Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Another PKW Adventure

I was lucky enough to go away with my peeps in the "Peep Kennel on Wheels" (AKA: PKW) again.

This time we went away with my Auntie Lynny who just bought her Peep Kennel and needed some help in coming to grips with caravanning. We camped nice and close. See how our PKW has a canvass room on the side and Auntie's PKW has one at the back.

Here are Auntie Lynny's three fur-kids bursting out the annex ready to go to the beach for a walk. These dawgs are all rescues. From left to right are Lily, Pip and Zac. 

Woo-Hooooooo - This is what I loooovvvveee to do!!

Leads off on the beach. 

Pipster looks mighty happy - she loves to roll on the sand. She is 11 years young.

Lily and Zac sniff the good smells on some seaweed, while I'm ahead with dad dad.

It wasn't that hot .... just nice.... but I'm happy to run into the water up to my tummy.

Our beach procession ...... Zac (the only boy and the oldest) stays close to his mum - and I'm always in front.

One day - we met a nice couple with two mini schnauzer boys and a spaniel. Man alive - did I have a ball playing with them and their ball. We had such a blast - and it was the only time mum didn't have a camera (eyes rolling!!)

Sometimes a nap in the PKW will play havoc on ones woozle "do".

A big part of PKW Hollingdays is my Schnauzer surveillance. Just because one is on hollingdays..... doesn't mean that my guarding duties can lapse!

In the evening - Auntie and her fur-kids came over for dinner in our annex. Here is Lily makin' herself comfortable on MY day bed with Pip on MY picnic rug. You can also see a bit of Zac in the bottom right hand corner, but I'm unsure if it's his head or bum bum (!)

This is another higher view of our base camp.

You will notice there are A LOT of PKW's that are the same sort as ours in the caravan park. Mum thought it was strange until she worked out that the park was hosting the A'Van owners club. We even had a visit by the South Australian president of the club to ask my peeps if they wanted to join-up. However, the club is not for us because fur-kids are not invited to the majority of events - and well- - the main reason my peeps bought the van was to allow me to go on holiday too.

Another beach walk - this time near the jetty.

I was a bit worried by all this down on the beach. It must be another weird peep club for funny clothes and strange squatting!!

Mum being artistic again ..... spot the schnauzer!

That's better isn't it!!!!   :-)

This is sun-rise on our final morning. Mum just wanted to prove that she and dad dad can get up early if needed. Now that they are retired ..... we don't get to see many sun-rises anymore!!

Here I am crawling out from under our van after all the packing up is done. I find a good place to rest while all the peeps huff and puff and do all that packing stuff. 

Home safe and sound. See how white my paws are after shuffling along sea water 3 times a day for a few days. Boy my tummy looks big in this picture...... just an angle issue I'm sure.

This is me later on in the evening after my Baff. Still sleeping off my big hollingday.


Other business:

Christmas Cards. I've talked mum into putting me on the Blogville Card list again, and I've got my own cards ready to roll straight from the printers. When mum went to the post office to buy the stamps.... she was told that overseas stamps have increased from $1.60 to $2.55 each. Well my furiends, mum needed to be helped up from the post office carpet. So now Mr Australia Post Man wants his satchel to be gold lined!! The upshot of this, my furiends , was that mum only bought a very small amount of stamps for me, about a quarter of the amount she wanted to buy ...... and I think I actually saw steam coming out her ears!!

So please understand if you get an "e-card" from me - it is sent with all the love of a mail sent card!


  1. That looks like a fun time camping and playing at the beach.
    We understand about the cards.
    Happy Thnaksgiving

    Jazzi and Addi

  2. Rubie, what a totally brilliant time you had. I so approve of the concept of Peeps planning their holidays around their pups. (Gail, take note),
    Your friends look great fun. We are wondering if Pip might be part wire haired fox terrier?
    Toodle pip!

  3. What a wonderful vacation. We have never seen one of those A frame campers before....we use to have the more traditional pop top when we went on vacation. Totally understand the card issue...same here. Lady year it was 75 cent for Christmas overseas mail...this year it $1.55. E-cards are the best option.

