Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Another PKW Adventure

I was lucky enough to go away with my peeps in the "Peep Kennel on Wheels" (AKA: PKW) again.

This time we went away with my Auntie Lynny who just bought her Peep Kennel and needed some help in coming to grips with caravanning. We camped nice and close. See how our PKW has a canvass room on the side and Auntie's PKW has one at the back.

Here are Auntie Lynny's three fur-kids bursting out the annex ready to go to the beach for a walk. These dawgs are all rescues. From left to right are Lily, Pip and Zac. 

Woo-Hooooooo - This is what I loooovvvveee to do!!

Leads off on the beach. 

Pipster looks mighty happy - she loves to roll on the sand. She is 11 years young.

Lily and Zac sniff the good smells on some seaweed, while I'm ahead with dad dad.

It wasn't that hot .... just nice.... but I'm happy to run into the water up to my tummy.

Our beach procession ...... Zac (the only boy and the oldest) stays close to his mum - and I'm always in front.

One day - we met a nice couple with two mini schnauzer boys and a spaniel. Man alive - did I have a ball playing with them and their ball. We had such a blast - and it was the only time mum didn't have a camera (eyes rolling!!)

Sometimes a nap in the PKW will play havoc on ones woozle "do".

A big part of PKW Hollingdays is my Schnauzer surveillance. Just because one is on hollingdays..... doesn't mean that my guarding duties can lapse!

In the evening - Auntie and her fur-kids came over for dinner in our annex. Here is Lily makin' herself comfortable on MY day bed with Pip on MY picnic rug. You can also see a bit of Zac in the bottom right hand corner, but I'm unsure if it's his head or bum bum (!)

This is another higher view of our base camp.

You will notice there are A LOT of PKW's that are the same sort as ours in the caravan park. Mum thought it was strange until she worked out that the park was hosting the A'Van owners club. We even had a visit by the South Australian president of the club to ask my peeps if they wanted to join-up. However, the club is not for us because fur-kids are not invited to the majority of events - and well- - the main reason my peeps bought the van was to allow me to go on holiday too.

Another beach walk - this time near the jetty.

I was a bit worried by all this down on the beach. It must be another weird peep club for funny clothes and strange squatting!!

Mum being artistic again ..... spot the schnauzer!

That's better isn't it!!!!   :-)

This is sun-rise on our final morning. Mum just wanted to prove that she and dad dad can get up early if needed. Now that they are retired ..... we don't get to see many sun-rises anymore!!

Here I am crawling out from under our van after all the packing up is done. I find a good place to rest while all the peeps huff and puff and do all that packing stuff. 

Home safe and sound. See how white my paws are after shuffling along sea water 3 times a day for a few days. Boy my tummy looks big in this picture...... just an angle issue I'm sure.

This is me later on in the evening after my Baff. Still sleeping off my big hollingday.


Other business:

Christmas Cards. I've talked mum into putting me on the Blogville Card list again, and I've got my own cards ready to roll straight from the printers. When mum went to the post office to buy the stamps.... she was told that overseas stamps have increased from $1.60 to $2.55 each. Well my furiends, mum needed to be helped up from the post office carpet. So now Mr Australia Post Man wants his satchel to be gold lined!! The upshot of this, my furiends , was that mum only bought a very small amount of stamps for me, about a quarter of the amount she wanted to buy ...... and I think I actually saw steam coming out her ears!!

So please understand if you get an "e-card" from me - it is sent with all the love of a mail sent card!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Paving with my Peep!

You know furiends …. sometimes we gotta monitor what our peeps get up to ….. and do QA and stuffs.

Firsts …… all this sand in a HUGE pile gots dumped in my driveways. Holy heck - I say - what's goin' on?????

It's like the beach has come to me for a change!

Then dad dad starts pullin' up and wreakin' our pawfectly good patio.

Well - it was kinda pawfectly good - but when dad dad paved it a few years back he left too much of a slope ….. and it meant that the peeps were sittin' on a kinda slope ….. and mum says it was terribles.

So her bitchin' and whingin' eventually wore down poor ol' dad dad!

