Friday, November 8, 2013

It's hard to get good help / Cousin Sitting

Hi there my furiends…… yes I'm still here ……. yes I'm still playing …… but - seriously- I've been having all sorts of trouble trying to motivate my mum into helping me with my blogging. I know - you are shocked…right!!?? I'm thinking about running an ad and hiring a capable and motivated human to switch on the big computer and assist me with my very entertaining blogging. Know anyone??? Please let me know.

Turns out that my mum has been having a medical issue which she says is partly to blame for this lapse in her motivation …. she had some blood tests recently and it turns out that she is very "a-nee-mick" and even had chunks of her furs fall out ….. and is about to have a bunch of more medical tests and stuffs …. I know she will be Okays. Let's just hope that my bloggie doesn't crash and burn suffer too much longer. Just sayin'. 


Now I had better let you know of some of the stuffs you missed.

My cousins Scarlet and Zoe stayed with us for almost a week while their dad dad (my uncie) went away with "the boys"!

The above photo is the first night where Scarlet sat on the rug and stared at the front door waiting  for her dad dad to return. Zoe was not too worried but kept her company.

Scarlet was much better after the first night and soon they were both on the daily walks routine with me. Here we are at the duck pond with Daffy (see white duck on water). Daffy wasn't too keen to come close to me because he wasn't sure of my cousins (he must have heard of the "incident"involving  Zoe and a chicken!!)

 They enjoyed themselves very much.

Here is Scarlet having a little rest after walkies.

Look how cute Zoe's one eared "salute" is!!

There is a serious downside of having houseguests. On BBQ chicken night - MY TREATS are shared three ways instead of just slotting into my mouth!

Look how fast my tail is wuggling - I loves BBQ chicken night!!

So you got any more Chicken ma????!!!!?? Don't try and hide any from my crazy eyes!!

While mum was in her office not helping with MY bloggie doing office stuffs, Scarlet and Zoe napped next to her chair while I napped under the desk.

See Zoe looking surprised that Scarlet is sharing the bed ….. normally Scarlet doesn't like to be too close to her little sister. 

But they had a good time ….. and were very happy to see their dad dad again.

Like this:
 Scarlet - enjoying the very BEST place in her world!!


  1. Rubie, it is so nice to see you. I love all the pictures with your cousins. My Mommy has been sick also and was in the horspital so I know how you feel. We just have to take care of them the best we can and hope our blogs don't suffer too much. Take care and hang in there. I hope your Mommy feels better soon.

    Loveys Sasha

  2. Hi Rubie, we're so sorry to hear that your Mom isn't feeling too well. We will keep our paws crossed for her that all her tests go really well and they can sort things out quickly.

    We loved your pictures! You did such a good job keeping Zoe and Scarlet in line while they were staying with you. That last picture of Scarlet and her Dad Dad made our hearts turn to mush.

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  3. RUBIE we are so THRILLED to hear from you... BUTT so VERY sorry to hear that your mum has not been feeling well.
    You and your cussins DID have a good time together... except fur the sharing of the BBQ.

  4. I think Scarlet and Zoe should have a talk with that assistant. What a great visit you had

  5. What a great play date. Our Lady suffers the same thing. She hopes your mom is feeling better soon, and so do we. Lee and Phod

  6. Rubie I'm very sorry to hear that your Mum has been feeling ill and hope that you have been taking good care of her, I'm looking forward to seeing those PKW adventures that you have planned! I am glad to see that you all had fun together, I bet you enjoy seeing your cousins even if it does mean sharing the chicken! I felt sorry for Xie watching the door with Scarlet but I'm happy that they both soon settled and had a great time, Oh it looks like Daffy duck dosent want to play with your cousins or maybe its because as you said he is a father duck now?
    Love the ear photo and the snuggle photo, I have to say that I love the photo of you all lined up for Chucken because you can really see your colourful furs, you all are such beautiful shnauzer colours, each so different, Jasper, my cousin is salt and pepper colour! Love and Hugs from your Furiend Frank XxxxX

  7. I know that problem, I have been having the same trouble with my peep!

  8. Hey Rubie, reading your blog always brings a smile to our face. :D We loved all the photos and Zoe's one ear salute is our fav. Take care of your mommy.
    Woofs from Roy & Hugs from Shefali

  9. Awww. Of course, the best place is on top of the human... it's warm and super soft... and you get the beating heart too...

    Get well soon, Mom. If it's not a hassle, try eating pork liver... I know in some countries, it's considered gross... but it's actually a good source of iron for anemic... cook it with soy sauce and some vinegar...


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