Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Hiya all,

Firstly I wish to beg your pardons about me not being around much...... you see it has been a NUTS-SO last couple weeks in my patch, and just yesterday my peeps and I got back from our separate hollingdays! I will post all about it on my bloggie and mum is going to cover their hollingday on her bloggie (see my sidebar), but just to give you a TASTE..... here is where I was ....


And about 400 kilometres away..... my peeps went here:

On one of these:

Needless to say that we all had a great time...... but there was no blogging ability for quite a few days! So as soon as I finish helping mum unpack our bags..... I'll be up and running around to your blogs soon!!

Now - to our monthly business: (and time for me to score my mum's photo efforts!)

This Hunt is brought to us by the blog: Postcards from the P.P. and you are all free to join in if you wish! Here goes:

My mum swears there are LOTS of Good Things available for purchase at discount variety stores...... she loves them! 

Lucky I made it into this picture with these small packages!

Mum's flowers from her garden have Fragrance, and these little bottles have stronger Fragrance that makes me screw up my nose....I avoid the "top note" (keep away from your peep for about 15-20 mins after you see them spraying this stuffs on!)

Once upon a time - when my mum still worked.... she used to go to this bus station to catch the bus into the CBD of Adelaide. She's too lazy to work now!!!BOL!

This is MY nose.

This is when I made it to the Front Page of VOGUE. I hope you all got this issue????

I found a number Nine on this letterbox during one of my walks.

My peeps drink this stuff called "red wine". I think it smells kinda funky!

My dad dad collects coins in this big burgundy book. I was checking them out..... but concluded that they are not edibles!

This is me checking out some house plots in a new housing development near my house. Directly behind me,  near the centre of the picture,  you will see a stone chimney - this is one of two remaining historic buildings from the Cornish Settlers who started mining copper from the hills here some 160 years ago. The site is State Heritage Listed.

More action regarding housing development..... we came across this yellow machine digger thingy on one of my walks. Mum is crushed because it is carving up land which used to have a big old Olive Tree where she picked her bucket of olives from last season, and had her first go at preserving them in little jars. Now it's gonna have a house on it.

Here I am lookin' at a little bird, we call sparrows, which landed on the rim of the ceramic pot outside. The sparrow is safe because I am on the inside.

So there it is....another month flown by - and mum gets 10 / 12 as her score for the scavenger hunt pics that have ME in them! Very respectable Ma!!!!

Remember to check back with me in a couple days so I can tell you all about my Hollingday..... and show a couple pictures as well. You will have to look at mum's blog to hear all about their hollingday adventure - that should be ready in a day or so too!

Take care furiends, Tail Wuggles, Rubie xxx

Friday, May 25, 2012

FRANKIE FURTER DAY - MAY 25th !!!!!!!!


This is my 201st post ..... so it seems only right to SALUTE Frankie Furter (mayor of the whole entire Blogville) and his family to acknowledge how GREAT and FANTABULOUS they all are.

So - we have dedicated today, the 25th May, in the following manner - and want to do a special post that Frankie and his family would LOVE!

Here goes mine......

Background: Frankie's mom goes all CRAZY NUTS-SO about SNOWMEN and SNOWWIMMEN around Christmas-time. They are littered ALL-OVER the house and garden and FREAK out our Frankie. Now Frankie knows he will be in the DOG HOUSE if he can do to them what HE WANTS to do to them (krush, kill, destroy!!!!) so I thought I would SHOW him a little fantasy:

A christmas tree and a ......  urrrch *(shiver)* ......Snowman

Ruh Rro !!!

Krushed and killt...... We WIN FRANKIE !!!!!!!

Hope you enjoyed that My Furiend. 

We can't tell you how much you mean to us and our bloggie. Your comments ALWAYS put a smile on our faces..... and you make us all want to be better bloggers!

Bless you mate. Bless your family too!!

Tail Wuggles, Rubie and her mum xxxxxxxxxx

Monday, May 21, 2012

Beach Romping in May!

Hiya all,

Sarge says that everyone needs to call me Boo-Boo for a week, because the readers that left comments on my last post said so!

Welcome to my blog:


As you may or may not know - we here in Adelaide, Australia are well into Autumn, and well into colder temperatures. Well, we call them cold, but those of you in snow territories may think that is just a laugh. Anywho - a couple of weeks ago, there was a FREAK day where some of the tropical warm currents floated all the way down to Adelaide, and warmed up our place. It got to 27 degrees (80 F) so instead of my normal walk, we headed for the beach!

We decided to go to O'Sullivans Beach - this is a dedicated "doggie" beach real close to our place.

