Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas PAWTY Time (Yays)

Hiya all,

Yesterday - my mum and dad dad hosted a Christmas Pawty at our place. I'll let the pix do the talkin'!!

Lookie here - two of the invitees were "fur-pals"- meet Astro on the left with the white bow tie and Venus on the right with the pretty ribbons. They are brother and sister and they own my auntie Jody and uncie Benn.

This is Astro gettin' comfy on the faux fur placed under the foodables noms table. Here we are scheming as to how to score some. Astro tells me the "wait till the peeps drop something technique" improves with the increasing amount of wine they ingest. 

VENUS: Hey Rubie, Astro........Ppffffrrrrtttttttt !! ....... I just scored some KABANA sausage from the luxury of my dads lap!! HA!!!

What a little Show Off. Looking cute as a button has paid off for Venus!

OOOooooo mum has just delivered her rare roast beef on rye - better try to smoooze up to someone!!

Yea - I love my auntie Candy - auntie, I'll let you lick off the caramelised onions but then may I have the rye and beefs??????

Look at how super clever my auntie Kelly is.......she made this Christmas outfit for me.....and don't tell anyone....... but I loves it!! Slimming too don'tyareckon???

Do I hear the dinner noms bell???????????? (*ears prick skyward  x 6*) Do we smell pork, chicken, sausages, bacon???????? UUUuuuuummmmm!

I'm taking my position right here in the "drop zone". They have had plenty of punch and wine!!

VENUS: I'm cruising the outside of the peep ring but all I'm scoring is pats.... ok I guess.... but my furpals and I would like some of that chickens!!  

You may have noticed that I couldn't save Astro and Venus from being decorated by my mum and the Christmas Doggie Collars....... Sheeesh!! Sorry you guys!!!!!! I've found it easier to just go along with her and LOOK SWEET - foodables come easier that way!!

VENUS: Now I have made it onto ma's lap....... bummer...... looks like dessert plates have been cleared and it's only cappuccinos left!! 

OOOhhh did someone say "it's time to open our presents"?????? We are doin' happy zoomies....

Making it IMPOSSIBLE to get a picture of all three of us mucking around..... we are too quick for the flashy box!!!

OOOhh lookie here - us pups are gettin' our presents..... this one has got NOMS and a stuffie in it for ME!!

Oooo.......oooooooo and this one has NOMS and a little yellow and red chicken stuffie for me!!

I am loving this little chicken!

Astro and Venus are waiting to see what they get from me. I did go shopping for them.

Can I check your presents auntie Candy????

Here I am razzing it up with uncie Todd - he loves a bit of "rough and tumble"!!

My "fur guests" had a great time with their presents..... I got them each an unstuffed stuffie, and they loved them. Of course they gots lots of other stuffs too. They are playing "bookends" now.... I mean "tired bookends"!! They have given the day/evening their all!!

Whew what an event!!!...... THANKS for all my great stuffs, for the noms that you peeps did share/drop, for the great pats and scritches, and for just being great friends and furiends!!!

I'm going to sleep "like a log" tonight!! Don't ya love Christmas!


  1. Rubie, looks like you had a fantastic time...worth dressing up for. Do you get to have more Christmas dinners?

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  2. What a wonderful Christmas party Rubie - we could almost smell those chickens and treats..yum. Wow that outfit looked good on you - we're hoping not to have to dress up this Christmas but who knows? Have heard whispers that my peeps are out shopping for our Christmas pressies today so keeping our paws crossed - love from Magic & Caoimhe xx

  3. Wowie, the food looks good! The presents too and the most wonderful thing is, dogs are invited! You're in the right home, Rubie!

  4. What a wonderful Christmas party you had. And I love the collars and your new Christmas outfit.

    pawhugs, Max.....

  5. What an awesome event, Rubie! We've only just put up our tree and we never have any parties at our house... our mom is just no fun! She did say that we're having a guest for christmas though!

    Sam and Pippen

  6. Rubie that was a wonderful account of your Christmas party. And I am so impressed by your strategic thinking on the matter of scoring treats. So much more sensible that just to leave things to chance!
    Toodle pip!

  7. Rubie!! What a fabulous day you had. All those friends to play with, food to be eaten and presents to open. Yaahooo. Your Christmas outfit looks extremely slimming (just what mum will need at Christmas hehehe). We loved all your photos too. Take care and have a wonderful Christmas Day and a Healthy and Happy New Year. No worries, and love, your Aussie buddies, Stella and Rory

  8. Gee Rubie I sure hope that fur all that dressin up you at least got some of the rare roast beef! NOM!

    Yes girfuriend that dress makes you look quite slim!

    woos, Tessa

  9. With all that good food it's a lucky thing that Christmas only comes once a year!

    Critter Alley

  10. Wow Rubie! You sure have lots of willpower to be able to be in the same room with all that delicious meat! My mouth just waters looking at those pics!

    yuki and rocket

  11. Hey Rubie, you are so lucky to have had a great Christmas Party.

    I love all the presents you got to.

    What a great day.

    Have a good sleep tonight.

    Merry Christmas


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