Friday, October 24, 2014

Happy Paws Clapping .... my Eye Bump ALL GONE!!!

Hiya all,

I need to share some good news with all my Bloggie Furiends. We were fairly quiet about the following issue ... because mum was fairly skeered that it could be nasty ... or serious ... 

I had an "Eye Bump". Well - it was actually close to my eye ... not on it.

Can you see??

Here's a close-up.

We went to the V-E-T (a new V-E-T because we didn't much like the way our old V-E-T spoke to mum the last visit!) and he was a little worried too. However - he said it could just be a cyst (very common for we schnauzers around the eyes and face) so he let us go away and wait for a couple of weeks to see if it goes away by itself.

And look what happened:

Today's picture.

We are all very happy now. I'm a lucky puppy! It actually went away during our little Hollingday. 

So - I just need to get through my "Dental" now .... and a biopsy of my eye bump is now irrelevant!! 

Stay Tuned - because I'm going to post about my Hollingday shortly.


  1. I am sooo happy the bumpy is gone out of town! Now no worrys! Just go get your toffies all cleaned!

  2. That is such good news and no icky surgery needed

  3. Rubie, I am so happy it got better. Those kind off things can be pretty scary.

    Love Sasha

  4. So pleased for you Rubie. That is great news. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  5. We are all so happy to hear that Rubie and see you looking so beautiful and happy. My peeps were going to send a message to your mum to ask how you were - great news :-) Take care and try not to think about the dental - woofs and licks from Magic & family xxx

  6. Hmmmm, Rubie...I had a similar eye bump a while back...I didn't say anything to anyone about it and guess what?!? Just like yours, it disappeared all on its own. Now, if it had gotten HUGE or something, Ma would've had it taken care of but we didn't need to. So GLAD yours has disappeared!

  7. Great news, Rubie! Have a nice weekend!!

  8. So happy your eye thingy went away!
    Lily & Edward

  9. That's fantastic news! Those lumps and bumps and stuff can be VERY scary!

  10. SO VERY MUCH GLAD that the BUMP disappeared all by itself...
    OMD a Vacation?? We can't wait to hear about THAT.


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