There wasn't heaps of dogs there, but I found a couple to do zoomies with! Mostly, I loved chasin' my ball around.

Then when I was nice and wet, I made sure I smooshed as much sand into my furs that I could manage!

And I even enjoyed going really deep into the rock pools to get my ball and stuffs. Mum was shocked as I am such a water "phobe" when it comes to the "nice warm b-a-t-h".

I was convinced that I had enough water dunking to avoid having to undergo b-a-t-h time again when we got home. But I was wrong. She said I needed to have the sand rinsed off !!

But it was a great day!

Bye for now, Tail Wuggles, Boo-Boo !

PeeS: Mum and I got to the Post Office last Tuesday (14th) and posted all the great Birthday Presents won by the 11 "lucky ducks".    So - your pawsonal pawcel delivery peeps will soon be bringing some mail!! Don't bite their ankles till they have handed over the pawcel now!! ;-)

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Sarge's Nickname Game

Hi all,

This is me crawling outa bed - suddenly realising that I've almost been caught napping instead of playing the "Nickname Game" that Sarge, Chief of Blogville Pawlice, has organised for us!

I have to fix my schnauzer brows and participate:

Is it morning already????

Sarge has kindly asked us to list our "nicknames" used most often by our peeps for us (who don't seem to be able to use the names THEY gave us!!). You then need to vote on which one you like the best, and our peeps have to use that name exclusively for us for a whole week!

Here's my list (in no particular order):

1. Boo - Boo :  Mum's favourite

2. Sausage:  Dad dad's favourite

3. Saus:  when he can't be bothered sayin' the whole word!

4. Sausage-Chops: you see the pattern?

5. Muffin-Head

6. Boo-Boo Bum-Bum (??!!)

7. Boop-a-choop

8. Woofa

9. Rubina !!! : This is the one where you get caught doin' stuff WRONG, or just bein' BAD!

10. Muffin-chops

11. Crocodillus: Given to me while snapping sharply at their fingers while they're giving me peep noms from the dinner table.

Please take a moment to pick which Nickname appeals to you the best and leave a quick comment.

Check out Sarge's blog to get all the details to this event, if you enter you need to get goin' - all posts need to be done by the 18th! If you are really LUCKY - you might just win a prize!!

Now that that's done......I could just crawl back under the covers!!! Ssssshhhhhhh!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Another present, Eatin' and What I gave Mum!

Hiya all,

I know you are kinda sick of seein' me gettin' presents and thingys...... but I gotta gloat once more. Remember our good mate Jazzi had a Birthday not long ago (and she and her mom WENT NUTS-SO in a tye-dye trend) - and they gave away heaps of presents??!!?? I won one!!

My auntie Lynny was over last Friday when Scooter (my pawsonal pawcel delivery guy) brought me this pawcel. Come on auntie - let me OPEN it!!!!!!!

Aw lookie here - it is even in one of my favourite colours!!! How did Jazzi know? Now for some foodables!

THAT'S what I'm talkin' about ....... Hmmmmmm droolin' !!!

nom, nom, noms...... love my fresh meat and three veg!

Yup - it's a thumbs up Jazzi (assuming I have a thumb.....which I don't....you know what I mean!)

Thanks Buddy!

Still on the subject of eatin'........(one of my favs!) Guess which lucky mini schnauzer got her FIRST BULLY STICK to nom on?????

He he he......yup me!

Sorry about the wrong setting used on these pics (it's so hard to get good help!) but this was GOOD - and kept me nommin' for ages and ages. When mum bought it she just had to not think about what it used to be....... squeamish mum!

Finally - mum was another year older last month...... she and I have Birthdays close together - and what I got her BLEW her AWAY! I am one generous pup!

Dad dad helped me with printing out my design for the card.

The inside of the card. Yes - mum calls me Boo Boo!!

This cost me a LOT in my treat allowance moneys! Dad dad bought the green case.

But she is totally worth it. Even though it is "Mothers Day" today - she didn't want another present, she is still BLOWN AWAY by this one. 

Does this mean that I don't have to have a B-A-T-H for like....... 87 months ma?????

Mum: Sure Rubie....... but that means no sleeping in the big bed....so it's up to you!!

Drats and Double Drats!! I thought I was onto somethin'!!!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A Special Delivery and a Reminder!

Oooooo it was soooo exciting today. "Scooter" who is my pawsonal pawcel delivery man - dropped in and delivered a pawcel to me. He also had a pawcel delivery for my ma.....she's been "internuts shopping" AGAIN.

Scooter! For ME!!??!! Is this a last minute Birthday Pawcel???

