Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Holling Days - Here I come!!!

I hope you all enjoyed the dirt information about my peeps in my last post.... I can't tell you how much fun that was!

Anyhoo - my pawrents are telling me that we are "off on Holling Days"....... ? I don't know what this is, I've never been away from home overnight before.

So I've done my essential packing..... started off with my "woofery" bag filled with toys and balls...

And of course, something sensible - like sustenance.... just a few milk bones!!

Chomp. chomp, crunch.......yep these bones are good to go!!

So my dear friends, we are off to the Clare Valley - a wine growing region north of Adelaide for a few days. My pawrents have booked a bootiful stone cottage set in acres and acres of natural bushland, with a creek running close and hills and room to roam! 

We leave tomorrow morning...... I'm SO EXCITED!!! (do you reckon I've enough milk bones????)

Peee S: I'll be absent from blogland for a bit...but I'll be back before you know it!

Saturday, May 28, 2011


This post is my participation in Sarge's Peeps on Parade extravaganza. It's my chance to highlight the people behind the blog.....because they usually do NOT feature in MY blog.

Here are my peeps with me - Mum and Dad! This is as good a picture as you are gonna get!

My Peeps' Working Lives:

My dad used to work for a BIG international manufacturing company....he was officially called a "Business Systems Analyst" but he became knowledgeable in a lot of areas - kinda a jack of all trades. That's him in the white short sleeve shirt. This picture shows him at the grand opening of a brand new "smart room" (an air-conditioned room especially for the big computers that ran the place). This was his last big project before he retired from work.

My mum worked in the "workers compensation" area after graduating from University with a Bachelor of Science majoring in Biology and Psychology. She worked in the rehabilitation area as well as the scheme administration. She eventually set up her own little company in 1995, and at the height had nine staff working for her. She reckons that the 20 years she spent in this industry is equivalent to a lifetime in any other occupation.....so she retired prior to being 40, 3 months after dad retired. Lots of people are shocked (and envious) that she is "retired" and still be so young.   ;-)

Oh, and by the way, dad and mum met at dad's work.....where mum was contracting herself to do some of their in-house rehabilitation. They were both not looking for love.....but it just happened!

My Peeps' Special Hobbies/Talents:

My dad used to play in bands (in pubs, hotels and events) and specialised in the Bass Guitar. He can play all sorts of instruments though. He sounds a little like Elvis when she sings. He still plays around with music and is having fun doing music with the aid of modern technology now.

Dad also likes to stay fit as he can.... so he works-out every two days. Here he is working out while on holiday in the gym of a big hotel.

Mum is a crafty person.....she does lots of stuff. You have seen her cooking but she can paint, sew, does  mosaics, makes ceramic stuff, grows vegies and restores old furniture. This is a birdbath bowl she mosaic'd.

This is an antique bathroom stand that she has just finished. She even mosaic'd the top. I got in trouble when I was helping her in the shed when she started the painting and I got some paint on my woozle. This stand is going to be given to my dad's niece.

This is a ceramic turtle mum made for the garden - he is "Brad". Named by the peeps in the ceramic class.

Mum's early crop of finger eggplants, cherry tomatoes and passionfruit from before Christmas 2010.

Mum making passionfruit pulp for freezing to use throughout the year.

Favourite Things I do with My Peeps:

Running with my dad. Mum can't run - she is built for comfort and not speed.

Going on walks with dad and mum. Mum brings up the rear with the flashy box. 

Snuggling on the couch with ma.....the purple thing is her "snuggie" that we share at night while watching TV.

Helping dad with the gardening. Here I am helping with the pruning of the nectarine tree - literally the day after I arrived in the household - 8 weeks old.

Here dad and I are on the floor after I accidentally pushed one of my little balls under the cabinet. I watch it go under then do my little growls until he gets it out for me. If he is not quick enough the growls turn into excited barks!!

SUCCESS - dad never tires of this game.....so I do it A LOT for him.

Just Chillin'. I like doing this with my mum too! (Another baby pic)

I love going to doggie skool and puppy agility with my mum..... here I am sniffing one of my friends.

Lounging around on or around dads' feet. Shoes on or off - doesn't matter - I rest there, play there, tug on his shoelaces, it's a comfortable place to me.

One of my first things dad made me was this rope toy. I love playing tug-a-rope with dad and sometimes mum.

Probably in my all time top three things to do.... is trying to catch tennis balls in my mouth. I like one bounce....and I'm getting really good at it. I can do this ALL DAY LONG if only I can keep mum focussed.

I love playing tennis balls. Full stop.

Things I don't like to do with My Peeps:

Self explanatory photo. Urrcchhhh!!!!

Something Funny or Special about My Peeps:

Here comes the dirt!!!!

My dad is almost 20 years older than my mum. She said she doesn't mind because at least he won't leave her for a younger model. ;-)

My dad and mum eloped when they wanted to get married. They ran away to England, Leatherhead, Surrey to be exact and got married in this ol' mansion. They have been married for nine years now.

