Saturday, January 29, 2011

Scarlet the FASHIONISTA!

Hey - it's the day after Scarlet's surgery (see earlier post) - and she has just sent me some updated photos. See what you think:

She wants to show you her new T-Shirt that her dad bought her this morning. She is relieved that she is out of the re-fashioned pillacase! This is much more like it!

She is also reporting that she is felling a little sleepy and lazy today - so is spending most of the day in her sheepskin basket. Mind you it is forecast to be hot here today - 36 degrees c - that's 96.8 F!! When it is hot we mini schnauzers don't want to do much anyway!

Whew!! that's two blog entries that DON'T contain any pics of me!! I'd better do something quick!

Well.... I was gonna do something quick..... but it's hot, and this was all I can manage! 

SURGERY! Poor Scarlet!!

Uncie (mums brother) has my two cousins, Scarlet and Zoe. Yesterday poor Scarlet had a bummer drag day. She had a little cyst that popped up on her back, and uncie was advised by the vet to have it removed while it was still small. Urrrcchh!

The day started off normal enough until Scarlet was the only one allowed to go in the car and Zoe stayed at home alone.

ZOE: Hey, Scarlet just left with dad, how come I have been left behind! I never get left behind!

ZOE: Yay - dad came back - but where is Scarlet?? Is she hiding between these chairs????

Zoe tells me that she had quite a few hours of "quality time" just with her dad, and they got to chill and play games together. Zoe was a little concerned over where Scarlet was. Then her dad left and came back with Scarlet.

SCARLET: Hey - I was very excited to be at the vets! I like it there because that's where I did puppy school and whenever we go there - all the nurses and doctors GUSH over me!

ZOE: They GUSH over ME too!!

SCARLET: Anywho, today they did this thing called "cyst removal" - all for my own good - oh and my nails appear to be clipped too! Not to mention that my perfectly groomed coat is now ruined with this shaved patch! It was all a bit traumatic - but probably more so for dad! As soon as I got home I rubbed my back on the furniture and things started bleedn' again, dad was not amused!

SCARLET: So he had to knock up a dress for me to wear quickly - to "protect" my wound!

ZOE: Awww, it's not so bad Scarlie, it's actually kinda cute. It's an old pillacase that he had to re-fashion slightly - you were too small for his T-shirt! Lemon is not bad on ya either!

SCARLET: Yea, but he could'a done a bit nicer job with the cutting, looks kinda rough around the edges don't ya think?

ZOE: All part of todays fashions dudette! You look wicked! 

SCARLET: That means good, no?

ZOE: Affirmative Scarlie, look at the bright side - you are gonna be spoiled rotten for a couple of days coz dad's probably gonna worry till you are ALL better. That means TREATS! And that means we BOTH will get em'!!

SCARLET: You got it all worked out little sis, yea we will milk this situation. I wanna just nap first. Then we can start the TREAT campaign! There's just one more thing sis.....

ZOE: Yea what???

SCARLET: YOU'RE haven' the next surgery OK??!!??


Horrible day don't you think? At least the little cyst problem has now been "nipped in the bud".

Let's wish Scarlet a speedy recovery and I will see her and Zoe in person again on Monday.

Friday, January 28, 2011

I'm at The Gym!!!

My mum says she's been "battling her bulges" for as long as she can remembers. She is now under the directive of a nice kidney specialist to "lose some weight"!! Shheez, she says she is sick and tireds of every medical person telling her to lose weight!!! So she said something about "trying to turn around the Titanic" and took me for a tour of her GYM.

I hope she is not inferring that I am a fatty boom-ba too!! Anyway - here's a snippet of my tour.

First my FAVOURITE fitness instructor Charlie (who is one of my FAVOURITE people) gave me an overall tour of the gym room.

In between the equipments, the humans jog or do stationary exercises on these square things called the recovery board. I'm a little concerned because there are so many recovery boards.....the humans must need a lot of recovery!

