Saturday, January 29, 2011

SURGERY! Poor Scarlet!!

Uncie (mums brother) has my two cousins, Scarlet and Zoe. Yesterday poor Scarlet had a bummer drag day. She had a little cyst that popped up on her back, and uncie was advised by the vet to have it removed while it was still small. Urrrcchh!

The day started off normal enough until Scarlet was the only one allowed to go in the car and Zoe stayed at home alone.

ZOE: Hey, Scarlet just left with dad, how come I have been left behind! I never get left behind!

ZOE: Yay - dad came back - but where is Scarlet?? Is she hiding between these chairs????

Zoe tells me that she had quite a few hours of "quality time" just with her dad, and they got to chill and play games together. Zoe was a little concerned over where Scarlet was. Then her dad left and came back with Scarlet.

SCARLET: Hey - I was very excited to be at the vets! I like it there because that's where I did puppy school and whenever we go there - all the nurses and doctors GUSH over me!

ZOE: They GUSH over ME too!!

SCARLET: Anywho, today they did this thing called "cyst removal" - all for my own good - oh and my nails appear to be clipped too! Not to mention that my perfectly groomed coat is now ruined with this shaved patch! It was all a bit traumatic - but probably more so for dad! As soon as I got home I rubbed my back on the furniture and things started bleedn' again, dad was not amused!

SCARLET: So he had to knock up a dress for me to wear quickly - to "protect" my wound!

ZOE: Awww, it's not so bad Scarlie, it's actually kinda cute. It's an old pillacase that he had to re-fashion slightly - you were too small for his T-shirt! Lemon is not bad on ya either!

SCARLET: Yea, but he could'a done a bit nicer job with the cutting, looks kinda rough around the edges don't ya think?

ZOE: All part of todays fashions dudette! You look wicked! 

SCARLET: That means good, no?

ZOE: Affirmative Scarlie, look at the bright side - you are gonna be spoiled rotten for a couple of days coz dad's probably gonna worry till you are ALL better. That means TREATS! And that means we BOTH will get em'!!

SCARLET: You got it all worked out little sis, yea we will milk this situation. I wanna just nap first. Then we can start the TREAT campaign! There's just one more thing sis.....

ZOE: Yea what???

SCARLET: YOU'RE haven' the next surgery OK??!!??


Horrible day don't you think? At least the little cyst problem has now been "nipped in the bud".

Let's wish Scarlet a speedy recovery and I will see her and Zoe in person again on Monday.


  1. Your dad is quite clever to make you a hospital gown! I'm very impressed.

    Get well soon!

    Big slurps, HoneyBuzz

  2. Hope Scarlet has a good recovery! What a day, man, what a day!


  3. Scarlet really does look adorable in her little shirt. I hope that she recovers very quickly!

    Nubbin wiggles,


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