My dad hates new clothes and won't let go of these beauties. He wouldn't let mum chuck them out. He still wears clothes from years ago - but mum controls this as best she can. For example, if he tries to wear any of the above - there WILL be DIVORCE. People have been known to tease him about the age of his clothing, but mum says there are certain standards she cannot let him operate below - hence his appearance is strictly controlled when he leaves the house.

Mum cuts his hair.....with another buzzy thing - not mine. I have much more hair per square centimetre than he does!

Mum thinks when you cut a cake or break a cookie, all the calories fall out. Hence she and I fight the battle of the bulge full time (and we are not winning!)

When dad and mum retired they bought a RV (which HAD to have air-cond/bathroom/wc/ etc for you know who) and drove all around Australia. They LOVED it. They sold the RV because they couldn't store it undercover. Now that I have come along - they want to buy another (bigger) one - and it will have it's own garage at our new house! This time I will get to go along with them! Personally I thought the RV looked like an ice-cream tub on wheels.

Mum is a very nervous and BAD passenger in cars. Especially once per month she is IMPOSSIBLE to sit in the car with while dad is driving. She freaks me out. She is much better behind the wheel where SHE is in CONTROL!

Dad still plays indoor volleyball with peeps MUCH younger than him. His reactions are not as fast as they used to be so he sometimes stops the ball with his head, and hopes it still goes over the net!

Mum and dad are gonna build a house soon.....in the next couple of years. It seems that mums' list of "demands" for their next house is too steep.....and she cannot find a dressing room come "walk in wardrobe" in an existing house which can "cut the mustard!" I think she thinks she is Oprah!!


So, that was my "Peeps on Parade".... that was fun wasn't it!?! I especially liked the last part.....let's just hope mum and dad are still talking to me!

But you know the BEST thing about my PEEPS????

It's that THEY LOVE ME, and I LOVE EM" BACK!!!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Pink Coat Play-Day....No where to hide

Hi everyone. I was unsuccessful in hiding the coats for my cousins, Scarlet and Zoe. When they arrived for  our usual play-day...it was like a sea of pink. Feel our pain:

First we had to ALL have our coats on and have a photo shoot on the blue recliner chairs.

Zoe and me staring at a liver treat in mum's hand so uncie could take this pic.

Me tryin' to be happy about all this.

Scarlet went and stood by the door ... she wanted to get outside.  Zoe (looking a bit stiff) backing up her wishes.

Scarlet: Let me OUT, and stop taking pictures!

Ahhhhh, we made it out and were able to sniff about and enjoy the great outdoors. Mum wants you to know HOW HARD it was to get us all in one photo together! People in their cars were staring at all our gorgeousness when they spotted us!

Look on the bright side Scarlet...at least mum took our hoods off!

Another "hard earned pic" with the three of us in the photo!

Zoe doin' her "pointer" position while sizing me up in the garden!

Scarlet and I sat conveniently in front the old mirror that mum found (she is going to smash it up and use it in her mosaics).

Zoe thought it was a good idea so she thought she'd give it a go too.

One final pic - mum loves this shot of Scarlet, and I managed to put in my cute face....and Zoe is showin' her tail....so technically - the three of us are all in this shot too!!

I know we whinged about the coats.....but in Adelaide we are having a bit of a cold snap with lots of rainy days and temperature of 17-18 degrees celsius (62 F) ( which is VERY cold for us ) so it was good to try em' out. It helped that we all had the coats on together and saw that we COULD move....and that loosened us up considerably. When it was just me at home alone with it on....I wasn't sure how much I could move (as my blogger friends hinted) !!

Scarlet and Zoe even went home wearing their coats...they didn't seem to mind. Besides we are always very tired at the end of the play-days!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Awwwww Mum!!!!!!!!

Hi everyone. Today for this post...... I've got my "poo pants" on. For those of you who are not familiar with this saying, it means, I'm NOT HAPPY! Let me explain.

It's an overcast Saturday afternoon, and I was taking a widdle nap on my couch after a full morning of activites...... zzzzzzz.....zzzzzzz......when:

My mum thought it was a cracking idea to dress me up while I was all sleepy and non-strugglie!

Oh boy - SHE has been shopping and thought it was time for my first doggie coat - WITH (faux) fur lined hood! I mean...... I am just speechless!

Who designed this THING????...... I can't see anything when the hood is OVER my eyes!!

It's not like we get SNOW in Adelaide.... in fact it hardly gets cold enough in winter to justify this type of embarrassing outfit! I don't care that the hood clips off......I'm not thrilled with wearing it!

Dad - you had better talk some sense into her...... or take away the VISA!  (save me!)

And, a message to my two cousins, Scarlet and Zoe..... I'd stop your laughing if I were you....


(run while you can! I'll try and hide them.)


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