I've just come off the abdominals machine and on the next recovery board.
This one says I should be doin' some "leg curls" - geez, try as I might, I can't make my leg curl - bend at the knee maybe - but that's it! 

Here's Charlie congratulating me on my efforts at the gym. Mum cut her head off the picture, but let me tell you she is a beautiful and kind woman..... and she loves me!! They won't let me join - something about me showin' up every human there with my cuteness and extreme fitness! I negotiated some visits to the beach with Charlie and her doggie Lucy instead!

Mum reckons she needs to lose 10kg in 7 and a half weeks (that's when she fronts up to the doc again). She's started with calorie countin' and ramping up her visits to the gym. She's even signed up for the gym zumba combo classes! THIS I GOTTA SEE!!

As for me - we normally have "junk food Friday" where I share Mum's chicken hot pack for din dins. She tells me that there will be no chicken hot pack tonight. Huummpph!  I'm distressed about that. I don't like this diet already!!!

Send her some luck everyone - she is gonna need it!!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

It's (my first) AUSTRALIA DAY !!!!

As an Australian, I've been told that on the 26th January, we all come together as a nation and celebrate all things Australian. This often includes an outdoor BBQ with shrimp (we call em' prawns) being "thrown"(or with lamb), cold beer, get togethers, a special coconut dusted sponge cake called a Lamington, a visit to the beach wearing Australian Flag design togs (bathers), and an official day off work. All good things!!

Some of our furry Australian icons pictured in front of our flag.

Here I am with my Australia Day bandana with a little Koala that has hitched on for the ride. OOOhhh I'd like to give him a little chew..... but mum said it wouldn't be very Australian!

On Monday, Scarlet and Zoe wanted to "get in on the action" for Australia Day, so they donned their bandanas too:

Scarlet: I'm sporting a BIG GRIN for the Day!

                                                       ZOE: Here I am being all Australian!

Mum calls us the "Terrible Two" and wishes to tell you it was hard to take this shot because we were focussed on doin' some bitey face instead!

As a special treat for my readers - here is a lovely photo (we can indulge in a nice one!) taken during our recent flood disaster. This shows a "local" Aussie evacuating some wild kangaroos from their flooded home - and bringing them to dry land. They gladly "hitched a ride". This photo was taken in Theodore, Queensland, a town located on the Dawson River.

Saving my furry friends.


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I never get bored with Play-Day Monday

My cousins, Scarlet and Zoe came over again yesterday to play with me.

My mum bought me a new toy from the pet food store that morning - Lenny the Leopard cub. However, he makes a FUNNY sound when I squeeze him, and it scares me. When my cousins came over they helped me get over my fears, and we were playing with him lots.....but I'm still a little afraid of his noises.

Lenny the Leopard cub..... he kinda makes this weird muffled quacking sound!

Here's us playing "Hide your Face"! The flashy box is so tiresome sometimes....

Scarlet: My auntie provides us with the best chewy noms for our Mondays - she's so thoughtful!!

Zoe: (chew, chew, nom, nom, yummy!)

Mum thinks while we are chewing, we are not being naughty in her garden! But we fool her..... we do BOTH!!! Ha!

Uncie / dad has just gone out the front door and we are fixated on the fact. We wonder when he will return, and what he will bring us!

Zoe got bored with waiting, while Scarlet gets comfy and I continue to wait - coz he's my dad!

Oh oooh, here he comes - and we are getting excited even though he's not got anything for us - other than pats!

My uncie put me on the breakfast bar and I hung over into the kitchen - naughty but FUN! All in all another great play day. It's going to be super hot tomorrow, so I'll have the perfect excuse to sleep it off then! 

Mum will be "busy" watching the Australian Open tennis - so she's not doin' much either! 

Saturday, January 22, 2011

My Auntie Lynny

My auntie lynny is just pawsome. She has 3 little doggies of her own, but she loves coming over to see me (and to have coffee out of mum's very professional coffee machine).

