Saturday, December 27, 2014

Christmas 2014

Hiya all,

Sorry I have NOT been around woofing in Blogville for 87 years .... but there is stuffs going on here that is gettin' in my way. December is bad enough for my ma - she has LOTS to do - but now there is extra on her (and therefore MY) bowl plate... she is having tummy surgery very early in January and will be in recovery for 7-8 weeks. (She had better recover like clockwork because we are booked away for a seaside hollingday late February). As if that was not bad enough - we are about to confirm on a "house and land package" so I will get a brand new HOUSE (and hopefully a patch of grass just for me!) ... but in the meantime we have to declutter, clean-up and pimp our current house - in preparation to selling it. So it's on like donkey kong around here. So don't forget me - I'm still here - but the person who turns the computer on so I can get blogging done - will be otherwise occupied for a while. 

On to my actual POST:

Looka at all my STUFFS!!!!!!

My BEST Auntie (B - the one we camp with in the PKW) got me this GREAT SIGN. It worked!!

This is me at Grandpaws. I was pooped after a full few hours of playing with family and guests. I was taking advantage of a break in proceedings to recharge. And also being close to the table means I was dreamin' about confit duck and roast pork!!

Scarlet (Top) and Zoe were there too - and we gots decorated with those collars again!

I opened my OWN presents.

And checked the other bundles of paper to make sure nothing was missed!

It got real late ... and it was a LONG day ... and past Scarlet and Zoe's bedtimes.

The next day (Xmas Day) I was left home to sleep off Xmas Eve ... my pawrents went to Dad dad's sisters place - and mum was in charge of making a HUGE choccy mousse and a LOLLY Buffet.

The many kids loved it too! Mum was mobbed when the bowls started coming out - she didn't even get a chance to decorate the table like she was going to.

This is Bintang. He is a silkywawa. (Cross between a silky terrier and Chihuahua). Just a pup 14 weeks old and cute as a button. I was told he had a great time with all the kids and Santa - but I would not have enjoyed that much (especially the kids bit). 

I held down the couch at my place instead.

I am so happy with my gifts. There are less toys this year as I'm kinda growing out of them now that I'm 4 and a half. I'm BALL CRAZY still!

Also - I got some lovely cards from friends in Blogville - but I did not join the card exchange this year because mum was not able to even do her cards - let alone help with mine. Thank you - the cards I got are treasured!!

Oooooo I wish I could open these packs right NOW!!

On a serious note - I hope all of you out there had a lovely Christmas or holiday season. Pace yourself with those consumable gifts .... 

Right ma - get this plastic off this chew stick and remove my collar - I've got stuffs to do!!!


Wish me luck everyone - I'll be stuck with my Dad dad as the only peep to keep me alive for a while - Let's hope he's up to it!!

I'll give you pup-dates as I can!!

Bye for now!!


  1. Great hearing from you. Santa Paws was certainly good to you. Dui's the only one who really likes toys here....bring on the treats we say. At least you've got loads of treats so your Dad can give you those and you won't starve. We'll keep the POTP going for your mum so you can get to the beach on time!

  2. Crikey ..... and I thought we were busy. You've sure got a lot going on aye?? I sure hope your Mum is ok and all healed up in time for your beach holiday. Your Dad will do a great job of looking after you. They come good when they've got to. They just act hopeless when Mum's are around. What a Christmas you had!! Lots of friends and family and CHILDREN. That lolly spread looks amazing!! My 3 little girls would have loved that!! No wonder there wasn't time to decorate the table. The lollies decorated it beautifully anyway, aye??
    We won't worry if we don't hear from you. We know you are busy but if you could just let us know how your Mum is we would appreciate it. We'll be thinking of her.

  3. Sendin' good thoughts fur a speedy recovery fur yer Momma...

    Looks like Santa treated you very well indeed!!! Merry Chrissymus and a most joyous 2015!

  4. Looks like ya had a pawsome Christmas!

  5. We won't forget you,, so no worrys! Glad Santa came and visited you and made you happy..
    I got my POTP prayers going for your mom
    Merry Christmas

  6. Hi Rubie, good to see you and of course we understand that sometimes assistants can get distracted. Looks like you had a super Christmas and best of luck for the impending house move...
    Wishing your mum a good recovery too.
    Toodle pip!
    Bertie (and Gail).

  7. G'Day Rubie, And MERRY CHRISTMAS to YOU and your furends and your Peeps...
    OMD you got a PILE of Pressies.
    We are so sorry to hear about your Mum's surgery... we will send her some POTP fur Fast Healing.

    A NEW HOUSE??? Crikey that is grand.. and a Vacay in Feb. will be wonderful.

  8. we will keep you mom in our prayers and hope she heals quickly. We have our paws crossed you get some grass in you new home

  9. Cool gifts. We will keep our feets crossed for your new house
    Lily & Edward

  10. Looks like a great Christmas. Hope the move and your mom's surgery goes well. Drop us a line to let us know when you can cause we will be thinking of you.

  11. HI Rubie
    Looks like you a pawesome christmas with friends and family. Look like you got some fantastic gifts from Santa Paws. Milo & Jet

  12. Oh gurl!!! Sounds like it's gonna be busy, busy, busy still at your estate!! OMD, I hopes your Moms surgicals goes aces..I'll be keepin' my paws crossed for her...and know those men peeps can forgets certain thingies like baths! Hey, maybe it won't be that bad after all!!!! BOL!!! Oh,, and the men peeps are usually suckers for the doe-eyed look of..'you're not gonna eat all of that, are you????' BOL
    Sendin' your Moms tons of AireZens, and paws crossed everything goes smoothly on the house!
    Ruby ♥


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