Tuesday, November 27, 2012

I don't need a little sister!!!


You know how my cousins come and visit for a play-day every Monday?? Well..... I had a traumatic situation to deal with when Zoe didn't go home with uncie and Scarlet!

Did my uncie forget to pack her??? Or have I got a new sister now??

ZOE: A change is as good as a holiday ...... don't ya think? Besides I'm not complaining.... have you seen the size of the treat cupboard round here!?!

We played lots of tug-a-toys together....

Come on Zoe...... LET GO!!!!

ZOE: Whew winning is exhausting!!

You didn't win Zoe....... I let you have that rope because I was being a kind hostess!

ZOE: See what I have to deal with?? Oh and my auntie insists on picking me up..... carrying me around..... and kissing me lots. I lick her back..... it's not so bad - it is generally followed by something nice from the treat cupboard!

ZOE: Check out what happens EVERYDAY round here:

ZOE: Uncie takes us for a walk round the neighbourhood...... it was fairly hot here.... so it wasn't too big a walk - that was good coz I only gots short legs!

Action photo of us playing.

Then we had to rest together. In fact Zoe was a bit like my little shadow.

Whenever any peep when out the front door..... we waited till they got back.

ZOE: Hey Scarlet!! The snacks were delicious and lip smacking good!

On one of our walks... dad dad found that some little "#!@%!!" peep had thought it was funny to pull all the park poop bags out of the container (ggggrrrrrrr!!!) So he brought home some to pull apart and fold for use later. We got into his office and decided to help with that process.

ZOE: For the record all........ THAT was not my idea and I, Zoe, had nothing to do with it!! 

ZOE: Just sayin'.

I had a word to my ma..... and asked if Zoe was my little sister now - she said that Zoe was just having a little holiday with us - and she was going home real soon. So I remain an "only fur-kid" .... (and I'm happy about that!)

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Outback Dawg..... Flinders Ranges Pawt 4 (final)

Hiya all,

Thanks for all your kind and funny comments regarding my Hollingday..... sad to say this is the final Pawt..... and it's a little long (to avoid another Pawt!! BOL!) Enjoy!

Here I am leading my dad dad up to "Twidale Top" a little hill where you will get more great views of our Station.

The view looking back onto the Wilpena Pound Ranges.

Now here we are...... remember that "mountain" which almost claimed my ma the other day.... you know, the one where we almost had to call for "chopper rescue"??..... well - here it is.... it's the HUGE one in the middle of the picture.... the peak of it is level with dad dad's left ear....

(Mum would like to add that when we was yakking with other fit young walkers at the Base Camp - they didn't want to climb it so they walked around it instead.... and they said we were very impressive to tackle it in the heat and all. Mum was feeling like giving herself an internal High Five listening to them.....BOL!

This is the only picture we got of the wild goats that roam on the station.... they were just about to skidaddle away from us.

Another day we jumped in to the car and headed north. We had to slow down when we saw this horsey on the side of the road.

We drove up this really steep dirt road to the "Stokes Hill Lookout" and this is taken from there.

The other direction.

There was this sculpture showing the Wilpena Pound Ranges (which you can see in the distance) and mum put yellow stars on the sculpture so you can see where our Base Camp and station is in relation the the Pound.

Here is a little short video of me at Stokes Hill - mum says sorry about choosing the most boring vista to put in the background....but I rushed towards her when I saw the camera and then stood at her feet.... thereby quashing the footage of me.

Mum like this restored cottage which you can hire in Blinman ..... but I gotta say - there is not much in Blinman, it's pretty tiny!

Back in the car, we took some scenic dirt roads and had to be careful to not disturb the sheeps that wanted to cross in front of us.

We stretched our legs and checked out the restored cueing yards on the Moralana Scenic Drive.

I'm checking for bush kibble while tryin' to avoid the burs!

We walked around a little.....

But this local did not want to stay and play......

And seeing as you liked mum's last creative shot...... here she is at it again when she found a gum tree with a hole in it!

Time to get back in the car and return to Base Camp for a cool bowl of water!! And maybe a snack!

Whew - another day in the Outback..... and the caravan floor is nice and cool to lie on and take a little nap.

The next day was forecast to be 41 degrees (105.8F) so my peeps decided we would go home a day early and be in an air-conditioned car instead of the van. Here I am helping dad dad pack up our Base Camp in preparation for sayin' "See-YA!" to the Flinders.

Later that day......

Whaddayamean mum?????? Outback dust and dirt????! WHERE!!?? 

The picture of MISERY.

This baff is totally unnecessary ma!!!

What dirt??? What Outback dust?? That did not come out of MY FURS...... I think it was already in the tub!!


Apart from the fact that my mum made me have a baff the moment we got home..... it was a great Hollingday.... a little heavy on the dirt, heat and grass burs though to be honest.  It was good to do and great to see "the Outback", but it confirmed to us all we prefer the beachside Hollingdays..... so stay tuned - my peeps are already talking about the next one!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Outback Dawg........Flinders Ranges Pawt 3

OK - so the fun continues in the Aussie Outback.... hope you like my next instalment!

So here is a overall shot of our Base Camp..... the arrow is pointing to our PKW. Yes - this shot was taken at the top of a hill (before the "mountain incident") we were climbing in the searing sun. This is the day mum almost had to call for "chopper rescue" (!!).

OOOooo here is some "Bush Kibble" left by the Kangaroos..... my mate Sasha made great comments about Outback poop.... and yes I have to tell you Sasha the emus left BIG SPLATS behind and I was not allowed to get anywhere near em'!! 

Here we go for a walk within our station.... it's supposed to be an easy one to a lookout.

This is the view at the lookout spot.

 The other direction.

Here is me restin' in the shadow of the peeps. Note how sparky mum still is and she had the energy to wave to you all too.

Because the walk to the lookout was pretty easy, the peeps decide to go "the long way back"..... little did they know the end of "the long way back" involved a hike up a mountain!! I've got a great shot of the mountain reserved for the final pawt of this Hollingday adventure.... wait till you see it!!

Half way up the mountain mum had to sit on a rock and rest.... I stayed with her to make sure she didn't have a heart attack while dad dad went on ahead and checked that the mountain was not one of a few mountains..... because my mum peep knew one was her limit.

I helped to pull mum up the mountain while tracking dad dad's shoes..... I felt like Bert on a search and rescue mission....sheeesh! Check out the colour of my legs and feets at the end of it all!

Luckily - we all made it back in one piece in the 38 degree (100.4F) heat.... and no chopper had to be alerted!

Then I had to suffer through a long combing session (in fact - whenever I left the PKW and patio I had to have a long combing session.... gggrrrrr!)

To get out handfuls of these burs !!!!! I hate burs - especially when they get stuck deep in ones paw pads!!

Our next adventure started in the air-conditioned car. ("yay!") See the emus in between the trees. They crossed straight in front of the car but dad dad had spotted them coming and slowed right down before we made any sleep on the side of the road!

We visited some lookouts - this one was a little windy.

Then we found this cool homestead ruin from yonkers and yonkers back in time.

The roof had gone flyin' off somewhere...

Now the house needs major fixin' up - maybe a "renovation rescue!"....BOL!

Without a roof one needs to find a little shade elsewhere!

Mum liked this stony bit between buildings

This is her tryin' to be all creative like.......

We had to cross the river bed .... lucky it was dry.... in fact it is dry most of the time out here.... buggered if I understand how the European settlers thought they could "farm" here (!?!)

Must have been hard because this homestead had it's own graveyard....... spooky no??

So stay tuned because I'm gonna post the final pawt of our Hollinday adventure in a couple of days for you.

Be good all!!


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