Friday, December 30, 2011

Holiday Socialising (Whew!)

Hiya all,

Yesterday was ANOTHER big social day. We went to auntie J's in the morning for a "wood loading" BBQ. Strange I know, but auntie J had a huge stack of wood for collecting, and uncie W wanted it. So a few peeps agreed to help load the wood into a big trailer, and then auntie J made us a nice picnic BBQ lunch.

Here I am at the picnic. The little peep is auntie J's grandchild...... I had to get used to her because I am wary of little peeps.

Hey do I see some furry company?????

Yayyyyyy - this is Molly - she is a cocker spaniel and almost 4 years old. She got an invite to the BBQ too!

I kept tryin' to make Molly play - but she wasn't really interested in that.

She "tolerated" me ...... but it was a little hot to engage in running around play anyway. PeeS: Look at how BIG Molly's paws are!!

 This is Oscar - he is one of auntie J's 2 kittys. He was smirkin' at us because he was INSIDE and we were OUTSIDE.

It was a great day, and I got lots of pats and attention.....auntie J gave us sausages from the BBQ AND vanilla most favourite thing in the whole wide world!!

When we got home, we only stopped to collect a few things and my kitchen basket bed. We then headed out for ANOTHER function which included eatin' and drinkin' back at auntie Lynny's house. So I had three more fur pals to knock around with. I was curled up in my basket by the end of it though.

Whew - what a day!!!!

Mum is hostin' a little New Years Eve bash at our house tomorrow night. It's going to be HOT for the next few days so it will be nice sitting outside under the gazebo in the evening. We won't be around much to your blogs for the next coupla days because she will be too busy to switch on the computer. Today is "menu planning", shopping and cooking, with a little house cleaning thrown in. Tomorrow will be food prep and party organising!! I can't wait. I'll report back after the pawty!!

See ya!!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day!

Hi Ya All,

I'm hoping you have had or are having a PAWESOME Christmas!!

Scarlet, Zoe and me at Grandpaws' on Christmas Eve, it was also my Grandpaws' 82nd Birthday!! Zoe managed to get decorated with a gold ribbon, whereas Scarlet and I donned the Xmas collars.

Then Zoe decided she would like to help her sister get the collar off. Uncie had to go find the collar at least once.

We had heaps of peeps to entertain and bark at. When they first arrived and walked into the house we gave them all a good barking!! We were told to "shuuush" a lot! Mum didn't get any photos of peep visitors because she was too busy with feeding them and chatting!! Humph!

In the afternoon Scarlet and I helped mum with shelling some prawns (also called shrimp in some parts of the world) and we scored some end bits.......yummers!

Then it was time for dinner. Mum made confit roast duck legs with sour cherry sauce, roast pork with gravy, roast potatoes and carrots and beans with onion and bacon sauce. I quickly took up my spot on the bench seat next to my dad dad, in preparation of tasting some duck and pork. Can you see how determined I am to not budge until I get a taste??  Hey dad.....where is your cherry sauce and gravy???????

I can say the pork and duck were excellent!!  :-)

WOOOO HOOOO!!!........ gift time...... let the tearing and ripping begin!! What's in this one??

It's a squeaky stuffie Penguin!

Zoe comes over to check out my Penguin too.

OOOooooo - Christmas cookies from the "Woofery" bakery.

This is me and my new favourite uncie M - he is visiting our family from Hannover, Germany. We have a special bond! This is a double stuffie - there are two animals kinda back-to-back, weird huh??

I also gots this "Hide a Bird" thingy - it's a soft bird house with two holes, and mum hides these 3 little birdies in there, and I try to get em' out......

See I got out two......then Zoe pinched the house to try and get the third one out!! I don't mind sharing.

You can imagine how tired I was at the end of the night. It was a really hot day it reached 39 degrees C (102.2 F) and Grandpaw had both air-conditioners going for everyone. My peeps had to practically carry me to the car afterwards.

It was Christmas Day the next day - and all I wanted to do was SLEEP. So I allowed my peeps to go off and do the next party without me. At 5:30pm they came home and collected me for the second pawty.... a visit to auntie Lynny and her sister and brother-in-law (who are visiting from the U.K.).

Here I am on auntie Lynny's patio. That's where the peeps were eating and drinking AGAIN!

Auntie Lynny has 3 rescue dogs - Lily on the left, Pip on the right....

And then there is Zac....... he has a crush on me..... and I keep tellin' him that I am spoken for..... my Dex in the U.K. is my boyfriend !

Lily was tryin' to "schmooze" up to my dad dad....

And there were socks to investigate on the sun lounges.....

When mum couldn't hold her eyes very open any longer..... we went home...

We were all pooped..... and I played with my new "Hide-a-Bird" toy for a bit before bedtime.

So that was a small peek into my Christmas! Pawesome Time!!

Hope you all had a Great Time Too!!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Crazy Busy Before Christmas!!

Hi all,

Mum and I haven't been around very much to your blogs these last few days...... mum is crazy busy with cooking, shopping, cleaning, visiting, present wrapping, cookie baking, and it is not finished yet. This is her most stressy time of the year. So I thought I would do a couple of things to cheer her up:

Furst - I gave her a great SMILE when she made me convinced me to try on Antlers and Ears.

