Sunday, February 23, 2014

More Birdie FUNS (with my cousins this time)!!!

Hiya all,

Just a quick one for your viewing and listening pleasure. Here you will see my naughty, cheeky, "top-knot pigeon" knocking at the dining room window. This time my cousins Scarlet (red collar) and Zoe (orange collar) were there to participate in all the funs.

Be warned (mum said I have to warn you ..... ) this video contains high pitched mini schnauzer voices. Can be known to crack wine glasses and make human ears bleed. REALLY MUM ??!! You do know how to exaggerate!!!!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Heat is ON!!!

Hiya all,

Today we are forecast another day of over 43 C (110F) temperatures. We are seriously baking here.

You know I'm hot and "past it" when I hide from dad dad in the mornings when he wants to take me for a walk to do "my business".  I bury my head into my animal cushions on the couch and think I can do "my business" in the garden today. Four steps and I can be back in air-conditioning!!

Mum is working full-time on keeping the plants and garden going and helping the wild birdies stay alive.

Our Birdie-bath is the place be be if you are wild bird around these parts.

When that gets overcrowded....

Mum has cleaned out the Birdie-bath that she doesn't use anymore and fills it fresh every day. See how Bidies "puff" when they get hot just like us Dawgs!

She even puts out extra plastic trays ...... and if the bigger birds HOG it.....

She puts out more so the little birdies can drink without getting pecked at...

So - we are still kickin' here in Adelaide.

Me and the Birdies.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Stuff that is going on in my Garden.

Hiya all,

Mum and dad dad were so proud. Their Nectarine Tree developed a huge BUMPER crop of yummers fruit that looked great.

See - that's the tree behind me in the very hot sunshine.

We are still puffing(dawgs) and schwitzing(peeps) here in our record high temperatures. 

See the beautifuls sweet fruits on the tree. The peeps were lickin' their lips looking forward to them.

Then these feathered guys moved on in and ......

Soon the fruits were lookin' like this !!

And the pavers smelt good with shredded Nectarine stuff spewed everywhere!!

Mum and dad dad were not happy ..... but I pointed out that the birdies were just trying to feed their little birdies!! (plus eat a little themselves)

The peeps were not happy my furiends.

So I direct your attention to the vegie patch.

Here we are having more success. The old sheets are preventing the scorching sun from stewing the tomatoes and frying the leaves in the 40 (104F) plus temperatures.

Here is my favourite patio tomato bush. It produces little baby cherry tomatoes which I can pick myself!!

But mum didn't like it when I started ripping off bits of the branches to get to them!! Bol! So now SHE does the picking for me.

Oh Yummers!

See - those birdies didn't get these!! Yaaahoooo!

And there are plenty more to come on yet.

I know Frankie and Ernie's mom will be very jelly to see our Tomatoes ..... they are very cold over there at the moment. Warm up soon Aunty Lana!!


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