Thursday, December 26, 2013

Santy Paws came...... and other nice peeps were generous too!!

Hiya all,

My Mum's family always celebrates  Christmas on Christmas Eve. It's a huge day because my Grandpaw has his Birthday on Christmas Eve too. This year he turned 588 doggies years old..... that's 84 years old to peeps. It's a big day because family and friends drop in to visit from about 10:30am, and mum has to be a great hostess and therefore we did not get any pictures of during the peeps visiting time. We did however - score few snacks from the foodables extravaganza! (*winks*)

I am wishing Grandpaw a Happy Birthday and watched him eat one of the Almond Crescent cookies mum made him.

Let me help you get that icing sugar off your shirt Grandpaw!! I can be very helpful you know!

Zoe and me in Grandpaws' lounge room -  Grandpaw is sitting in the background. As you can see - we had to wear our Christmas collars again.

And here is Scarlet, with the Christmas tree and gifts in the background.

Mum wanted a shot of all three of us in front of the tree and gifts. 

In the evening - after dinner and sweets, we got to open our gifts. I am very good at this you know!

Wow-wee - Santa got me a squeaky ball, a stuffy snake, a squeaky little octopus and a Christmas Penguin!! THANKS Santa Paws!

This is the "overall" shot to show how spoiled I am. Gifts of toys and foodables from Santa, my pawrents, uncie, Scarlet and Zoe, Auntie Lynny, Auntie C, Auntie S and Auntie J and my uncles of course.

OOOoooo I wanna get stuck in and play!

Uncie got me some mini Kong Balls - ooooo how I loves them!!

This is one of two Christmas Doggie Bon-Bons!!

Do I detect Doggie Gourmet cookies and stuffs????

OMD - They are good too!

I sincerely hope that all of you out there had an enjoyable Christmas - no matter how large or small the celebration!

I, for one, am a little pooped and am going to enjoy some quality  snooze time now. I'll be dreaming about the leftovers in the fridge I bet!!

Oh and a BIG THANKYOU to everyone and every pup and kitty who sent me a Christmas Card including the e-cards. Yes - I got WAY more than my peeps!! I've loved every single one of them, and mum had to make me a special place to display them all. I'll post a photo soon!

Bye for now!!


  1. Happy Christmas! If there is a chance of foodables....then the collars are okay. Girl, you got lotsa stuff. You'll be destuffing and desqueaking for ages. We got mostly FOOD because we scotties don't play with toys. Roxy desqueaked her snowman in record time.

    Glad you kept your Grandpaw tidy.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  2. Well posed Rubie and friends. You totally deserved all those gifts and are in no way to be considered spoilt.
    Seaons greetings!

  3. We can see you all had a lovely time.
    Have a tremendous Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. Santa paws was very happy with you...look at that haul of goodies!

  5. Score Rubie! We are so glad you had a wonderful day! Lee and Phod

  6. OH RUBIE.... what a Wonderful Christmas you did have with all your family and furends. WOW you really gotted a BUNCH of super pressies... You are gonna be having TONS of FUN with them.
    THANKS fur sharing your Christmas with us.

  7. sure had a terrierific Christmas! Treats and toys galore!
    *Cairn cuddles*

  8. What a wonderful Christmas Day - love the photos of you all in your festive collars - woofs and licks from Magic xx

  9. Rubie, I am glad you had such a great day! Mine was a blast and today I am pooped. I will be napping and then sleeping some more.

    Loveys Sasha

  10. Looks like you had a great Christmas celebration. Happy birthday to your grandpaw too.

  11. Rubie, Christmas is such a special day! Merry Christmas to you and Happy Birthday, Grandpaw!

    Momo & Pinot xo

  12. Howdy Rubie, wowza you had a wonderful Christmas. Bet those toys and treats keep you playing for a looong time. Loved all your photos. Happy New Year to you all mates. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  13. WooooHooooo!! Looks like you made out like a bandit Rubie!! OMD, that is one pawsome haul!
    Oh, and I have to say that your Christmas Collars are just FABulous gurl!! Very festive indeed!
    I hopes you and your family had the bestest most wonderful Christmas evers!!
    Ruby ♥

  14. Hello Rubie!

    Wow, what a haul! Santa Paws sure was generous - as were others! You obviously all had a blast - we wish we could have joined you, we'd have had SO much fun!! But hey - do you know Twiggy Schnauzie on FB? She's an Ausie schnauzie and our FH met her FH in NY just before
    Christmas - how cool is THAT?!

    We're so glad you had a great Christmas and we hope you had a good new year too. Our new year's resolution is to get our lazy, lazy assistants to help us blog again so hopefully we can keep in touch more!

    Schnauzer snuggles - your old pals, JD and Max

  15. Happy New Year, Rubie!!! Wishing you and your family all the best for 2014!

    Momo & Pinot xoxo

  16. We can see that Santa was really, really good to you! You got so many toys and treats WOW! Hope you're having a great start to 2014.

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  17. Rubie it looks like you had a PAWSOME Christmas, I really like all of those photos, I love your bandanna, You must be Santas favorite as you were completely spoiled with all of those toys and foodables from Santa, your pawrents, your uncie, Scarlet and Zoe and all of your Aunties and uncles!
    Come and see my Christmas day on my blog tomorrow (17th January) to show you all my holiday haul!
    Love and Licks from your furiend Frank xxxxx

  18. Awww that's super cute! Love that little cute Schnauzer~ Totally made my day by just looking at those photos of cute little guy.

    Amey xoxox


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