She came over today.

This is me giving her mini schnauzer huggies. mum is jealous that I give auntie lynny such special hugs! But I don't see auntie as much as I see my mum, so it's extra exciting!

I even like to just sit on my auntie.

And she said something very special to me today...... she said that her next doggie is going to be a mini schnauzer!!

My work here is done.

Conversion secured.

He He He !

Friday, January 21, 2011

I've been Sickies

OOOhhhh, we had a bad nite last nite! I ate something for dinner on Thursday that didn't agree with my tum tums. So I threw up twice on mum's bedroom carpet, and once on the ensuite tiles. Mum seems to be happier when I throw up on a hard surface??! Then mum picked me up and put me in her bed. I was shivering for a time and she was lovingly rubbing my back and tum tum. She didn't get a lot of sleep, and was very worried about me.

This happened before when I overdosed on cheese ;-). I love cheese but can only have a little bit ;-( .

I'm feeling much better this morning...............

Wondering if I should venture out after brekky................

Yes, maybe I should.......the air doesn't smell as hot as it was yesterday! It was 36 degrees C yesterday (97 F) Urrch - I hate hot weather!

Rubie's mum: Rubie eats like a machine and we fondly call her the "slot machine" for food. However, she is still a puppy and her tummy has an aversion for changes in her evening meal. She ate breakfast as usual and appears to be "back to normal". A little tired perhaps. :-)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Another Wednesday at Grandpaws

Hey everyone, I am back at Grandpaws for PIZZA nite!! My mum is gonna make home made pizzas for din dins tonight - Grandpaw can't wait! (And I'm excited too!) See Grandpaws foot in the top corner of this photo.

First things first - zoomies with Scarlet and Zoe - to celebrate the fact that we are cracker dogs and love churning up Grandpaws nice grass!

Zoe and I having a break from zoomies, and checking out what uncie and mum are doing - there might be snacks to share!!

Scarlet: This is a nice photo of me don't you think? I'm being very attentive.

Zoe: Mine's better! My legs are having a curly wurly day!

And here's mine - clever photography in a slight upwards direction, complete with capturing my darling curious look!

We love dinner time at Grandpaws - he built a "L" shaped bench seat around the table, and it's very handy for us to sit at table level. Comfy too. Scarlet is doing her professional "I'm hungry too face". I'm applying more pressure to my dads plate. Zoe is "assessing the potentials" from the rear. 

And now for the real reason we are here - WHERE'S THE PIZZA!!!??????

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Me and my Cousins

ZOE: Hey there, guess what day it is??? You got it! MONDAY PLAY DAY!!!! Scarlet and I just got here. Let the fun begin!

I love Mondays when my cousins come over - here we are having a three way schnauzer play with some of my toy basket stuff.

Then Zoe and I decided to get some organic grass matter from the garden, bring it in and tug and chew on bits of it together.....

Scarlet: I'd quit doin' that if I were you - you know auntie gets lines between her eyebrows when she sees you do that! Something about having to vacuum, clean... yadda yadda !

Ok then, let's take the fun outside - I'll race you to the stone steps Scarlet.... just check out my aerodynamic ear positions!
Scarlet: Very impressive, Rubie!

And when Zoe least expects it......I get ready to POUNCE on her!

And after a bit of "bitey face" we ponder what to do next. More garden stuff me thinks.

Zoe: Here is us doing our synchronised recliner snooze positions! We saw Sasha and Rupert doing this on their blog!
Scarlet: And we approve of Auntie's new crazy sheepskin patchwork thingys on the chairs - very comfy!

Scarlet: Hmmm, this chair has toys on it.....also good!

After dark, the humans and us went to the lounge room with the BIG flat screen for some TV viewing. My uncie is here contemplating eating a lemon shortbread cookie. I am also contemplating this...... and I SAY - LET'S EAT IT!!!!!!!!


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