Now down to the impawtant stuff - content examination and sender identification........  HEY - this is from the Yooouuuu-Kaayyy, it's from my Blogging Bro' - George The Lad !!

For those of you who maybe don't know - me and George go WAY back ....... and we became so close that we have adopted each other as "blogging Bro' " and I'm his "blogging Sis' "

Everyone knows George and Tess - they have a most famous blog. His picture is on my side bar and if you click it - you go right to his bloggie, like magic.

First out came a squeaky cup-cake - I love it!!

Lookie here - this pink foodables bowl is collapsable - mum has an eye on it to live in the caravan for my travels! Don't you just adore the little love hearts?

Oh and a B-A-T-H product - George knows that I cop a b-a-t-h every week like clockwork! I hate it but if this purple towel can get me drier quicker - it will mean less time with the blow-dryer thingy. I adore purple, just sayin'. 

During my excitement - mum opened her pawcel....... boring ma! (no I don't really care that your old hand mixer is cactus) ..... my pawcel  is much more EXCITING!!

Back to ME!

George even included a lovely scenic card with him clearly thinking of his blogging sis, me, while looking over the waters!!! Yes - I'm on the other side of that pond George!!

So THANKYOU for not forgetting my Birthday, George. You are too kind, I'm overcome with happiness!


Can I also send a reminder to those LUCKY DUCKS who won presents at my Pawtners N' Pals Birthday Event. Of the 11 winners, I have addresses for 7 of you, but am waiting for posting addresses for the other 4. You know who you are!! Hop to it!!! Email addy is on the 14/4/12 post.

I've got the post office on stand-by waiting for my outgoing pawcels!!


Thursday, May 3, 2012


Hiya all,

What an excellent, stupendous, wicked and exhausting day I had yesterday! In fact I am only doing this post today...... and then spending the rest of it on my couch. I'm really pooped!!

For the first picture I wanted to show you my CAKE!!!

On my Birthday Morning - a special Birthday Card arrived for me from all the way across the pond (Youuu Kayyy)

Thanks MAGIC - you're the BEST!   ;-)

As a special treat......before we got to Grandpaws' - my peeps took me to a Doggie Park where I met my cousins Scarlet and Zoe. We had an excellent romping good time!!

THEN, when we got Grandpaws'..... mum asked Grandpaw if he wanted the SPECIAL RESPONSIBILITY of doing the Present Drawings. He was happy to...... here's a sneak peek at some of the winning doggies!

This is My Official 2nd Birthday picture. This year the BEST thing was that mum agreed to photoshop the darn hats on......so we didn't have to wear those dumb things!!!!

Do you like my Birthday Banner??? (Thanks Mum!)

Look at that FOURTH schnauzer on my cake!

Hmmmmmm - let's blow out those candles and slice it up ma!!!

It was soooooo good - we had seconds!! Schnauzer thumbs up!!

Nom, nom, nom.........YUMMERS!

I had three wrapped presents to open.

The first one had a flat squeaky cat in it.

The second one Zoe helped me open...... and there were 3 plastic squeaky toys in there.

See - a porcupine, blue octopus and red crab.

Third parcel had something furry in there.....

OOooo a honking pheasant....... Gimme that ma!!!!!

So now what you have ALL BEEN WAITING FOR.......The official results of the PAWTNERS N' PALS Present DRAWINGS:

Here we go!

THE LUCKY WINNERS ARE..............:





PRESENT 5:  ECHIDNA SQUEAKY STUFFIE (NB: Due to such a popular pick by you guys, mum went and got another one, so there could be two winners!!)


( now I know what you are thinking - the popular present going to two fellow "aussies" - honest - there was no rigging or result tampering......it just happened...... and I love my over the pond furiends JUST as much...... !!! ) My Grandpaw did the drawing and the papers were folded and everything...... and he didn't know who was what and where anyway...... JUST SAYIN'!

PRESENT 6:  NOVELTY PET PEN (there are also TWO of these)


(I want to apologize in advance of the next B-A-T-H you're gonna have Tank!)



Mum and would just like to say THANKYOU to all who entered their Pawtners N' Pals pictures and CONGRATS to the lucky 11 WINNERS.

We are sorry that EVERYONE couldn't win....... that bit made us SAD :-(

And FINALLY: Could the Lucky Ducks email us back (email address is on the 14/4/12 post) and provide a physical mailing address for your presents.

Hope you enjoyed my 2nd Birthday (you certainly made it SPECIAL for me!) ...... here is one last picture of me with my presents:

Bye for now, Tail Wuggles, Rubie xxx


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