Then I participated in her stupid Christmas Shoot her Festive Photos of me 2011. Note I was fully focussed on the Liver Treat being waved in front of me and therefore look like I'm seriously concentrating.

On Christmas eve we will all go to Grandpaws' house early in the morning...... have lots of visitors all day, then have a Christmas dinner with the immediate family. We then open our PRESENTS. It's a German thing you know, to celebrate on Christmas Eve. It's also my Grandpaws' Birthday as well!

On Christmas Day I will be resting at home and mum and dad dad are going to spend the day with dad's side of the family.  

So I'd like to say to you all - Thankyou for being friends and furiends, thanks for the warmth and kindness, for the laughs...... and also to help each other with the sorrow that comes with bein' a member of Blogville. We have lost some good Furiends this year and my special love is sent to Kendra's Mum and the Pittie Pack from Houston. 

I don't think I will be around much till after Christmas - forgive me.

Thankyou for all your wonderful cards and emails......YES.... I have had more than my peeps!!


Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas PAWTY Time (Yays)

Hiya all,

Yesterday - my mum and dad dad hosted a Christmas Pawty at our place. I'll let the pix do the talkin'!!

Lookie here - two of the invitees were "fur-pals"- meet Astro on the left with the white bow tie and Venus on the right with the pretty ribbons. They are brother and sister and they own my auntie Jody and uncie Benn.

This is Astro gettin' comfy on the faux fur placed under the foodables noms table. Here we are scheming as to how to score some. Astro tells me the "wait till the peeps drop something technique" improves with the increasing amount of wine they ingest. 

VENUS: Hey Rubie, Astro........Ppffffrrrrtttttttt !! ....... I just scored some KABANA sausage from the luxury of my dads lap!! HA!!!

What a little Show Off. Looking cute as a button has paid off for Venus!

OOOooooo mum has just delivered her rare roast beef on rye - better try to smoooze up to someone!!

Yea - I love my auntie Candy - auntie, I'll let you lick off the caramelised onions but then may I have the rye and beefs??????

Look at how super clever my auntie Kelly is.......she made this Christmas outfit for me.....and don't tell anyone....... but I loves it!! Slimming too don'tyareckon???

Do I hear the dinner noms bell???????????? (*ears prick skyward  x 6*) Do we smell pork, chicken, sausages, bacon???????? UUUuuuuummmmm!

I'm taking my position right here in the "drop zone". They have had plenty of punch and wine!!

VENUS: I'm cruising the outside of the peep ring but all I'm scoring is pats.... ok I guess.... but my furpals and I would like some of that chickens!!  

You may have noticed that I couldn't save Astro and Venus from being decorated by my mum and the Christmas Doggie Collars....... Sheeesh!! Sorry you guys!!!!!! I've found it easier to just go along with her and LOOK SWEET - foodables come easier that way!!

VENUS: Now I have made it onto ma's lap....... bummer...... looks like dessert plates have been cleared and it's only cappuccinos left!! 

OOOhhh did someone say "it's time to open our presents"?????? We are doin' happy zoomies....

Making it IMPOSSIBLE to get a picture of all three of us mucking around..... we are too quick for the flashy box!!!

OOOhh lookie here - us pups are gettin' our presents..... this one has got NOMS and a stuffie in it for ME!!

Oooo.......oooooooo and this one has NOMS and a little yellow and red chicken stuffie for me!!

I am loving this little chicken!

Astro and Venus are waiting to see what they get from me. I did go shopping for them.

Can I check your presents auntie Candy????

Here I am razzing it up with uncie Todd - he loves a bit of "rough and tumble"!!

My "fur guests" had a great time with their presents..... I got them each an unstuffed stuffie, and they loved them. Of course they gots lots of other stuffs too. They are playing "bookends" now.... I mean "tired bookends"!! They have given the day/evening their all!!

Whew what an event!!!...... THANKS for all my great stuffs, for the noms that you peeps did share/drop, for the great pats and scritches, and for just being great friends and furiends!!!

I'm going to sleep "like a log" tonight!! Don't ya love Christmas!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The REVEAL - Gift Exchange

Hi ya all,

You know about MY box that arrived the other day. Well...... mum couldn't leave me in my "suspenders" AND she let me open it. (*YAY*)  I know dear readers.....wanted that too!!

Right..... here we go.......tearin' begins

First parcel contained a rope toy with a tennis ball in the middle......EXCELLENT I like these!

Hang on ....... This knot needs to be chewed on a bit......

Next parcel....... A stuffie squeaky raindeer!!!!! GIMME THAT MUM!!!!! I don't care that you are tryin' to photograph it.....

 No I don't care that you HAVE to cut the tags off.........

I'll SMACK it outa your hands HUMAN....... didn't you see the name on the BOX ...... it's FOR ME!!!

Ahh.......sweet victory - don't try and get between ME and my new STUFFIE's !!!!

What was in your parcel mum?????? Oh - a little doggie????? Hmmmmmmmmm !

Don't think you are gonna play with my new stuffs from LUNA little doggie!!!!!! You can watch from over there.

Thanks LUNA for my gifts...... you did GREAT shopping for ME!!!

Hope you all got great stuffs from your gift exchanges.....from what I have seen so far on the bloggies.... it does look good out there!!


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