Thursday, January 20, 2011

Another Wednesday at Grandpaws

Hey everyone, I am back at Grandpaws for PIZZA nite!! My mum is gonna make home made pizzas for din dins tonight - Grandpaw can't wait! (And I'm excited too!) See Grandpaws foot in the top corner of this photo.

First things first - zoomies with Scarlet and Zoe - to celebrate the fact that we are cracker dogs and love churning up Grandpaws nice grass!

Zoe and I having a break from zoomies, and checking out what uncie and mum are doing - there might be snacks to share!!

Scarlet: This is a nice photo of me don't you think? I'm being very attentive.

Zoe: Mine's better! My legs are having a curly wurly day!

And here's mine - clever photography in a slight upwards direction, complete with capturing my darling curious look!

We love dinner time at Grandpaws - he built a "L" shaped bench seat around the table, and it's very handy for us to sit at table level. Comfy too. Scarlet is doing her professional "I'm hungry too face". I'm applying more pressure to my dads plate. Zoe is "assessing the potentials" from the rear. 

And now for the real reason we are here - WHERE'S THE PIZZA!!!??????


  1. Scarlet has 'that look' down to a T. What an exciting party you are having. We love your portraits.

    XXXOOO daisy, Kendra & Bella

  2. Hee hee! Peetzer! I loves dat. :)

  3. We love to see the three of you play zoomies over at your Grandpaw's. What a great time you had! All your expressions are precious!!


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