Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Horror TABLE !!

You were right my furiends. Remember when I did my post about the "Hydraulic Treat Table" that my mum bought over the internuts???? And you guys said thingys like "Run!, Scream!!, Hide!!!!!".

I said it's OK...... because when I'm on the new table my mum gives me liver treats so it must have been the TREAT table.

I'm a little gully-bulls sometimes.... and well.... you guys were "spot-on"!! You are so smart!

Uncie came over and he and mum moved the table into the laundry. Then I got lifted on it..... and put into a NOOSE!!!!

VERY Un-dig-nif-fied indeed!! And how am I supposed to BREATHE PEOPLE??????

Oh NO!!!!! Now the buzzy clipper thingy is switched on me! 

It's just a touch-up trim they said..... because the weather is cold! But they think my furs were getting all clumpy and tangly - especially on my underbelly and legs. HOGWASH!

This is my "after" shot. You can see how I'm still unhappy and doing my nervous pant. I found that if I leaned against the noosy thingy- I could make myself chokes and pants..... just to send the message to the peeps that I was not happy with the new table..... or the clipping!

AND there were very few liver treats to "rub salt into my wounds!!"

My only consolation was the events to follow... (*he he*):

SCARLET: What???? Why are you taking my picture and interrupting my nap??

SCARLET: Ohhhhh drats!!!! We shoulda listened to Rubies bloggie furiends and run away from home!!

PeeS: Zoe copped it too only mum didn't get photos of her because mum had to start makin' dinner.

We hates Groomin' Day!!!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

More "Daffy" - with Mum's camera this time!

As you all know now...... I can be a furiend to many and varied animals.... and have formed a strong bond with Daffy - a white duck that lives at my local pawk. 

Daffy spots me on the bank ......

Starts waddling up to say "Hi"......

Hey daffy whats up with you dude???

Mum has brought some poultry pellets for you - I'm gonna run my nose down your back!

 Hmmmmm - you smells good Daffy (licks my lips)

Wanna play bitey face with your favourite schnauzer???

We shared some pellets.....now I am being calmed down by dad dad's hand because I am wanting to play with Daffy like I would if Daffy was a doggie. 

Now we got a great video for you to watch. I need to say BEFORE you see this that this video contains HIGH PITCHED SCHNAUZER BARKS because I was SUPER EXCITED by Daffy. We had just started to play a little ..... and Daffy had started to play "peck the schnauzer beard" and I was a bit thrown by that. Mum kept telling me that I couldn't play bitey face so I was a little torn as to what to do!!! You will see dad dad pop the lead back on me... which calmed me down. Enjoy. Sorry about the noises in the background but there are men building stuff in my pawk and making machine noises.

Mum wants me to tell you - that I am MUCH calmer with Daffy now and have quite the understanding going. I see Daffy almost everyday and my Duck Whispering is going strong.

I just have to block out images of "Duck jerky"......


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