Saturday, December 27, 2014

Christmas 2014

Hiya all,

Sorry I have NOT been around woofing in Blogville for 87 years .... but there is stuffs going on here that is gettin' in my way. December is bad enough for my ma - she has LOTS to do - but now there is extra on her (and therefore MY) bowl plate... she is having tummy surgery very early in January and will be in recovery for 7-8 weeks. (She had better recover like clockwork because we are booked away for a seaside hollingday late February). As if that was not bad enough - we are about to confirm on a "house and land package" so I will get a brand new HOUSE (and hopefully a patch of grass just for me!) ... but in the meantime we have to declutter, clean-up and pimp our current house - in preparation to selling it. So it's on like donkey kong around here. So don't forget me - I'm still here - but the person who turns the computer on so I can get blogging done - will be otherwise occupied for a while. 

On to my actual POST:

Looka at all my STUFFS!!!!!!

My BEST Auntie (B - the one we camp with in the PKW) got me this GREAT SIGN. It worked!!

This is me at Grandpaws. I was pooped after a full few hours of playing with family and guests. I was taking advantage of a break in proceedings to recharge. And also being close to the table means I was dreamin' about confit duck and roast pork!!

Scarlet (Top) and Zoe were there too - and we gots decorated with those collars again!

I opened my OWN presents.

And checked the other bundles of paper to make sure nothing was missed!

It got real late ... and it was a LONG day ... and past Scarlet and Zoe's bedtimes.

The next day (Xmas Day) I was left home to sleep off Xmas Eve ... my pawrents went to Dad dad's sisters place - and mum was in charge of making a HUGE choccy mousse and a LOLLY Buffet.

The many kids loved it too! Mum was mobbed when the bowls started coming out - she didn't even get a chance to decorate the table like she was going to.

This is Bintang. He is a silkywawa. (Cross between a silky terrier and Chihuahua). Just a pup 14 weeks old and cute as a button. I was told he had a great time with all the kids and Santa - but I would not have enjoyed that much (especially the kids bit). 

I held down the couch at my place instead.

I am so happy with my gifts. There are less toys this year as I'm kinda growing out of them now that I'm 4 and a half. I'm BALL CRAZY still!

Also - I got some lovely cards from friends in Blogville - but I did not join the card exchange this year because mum was not able to even do her cards - let alone help with mine. Thank you - the cards I got are treasured!!

Oooooo I wish I could open these packs right NOW!!

On a serious note - I hope all of you out there had a lovely Christmas or holiday season. Pace yourself with those consumable gifts .... 

Right ma - get this plastic off this chew stick and remove my collar - I've got stuffs to do!!!


Wish me luck everyone - I'll be stuck with my Dad dad as the only peep to keep me alive for a while - Let's hope he's up to it!!

I'll give you pup-dates as I can!!

Bye for now!!

Monday, November 24, 2014

A Traumatic Friday ..... in amongst a FUN week!

Hi all my furiends.

I need to share.

Good - I've got your attention.

My uncie had to do stuff - then go away for a little while.... so we looked after my cousins, Scarlet and Zoe for a week. This is a FUN thing. I always get more treats when those two are around.

Then on Friday .... Mum put the red harness on me and I thought we were going for a walk ... but she put me - only me - in the car and we drove to the V-E-T.

For those of you who freak out even at the sight of the V-E-T reception room - look away NOW!


I was OK at this point because I like my new V-E-T.

But this visit mum had to do some paperwork ... and then handed me over (!!!) ... and I got taken "out the back". Shheesh it was confusing and unsettling my furiends.

Then, the V-E-T nurses put me in a cage (without any snacks) and I had to sit and wait for what seemed like 87 hours!

They even took a "mug-shot".

Then things got fuzzy. I was taken to another room, Michael my new V-E-T was there too, and I got a little spot shaved off my front leg, and I can't remember much after that. I do remember that I was not happy though.

The fuzziness started to lift and I found myself back in the cage feeling groggy and sleepy. The nurses were back - patting me, and speaking softly to me. 

My mouth felt funny, my throat was scratchy and my nails were very short.

Meanwhile ... pay attention to this:

Mum went shopping - she went to her favourite "outdoor decoration" shop - you know the type that sells statues and plant pots and stuff.

These sheep she has ALWAYS loved... she thinks they are so cute!

But for Christmas ... the statue place bought a pallet of "mixed dogs". Mum almost had a car crash when she spotted a rather gorgeous statue that caught her eye. Can you PICK which one?? I'll give you a minute to work it out... Worked it out???

She spotted the mini schnauzer and immediately knew she needed to buy it. Here in Australia statues of mini schnauzers (big or small) are really rare. So this is why the car crash nearly happened!

Anywho - she took the FAKE schnauzer home ...

And put her on the patio where Scarlet and Zoe knew immediately that this FAKE was not ME!!! They are very sharp.

So where is Rubie??? (They wanted to know)

ZOE: At least this FAKE schnauzer is not growling at me or terrorising me like Rubie does! I could come to like this arrangement.

