Thursday, May 17, 2012

Sarge's Nickname Game

Hi all,

This is me crawling outa bed - suddenly realising that I've almost been caught napping instead of playing the "Nickname Game" that Sarge, Chief of Blogville Pawlice, has organised for us!

I have to fix my schnauzer brows and participate:

Is it morning already????

Sarge has kindly asked us to list our "nicknames" used most often by our peeps for us (who don't seem to be able to use the names THEY gave us!!). You then need to vote on which one you like the best, and our peeps have to use that name exclusively for us for a whole week!

Here's my list (in no particular order):

1. Boo - Boo :  Mum's favourite

2. Sausage:  Dad dad's favourite

3. Saus:  when he can't be bothered sayin' the whole word!

4. Sausage-Chops: you see the pattern?

5. Muffin-Head

6. Boo-Boo Bum-Bum (??!!)

7. Boop-a-choop

8. Woofa

9. Rubina !!! : This is the one where you get caught doin' stuff WRONG, or just bein' BAD!

10. Muffin-chops

11. Crocodillus: Given to me while snapping sharply at their fingers while they're giving me peep noms from the dinner table.

Please take a moment to pick which Nickname appeals to you the best and leave a quick comment.

Check out Sarge's blog to get all the details to this event, if you enter you need to get goin' - all posts need to be done by the 18th! If you are really LUCKY - you might just win a prize!!

Now that that's done......I could just crawl back under the covers!!! Ssssshhhhhhh!


  1. Hi Rubie-Roo! (Yet another nickname to add to the list! I love the photo of you crawling out of bed, you look soooo shuper shnauzer cute!!! I love playing the "Nickname Game" a big thank you to Sarge for getting it going there!
    I totally agree with you Rubie, my Pawrents NEVER call me by my name, its crazy!
    Ok so my vote is for Rubina or Crocodillus it will be so funny to hear you being called that around the town! So I think it will have to be CROCODILLUS for your Peeps to call you for the week! HEE,HEE!!!!!
    Lots of Love, Licks and Tummy Rubs from your Pugalier Pal Frank xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    PS. Jasper says a BIG hello to you too!

  2. Great nicknames, Rubie. We are going to go with Boop-a-choop.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  3. Hey Rubie!
    Wow, I'm so glad you got up long enough to pawticipate in my event! And, I'm glad you got to go back under for more snoozing! Your names are great, and I'm voting for Woofa because that's really fun. Enjoy your Zzzzzzz's and I have you in the drawing now.
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  4. You may have to add sleep head to you list of nicknames!! BOL!! I like Boo-Boo!!!!


  5. Wow, you have lots of great nicknames! I'm going to vote for Sausage, 'cause Sausage is yummy. I was early and already got my nickname. I hope my mom remembers to use it.

    Boxer burns,

  6. Well, I call Remus 'Boo' a lot of the time, so that will always carry weight with me. However, I think Sausage is by far the funniest!!!!!!


  7. Boo Boo is my favorite because my mom calls me that sometimes too.

    ♥ Cinnamon

  8. hey rubie sausage chops is da bestest! heehe i liyke snorsages lots! heehee! I has dunn the compertishun too if you wanna vote fur ma naymey - !!! love n likkers, Posie dogery! xox

  9. Us Beaglebratz vote fer Sausage - bet u iz kinda saucy like Sausage iz so that iz what we vote fer - Sausage!

    We Beaglebratz r playin'the game tu - stop on by.
    Shiloh'n Shasta

  10. sausage chops great name but do you suddenly look around and say where is the sausage where is the chops!
    Best wishes Molly

  11. I going with Muffin Head! It just sounds too funny! LOL!

  12. Hi Rubie I like my name for you rubie 2 shoes so i vote for that! Lots of love treats and tummy rubs from Aunty LynnyXXXXX

  13. Howdy Rubie, we have to vote for Rubina! We can just hear your mum saying it when you are being a rascal hehe. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  14. I love Boo Boo Bum Bum!
    Dachshund Nola

  15. I like boo boo. Sounds kinda fun.


  16. I like BOO BOO
    So many cute ones to choose from!

  17. Hello we saw you at Stella & Rorys place. I'm Deccy a greyhound in the UK. We think Sausage suits you! Call in for a chat sometime. Deccy x

  18. We vote for Saus. (Because Gail says her old dog Hamish was often called "little soss".
    Toodle pip!

  19. Kinda likin Rubina goes well with my other self Rooina ;P Thanks fur interruptin your beauty sleep to play ;)

    Waggin at ya,

  20. Hello Rubie, just popping by to say Thank You for my Birthday Wishes, Can I vote?
    Guess so
    Love and Hugs Tess xxx

  21. Oh sorry I have to leave it on a comment
    Boo Boo :)

  22. I like muffin head! Your just waking up picture is adorable!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  23. This post has given me a much needed grin!! I love 'Boo-Boo' It's cute and got class and it's easy to remember, and it fits too! :-)

  24. Hey Boo Boo!
    Wow, I totaled your votes and this is your new (and only) name for the next week! I think it's very cute and I wish you luck in the drawing.
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, Host


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