Thursday, December 26, 2013

Santy Paws came...... and other nice peeps were generous too!!

Hiya all,

My Mum's family always celebrates  Christmas on Christmas Eve. It's a huge day because my Grandpaw has his Birthday on Christmas Eve too. This year he turned 588 doggies years old..... that's 84 years old to peeps. It's a big day because family and friends drop in to visit from about 10:30am, and mum has to be a great hostess and therefore we did not get any pictures of during the peeps visiting time. We did however - score few snacks from the foodables extravaganza! (*winks*)

I am wishing Grandpaw a Happy Birthday and watched him eat one of the Almond Crescent cookies mum made him.

Let me help you get that icing sugar off your shirt Grandpaw!! I can be very helpful you know!

Zoe and me in Grandpaws' lounge room -  Grandpaw is sitting in the background. As you can see - we had to wear our Christmas collars again.

And here is Scarlet, with the Christmas tree and gifts in the background.

Mum wanted a shot of all three of us in front of the tree and gifts. 

In the evening - after dinner and sweets, we got to open our gifts. I am very good at this you know!

Wow-wee - Santa got me a squeaky ball, a stuffy snake, a squeaky little octopus and a Christmas Penguin!! THANKS Santa Paws!

This is the "overall" shot to show how spoiled I am. Gifts of toys and foodables from Santa, my pawrents, uncie, Scarlet and Zoe, Auntie Lynny, Auntie C, Auntie S and Auntie J and my uncles of course.

OOOoooo I wanna get stuck in and play!

Uncie got me some mini Kong Balls - ooooo how I loves them!!

This is one of two Christmas Doggie Bon-Bons!!

Do I detect Doggie Gourmet cookies and stuffs????

OMD - They are good too!

I sincerely hope that all of you out there had an enjoyable Christmas - no matter how large or small the celebration!

I, for one, am a little pooped and am going to enjoy some quality  snooze time now. I'll be dreaming about the leftovers in the fridge I bet!!

Oh and a BIG THANKYOU to everyone and every pup and kitty who sent me a Christmas Card including the e-cards. Yes - I got WAY more than my peeps!! I've loved every single one of them, and mum had to make me a special place to display them all. I'll post a photo soon!

Bye for now!!

The "pre" Christmas Pawty!

Hiya all,

As I mentioned in my last post, mum and dad dad have a little pre-Christmas pawty for some close friends every year. I thought I would share some highlights.

The pawty starts outside on the patio, lucky dad dad and I re-paved it a couple months ago. Here I can cruise from one peep to the next, getting pats and checking if they might need to share any snacks in their hands.

I get two fur-guests too. This is Venus on her mum's lap.

And that is Astro warming up Auntie C's lap. Mum says sorry the little bowls are looking sad and empty..... they started off bulging and pretty, and you can only see 3 of the 100 dishes that had nibble foodables on them.

Mum and Astro and Venus's mum wanted one picture with all three of us fur-kids in it .... so after lots of BLOOPERS - here is the best they could do ..... he he!

Mum dressed the dinner table really pretty for the peeps.

And made a yummers sweets which the greedy peeps would not share I could not sample. Apparently they are meringue stacks with cream and balsamic strawberries.

But I can show you the fur-kids' got some confit duck..... this is our portion of the foodables. (YAY!!)

And we woofed that duck down my furiends...... it was good!!!!!!

After dinner we got gifts to open. So I got stuck into the tasks.

One of my pawcels contained a new Christmas outfit made for me by Auntie C. She is so clever!!

My BonBons have yummers sticks in the middle. I sampled one and it was excellent!

I got other stuffs too - you will see more on the next post.

I bought Astro a stuffy froggie, here he is guarding it with his right paw. He is sitting with Uncie G, who is continuing to get very well after his big surgeries.

I gave Venus another froggie with crinkle wings. I am demonstrating to her how great it is.

Clever Auntie C made me this cape too. I like this one because it holds a special message:

So LET THE TREATS FLOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Power of the PAW Really WORKS!!

Hiya all,

I hope you are all remembering to be very, very good ..... right about now ..... coz "you-know-who" is monitoring us to make final decisions as to whether we go on the "naughty or nice" lists!!

Check out THIS Christmas Stocking mum got for me (*warning* "mum humour"):

Oh Ha Ha mum .........

Santa is highly intelligent, as well as good looking, (*brownie points*) and he knows my floofy paws do not allow me the physical capabilities to "text"!!

Anywho - remember when my Uncie G had a big scary operation on his tummy insides not that long ago ..... and we sent him healing powers of our PAWS???


Well - there is GREAT news. His operation was huge.... and he had tubes and stuffs hanging out of him afterwards ..... 

But ........ he is making a really good recovery and even got let outa hospitals earlier than everyone thought!!

My peeps went to his FARM to see him and have lunch and stuffs.
I was not invited. *Humpf*

This is a photo from the back patio looking down their hill. 

Looking down on the Adelaide Hills township of Birdwood.

This is KALI - who I couldn't meet.

And this is ROXY who just had a really radical hair-cut for the summers. (!) I couldn't meet her either. Apparently..... I was told that my traitor mum carried her around and snuggled her uncontrollably ..... it was quite a sight .... and mum also wanted to stuff Roxy in her picnic basket and take her HOME!

Not without CHECKING with me FIRST MA!!!!

And these big doggies live on the farm too. I know ... they are actually horseys.

I would have LOVED to bark at them.

And here is my *TRAITOR* dad dad - huggin' the huge horsey.

So the peeps had a great day .... and want to report that Uncie G is doing better than anyone expected.

Stay tuned - because on the 21st there will be a big PAWTY at my place - and Uncie G and Auntie C are BOTH comin' !!

I can't wait to see everyone!


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