Saturday, October 4, 2014

INTERnational TACO DAY !!!!!!!!!

Hiya all,

Scarlet and Zoe came over to help me Celebrate the 4th of October!!!!! No it's not the DATE ..... IT'S .....


INTER-National TACO DAY !!!!!!!!!


You see - Blogville LOST a dear dear Scottie Furiend not that long ago - our sweet JAZZI - and Jazzi always hosted International Taco Day on the 4th October of every year to celebrate the delectable BEAUTY of the HUMBLE TACO. She LOVED them so much.

 Jazzi's Family agreed to continue the Taco Day tradition - so we can honour her and the time she spent doing so much in Blogville. Thank dogness. We have also been asked to share a memory that means so much to us about her and her bloggie.

There is so much to choose from ... but something that was special was around the time of her Birthday in 2012. Jazzi's Mom is very crafty(in the craft sense) and talented in making stuffs. There was a HUGE explosion of Tye-Dye stuffs that Jazzi's Mom made and Jazzi supervised ... and they together decided to give the items away for her Birthday!! I was lucky enough to win a Tye-Dye PLATE (in my favourite colour) - I was so EXCITED!!! In Jazzi's honour I will ONLY eat my TACOS off Jazzi's plate for ever and ever more!

This is a picture of the Plate Pawcel after it arrived at my home back in 2012:

(Hand the Pawcel over and no buddy will get hurt!!)

So I let the "cat out the bag" and told Scarlet and Zoe that we HAD to be very good girls during our PHOTO-SHOOT (Mum wanted some up-dated pics of us togethers) - so we could get into our TACO DINNERS for Jazzi!

Out comes my PLATE .....

First we got a "lite" tortilla - then it got topped with beefs and lentils.
Then Red Capsicum
White cabbage
Finally grated carrot. (I can't have grated cheese anymore because it makes me sickies)
Alfresco eating for TACOS!

Here's to YOU Angel Jazzi!!!! We know you are watching!

We LOVE International TACO day!!

ZOE: OMD!!!!!! These are really really PAWSOME!!

ZOE: SCARLET!!!! I believe THAT TACO SHELL is MINE!! Get it out your mouth NOW!!!

Scarlet and Zoe really enjoyed their TACOS .... but what is going on over at the Peeps Table?????


Even the PEEPS had International TACO DAY!!!! 

On a serious note:

We **LOVED** you JAZZI .... and were VERY SAD to hear you had to go over the Bridge.


We KNOW you are eating TACOS 24/7 now.

XXX  Rubie, Scarlet, Zoe and Rubie's mum


  1. Wow that was such a great post! Your tacos look so yummy. I can tell you all love them. What a great day for sweet Angel Jazzi.

    Love Sasha

  2. Thats so nice that you had friends over and I remember that plate. MAN!! Those tacos were stuffed!! Glad that you like it and thanks for joining in. Jazzi is smiling.


  3. your tacos looks fantastic. We didn't put vegies and stuffs on ours....just cheese and meat!

    Your pawrents found taco bowls??!!

    Looks like you had a happy and orderly Taco Day!

  4. Wow lucky you. Alas the staff forgot it was Taco Day. Drats we have missed out. Have a super Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  5. What a delightful trio of taco tributes! You three and your peeps had a taco feast. Our friend Angel Jazzi is surely smiling and licking her lips
    Madi your bfff

  6. Awww! What a beautiful tribute to Jazzi. I have to admit that now I'm hungry for tacos. Guess I'd better head to the grocery store.

    Critter Alley

  7. wow wee - you guys really know how to do tacos in style - totally delish !

  8. Rubie Scarlet and Zoe.... we are THRILLED that you got such FANGTASTIC Tacos to CELEBRATE our Furend Jazzi's FAVORITE day of the year... AND Rubie you got YOURS served on your Special Plate that came from Jazzi's Mum. HOW PAWFECT that is.

  9. Those were great tacos you had. We loved our tacos too.

  10. Happy Taco Day gals, man them some type of outstanding even got the peeps to join in, wow.... Yep we miss or pal Angel Jazzi.

    The Mad Scots

  11. What a great way to celebrate Jazzi she will be wagging her tail big time on the rainbow bridge!

  12. Oh guys, that was a PAWSOME taco day!!!! OMD, your tacos looked FABulous!!! Bravo to your Moms!!! And you guys looked amazin' in your group photo...I bets it made your Moms very happy.
    Nows, Ma said she was all jealous of your peeps taco layout!!!! OMD, she even drooled a little...I swear!! BOL
    Ruby ♥

  13. Wow, how come all my friends got tacos that were actually edible????
    Toodle pip!

  14. Oh No!! We missed such a pawtastic day! Your Taco looks so delicious and healthy!

    Momo & Pinot xo


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