win this round!!

Have we had enough of that now?

Here we are sniffing one another.....

HEY ZAC! Who told you you could go in my kitchen bed???!!!

It was a great play date, no bitey face though! Zac's mum is having humans over tonight and is cooking them yummers food - so she had to go home and do some stuff. Hope I get to see some leftovers!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Some shade please!

Scarlet, Zoe and I went to Grandpaw's place yesterday. It was another hot day - but not super hot. Mum took some beef ribs so we would have something yummers to nom nom on while relaxing on Grandpaw's nice lawn.

A fresh beef rib......yummers!

This time of the day there was only dappled shade to rely on, and the wind kept blowin' it this way and that!

Mum to the rescue! She threw a tarp on the washing line for us. We wondered what on earth she was doin' first...

Ahhh - sooo much better....solids shade..... now for more nomming!

We're lovin' these ribs!

Scarlet demonstrating how hot she was.... now coolin' off on Grandpaw's tiled floor. 

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Doggie Salon

Hi again! Today I went somewhere new..... never been here before!

When we walked in.... there was a funny lookin' blue fence to look at.

Then the "receptionist" greeted us and checked that we had an appointment time. All good! 1:30pm on the dot!

Then a nice lady came out and took me by the lead..... that's her legs....I'm still smilin' because I don't know what's about to happen!

I had to go into another room with her.... AND SHE CUT AND FILED ALL MY NAILS!!! 

Mun says that because I put on such a "pullava" with her, that she is now gonna take me here to get my nails done! I was better with the nice lady - and I could tell she was confident and knew what she was doin'!

Home again now.......

And I'm all in one piece and "maintained" my dad says. Don't tell anyone...... but the visit to the Doggie Salon wasn't so bad!    Shhhh!!!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Sunday Play-Day

Scarlet and Zoe came over after lunch yesterday. It was not all "fun" though - uncie and mum had to remove our dead fur! Out came some grooming equipments:

Scarlet is kinda passive and happy through her process....

Zoe is unhappy and depressed during hers - check out her tail position ....

There is no photo of me undergoing torture!!! Both uncie and mum needed all their hands to restrain me!! I had matting under my armpits - that was really tricky to remove.....oooouucchh!

So the outcome of all of this grooming was...... a Schnauzer dead fur BALL!!

Here's an update on Scarlet's surgery to remove a cyst, and the wound has healed nicely, but will continue to heal more over the next couple of months.

Zoe and me playing tug-a-toy with Xmas Ted.

Scarlet stepping in help on the Zoe end....... NO FAIR!

Zoe and me playing tug-a-toy with Dagwood Dog.

Later - all 3 of us played tug-a-rope with uncie.

Hey Scarlet - where did you go????

SCARLET: I'm chillin' on top of the couch head-rest - I am Queen of the Castle from up here!!

While Queen Scarlet was chillin' - Zoe and I decided to (innocently) venture outside in the dark. When we came back in, there seemed to be a fuss about what our faces/woozles looked like!

Zoe with ...... a little bit of something around her mouth!

Whaddoyamean......... dirt..... do I have some dirt????? Where????

Mum thought that the garden showed signs of being tampered with.

It's Monday morning now.... and I'm pleading the 5th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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