***(I'll get you LATER Zoe!!!)***

Fake Schnauzer even got moved inside to the family room ... don't even THINK about pawing through MY TOY-BOX! 

Meanwhile a REPORT REPAWT was being prepared for my release and pick-up.

Mum got a two-page repawt about the horror of my day. The V-E-T  cleaned my teeth and clipped my nails while I was knocked out and could not defend myself. Look how shocked I look on the "mug-shot"

Mum FINALLY arrived 87 hours later and paid the V-E-T receptionist with her plastic card, bought a 1kg bag of Liver Treats (do not think I can be bribed to forgive this day Ma!) and collected me. I barely gave her a glance before wanting to get OUT the V-E-T's front door and go HOME.

I couldn't jump into the car fast enough (and I'm not a huge car fan so THAT is saying something!).

This is where I had the I.V. needle giving me fluids. Totally messed up my leg furs!

Ahhhh home sweet home.

I need to check out that FAKE Schnauzer!

Looks nothing like me!! If anything it is a statue of "ZOE mucky pants!!"

And now lets begin the "Forgive the Ma" program. 

Start passing the Liver Treats.

Then the milk-bones, roo sticks, beef tendons, etc etc etc.

*** I'll notify you Ma .... when you get CLOSE to being forgiven.***

Friday, October 31, 2014

HAPPY HOWL-O-WEEN !!!!! (Includes behind-the-scenes)

The Following is the "politically correct version" of my message ....

Happy, happy Howl-o-ween to all my furiends/friends who celebrate it!!


(Now what really happens at my place ... )

Ok mum, you've draped the dining table with your blue dressing gown... and stuck this silly stuffs on me .... why??

Oh ... for a course of Liver Treats ... yay!!!!

Oh you say it's Howl-o-ween??? Is THIS the afternoon/evening where I get to go SUPER BARKING BALLISTIC at the small peeps walking in front of my house wearing silly stuffs like I am????


I also just wanna point out Ma ... there are some BIG ASS bugs on the carpet!!!! Get the can of BAYGON pronto!!

And frankly .... I'd be gettin' the Cob-Web broom too - geez cleanin'   standards are slippin'

Hurry up Ma - the hat is making my ears squish down and it's annoying!

 See I have no ears left!!

You would think that my Ma is into Howl-o-ween ... but here in Australia it isn't a big thing .... well the SHOPS would love you to buy all their nick-nacks and sweets ... but we are like the Howl-o-ween GRINCHES here.

We don't open our door ... in fact we have a sign to keep trick or treaters OUT ... and we have NO sweets.

That is POOR I know.

PLUS - any little peeps shouting "TRICK OR TREAT" would NOT be heard over my BARKING!!!

Monday, October 27, 2014

(Another) PKW Hollingday (Normanville Beach) Pawt 2 (final)

I LOVE THE BEACH.   I ADMIT IT. So much so - I am going to FILL this post with me and stuff at the BEACH. As you know we just had 10 nights at the Normanville caravan park ... so you can just imagine how MANY TIMES I got to go to the beach. Here's just some of the stuff I got up to.

Here is me and dad dad leaving the PKW and going to the beach.

You got my tennis ball and the plastic throwing thingy???

Across the bridge, along the river, then over the sand dunes .....

Here I am runnin' around dad dad's legs and gettin' him all ready for the funs!!

Throw it dad dad!!!!

Sometimes I had to go swimmin' to save my ball! I liked it!

I made furiends on the beach. This one was chasin' a seagull while I was chasin' my ball.

This is a local Westie cross ... we sniffed stuffs togethers.

I then joined in a game of "chase and fetch" the balls with the big doggies. I loves big doggies .... the man who came with these dogs said I am a "big dog in a little dog body" and was impressed at my good manners around them.

Sometimes we chased their blue ball, other times we chased my tennis ball.

Check out SHARNI. She and I got along real well too. Her breathing sounded like a truck snoring ... and she was very into her "ball at the beach" games too.

She was little - but she packed a punch. Her ball even had a chunk bitten out of it but she didn't care.

Here is an action shot of us "takin' off"

Her peeps were nice. They were camping in the dune sites in a tent.

Mum says this shot "says it all". It's the pure joy in my face when one of my peeps has the ball ... and is about to throw it for me!

This next furiend was very good at swimming out to her ball, and bringing it back...

Here I am greeting her in the shallows.

 Dad dad is fussing with me ... while the man in the red hat was watching dolphins swimming and fishing close to shore.

There were peeps riding horses.

And this picture is for my new furiend from Noosa, Queensland, Charlie!

I found two of these crabs - but was more interested in my tennis ball. I bet Charlie would have loved to play with the crabs!

So there you have it .... with all that action packed adventure - who WOULDN'T love the BEACH. 

I'm a lucky pup because I get to go to the beach quite often. Our next PKW adventure is in the late summer in the new year and we are going to a new beach and bay.

I cannot wait.

*** I am Rubie, a mini schnauzer, and I am addicted to THE BEACH! *** 


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