Here's me doin' the QA necessary (to prevent any future bitchin' and whingin' )

Here's dad dad deliverin' the sand from the driveway onto the pulled up area.

More QA - testing the sandy smells I was.

YUP - that is very fine sands…..even if I do say so myself!

Here is mum's trying to be funny idea of a photo opportunity. See how unimpressed I'm not liken' it and am looking to dad dad to save me!!!

Dad dad says you guys are gonna laff at his antiques wheel-barra. He has a problem gettin' new stuffs when the old stuffs still works. Don't even think about starting mum off on this topic!! He he he!

More sand to inspect ….. lookin' for the buried treasure. I bags it first everyone!!!

Sigh! ….. more sand stickin' to my nose and woozle.

See my little hole I dugs on the newly levelled and stamped on sands….. had to go confess to dad dad!

He was pretty good about it …… so I mades a BIGGER hole!! Who is a good pup then????

Dad dad loved it. Now that I think about it ….. that smile may have been more like a wince ?!?

Boring picture coz I'm not in it of the "after shot".

Mum seems pleased and dad dad and I can go back to restin' !!!

Friday, November 8, 2013


About a week ago my Uncie G had HUGE surgery for a problem he and his tum-tums and his associated tum-tum system has had for a while now. It took ages for the doctors to work out what was wrong….. but now he is recovering in hospitals and will be feeling wonky for a while yet.

I loves my Uncie G and his wife Auntie C - they always buy me great stuffs ( Auntie C makes me great stuffs too) and they make a big fuss over me - so I wanted to do something special to help Uncie G recover!

  I made you this card Uncie G!!



Now for some bloopers:
(Uncie G would find these funny - even if he isn't allowed to Laff yet!)

I was talking the card……

Then I tasted the card with a little lick! ………

Whoooops - not poking my tongue out at you Uncie G - that was for mum!!

It's hard to get good help / Cousin Sitting

Hi there my furiends…… yes I'm still here ……. yes I'm still playing …… but - seriously- I've been having all sorts of trouble trying to motivate my mum into helping me with my blogging. I know - you are shocked…right!!?? I'm thinking about running an ad and hiring a capable and motivated human to switch on the big computer and assist me with my very entertaining blogging. Know anyone??? Please let me know.

Turns out that my mum has been having a medical issue which she says is partly to blame for this lapse in her motivation …. she had some blood tests recently and it turns out that she is very "a-nee-mick" and even had chunks of her furs fall out ….. and is about to have a bunch of more medical tests and stuffs …. I know she will be Okays. Let's just hope that my bloggie doesn't crash and burn suffer too much longer. Just sayin'. 


Now I had better let you know of some of the stuffs you missed.

My cousins Scarlet and Zoe stayed with us for almost a week while their dad dad (my uncie) went away with "the boys"!

The above photo is the first night where Scarlet sat on the rug and stared at the front door waiting  for her dad dad to return. Zoe was not too worried but kept her company.

Scarlet was much better after the first night and soon they were both on the daily walks routine with me. Here we are at the duck pond with Daffy (see white duck on water). Daffy wasn't too keen to come close to me because he wasn't sure of my cousins (he must have heard of the "incident"involving  Zoe and a chicken!!)

 They enjoyed themselves very much.

Here is Scarlet having a little rest after walkies.

Look how cute Zoe's one eared "salute" is!!

There is a serious downside of having houseguests. On BBQ chicken night - MY TREATS are shared three ways instead of just slotting into my mouth!

Look how fast my tail is wuggling - I loves BBQ chicken night!!

So you got any more Chicken ma????!!!!?? Don't try and hide any from my crazy eyes!!

While mum was in her office not helping with MY bloggie doing office stuffs, Scarlet and Zoe napped next to her chair while I napped under the desk.

See Zoe looking surprised that Scarlet is sharing the bed ….. normally Scarlet doesn't like to be too close to her little sister. 

But they had a good time ….. and were very happy to see their dad dad again.

Like this:
 Scarlet - enjoying the very BEST place in her world!!


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