Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Power of the PAW Really WORKS!!

Hiya all,

I hope you are all remembering to be very, very good ..... right about now ..... coz "you-know-who" is monitoring us to make final decisions as to whether we go on the "naughty or nice" lists!!

Check out THIS Christmas Stocking mum got for me (*warning* "mum humour"):

Oh Ha Ha mum .........

Santa is highly intelligent, as well as good looking, (*brownie points*) and he knows my floofy paws do not allow me the physical capabilities to "text"!!

Anywho - remember when my Uncie G had a big scary operation on his tummy insides not that long ago ..... and we sent him healing powers of our PAWS???


Well - there is GREAT news. His operation was huge.... and he had tubes and stuffs hanging out of him afterwards ..... 

But ........ he is making a really good recovery and even got let outa hospitals earlier than everyone thought!!

My peeps went to his FARM to see him and have lunch and stuffs.
I was not invited. *Humpf*

This is a photo from the back patio looking down their hill. 

Looking down on the Adelaide Hills township of Birdwood.

This is KALI - who I couldn't meet.

And this is ROXY who just had a really radical hair-cut for the summers. (!) I couldn't meet her either. Apparently..... I was told that my traitor mum carried her around and snuggled her uncontrollably ..... it was quite a sight .... and mum also wanted to stuff Roxy in her picnic basket and take her HOME!

Not without CHECKING with me FIRST MA!!!!

And these big doggies live on the farm too. I know ... they are actually horseys.

I would have LOVED to bark at them.

And here is my *TRAITOR* dad dad - huggin' the huge horsey.

So the peeps had a great day .... and want to report that Uncie G is doing better than anyone expected.

Stay tuned - because on the 21st there will be a big PAWTY at my place - and Uncie G and Auntie C are BOTH comin' !!

I can't wait to see everyone!


  1. That's such good news this morning! We're So glad that Uncie G is doing MUCH, MUCH better!!

    Just look at the size of that horse ~ WOW! Dad Dad looks so tiny next to it.

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  2. Great news about Uncle G. We agree what a big beautiful horse. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. That is wonderful news.....we hope uncle g keeps improving day by day. We can't beleive you were left at home when there was so much to see and smell at the farm

  4. That's wonderful news just in time for Christmas too.

    xo Cinnamon

  5. I'm glad that Uncle G is doing well, but I can't believe your traitorous pawrents!!

  6. THIS is FABULOUS news about your Uncie G. Sorry that You didn't get to go along and that your mum and dad were traitors. PEEPS are so Annoying.

  7. Thanks for your warm welcome! I see we have the same name!!

    So glad your Uncle's surgery went well. Hope he feels better soon


  8. We saw Santa this weekend and man he really does know everything!!!

  9. I like good news!! I think that is moms stocking

  10. Excellent news, Rubie! I am so glad your uncle is doing well. Your stocking is very cute and I am sure Santa will figure out that it is just your mom trying to be funny.
    *Cairn cuddles*

  11. We've got those kinds of stockings..SHE thinks they're funny.

    Can't believe your mum was such a traitor and (a) wouldn't take you to uncies and (b) then spent the day cuddling ANOTHER dog! Tell her Santa is watching!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  12. Glad your Uncie G is doing good, sound like the peeps are outta control with other animals, you need to give them a SERIOUS talking too!

    The Mad Scots

  13. Love the festive header Rubie - you are really getting into the Christmas spirit :-) So pleased that your Uncle G is doing so well! Not such good news that your peeps are spending time with all those other animals but maybe the party will make up for being left behind that once. Have fun - woofs and licks from Magic xx

  14. Hey Rubie!
    Wow, I'm sure that Santa knows you're a very good girl! Love your new header too. OMD I'm so glad Uncle G is feeling better and I know it was the pawpower that did it! Gee, those horses are ginormous. Yikes!
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, Pol Comm

  15. Rubie, we are so glad that your uncle is doing well. If Lee is on the nice list, everybody in blogville is! Lee and Phod

  16. We're so happy to hear your Uncie G is doing better. Can't wait to hear all about your big party.

    Millie & Walter


  17. Hi Rubie!

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    If you'd like to be removed from our contact list, please let me know.

    Happy Holidays!
    Tammy Sexton
    Marketing Coordinator
    Tammy at TheUncommonDog dot com

  18. We love your new header and the stocking (thumbs up for mum humour). Glad to hear that Uncie G is doing better. Hope that stocking fits lot of gifts.
    Roy & Shefali

  19. Wuby
    I'm sowwy you cooldn't go along and meet all those doggies and howsies and hoomans, but so glad about the news of youw unkel's opewashun. I hope you have a wondewful Chwissmous full of tweats and love
    smoochie kisses


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