  4. We agree planning a holiday around pups is the best and we can see you had a great time. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  5. Great beach holiday and even better when you get to share it with friends. That PKW Club does not sound much fun if they don't let us dogs join in but sounds as though you got along just fine anyway :-) woofs and licks from Magic xx

  6. Hi Rubie!
    I love, love, love, love, love PKW adventures!!
    It looks like you had an amazing time with your Auntie Lynny and her three fur-kids Lily, Pip and Zac, I really enjoyed seeing the photos of you all playing on the beach, its a shame your naughty Mum didnt have her camera with her when you met those other dogs and were all playing ball together!
    I was laughing so har at the photo of you just waking up from sleeping in the PKW and saying that it "will play havoc on ones woozle do" that is so funny!!! BOL!
    There are some PAWSOME photos of scenery, the pictures on the beach and your Mum being artistic is great, I liked the sun rise photo but it dosent prove the retired people can watch the sun come up if they want to as My Mum dosent see the sun come up and she works! BOL!
    I can not believe that the caravan park was hosting the A'Van owners club but it is so unfair that fur-kids are not invited to most of the events, I'm glad that your Peeps didnt join in their stuck up non-doggie ways, dont they understand that the best way to holiday is in a PKW WITH a dog???
    It looks like you had so much fun on your trip and you look exhausted!
    I would just put a Christmas card on the blog for everyone, that is what I am going to do this year, I understand if I dont get a card, being from the UK and really far away from you! I know you love me, you dont need to send me a card, I just want to see it!
    Love and licks from your furiend Frank xxxxxxxxx

  7. Hi Ruby,
    Wow it sure looks like you and your peeps had a fine vacation.
    Your ocean is amazingly beautiful. I bet you love running on the beach too!
    We understand about the Christmas Card thing too. My Mom has been
    stressing out about it. We are sending out e cards again this year.
    We just hope they don't go into a junk folder (spam) and never get seen again.
    XO Cinnamon

  8. What a fun time!! And don't worry, we totally understand about the cards! I'm sending out a lot of e-cards this year too. It's the thought that counts!

  9. Wow what a great vacation, I'm going away with my peeps next year, I'm SO excited!!!!
    Love Milo :)

  10. SHE left most of our cards in the US to be posted. The postage here is ridiculous. But we'll just bite the bullet for the cards we have here.

    Now, about a club that doesn't include fur-kids.....stay clear of those!

    We are so jealous of your camping and beach. We'd love to be there running and digging.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  11. What a great looking vacation! We especially enjoyed looking at the beach and grass cause we got over 20 cm of snow today! Lee and Phod

  12. You sure had a great time on holiday! We totally understand about the Christmas card thing. Our international stamps are less than half what yours are. Thankfully we have the internet that allows us to send our holiday wishes much cheaper so our long distance friends can still be included.

    Millie & Walter

  13. OMD, you had one heck of a blast, can see why you had to sleep so much, and Ohhhhhhhh taht beach, that water, that ball playing, wow gotta go take a nap myself now!

    The Mad Scots

  14. Whee... camping is a blast. Love those A-frame campers. We have never seen those before. They look tall enuff for an Airedale or two...

    Wyatt and Stanzie

  15. Howdy Rubie, wowza and yaahoo what a great holiday. The beach looks fabulous. We loved to meet your Aunty Lynn's fur babies. So glad you all had fun. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory
    P.S. Mum was off to the Post Office this morning to buy stamps. Thanks for the heads up about the price. Blimey that's steep isn't it. We might be like you and send more e mail cards! xx

  16. It was a great little holiday Pip Lily and Zac all had a great time and are looking forward to the next one. We are so lucky here in SA great beaches great weather!

  17. Awesome holiday, Rubie. It's very cold here in Toronto. We'll get tickets and fly over to you right now!

    Momo & Pinot xo

  18. Wow. Almost twice the price. That's surprising. Might I suggest going for postcards. If your post people are like ours, post cards are far cheaper and you can send cards to more people.

    I love that you guys have your own pad during camping. And your tummy looks cute... not weird. LOL. Glad you had so much fun in the sun.

  19. Looks like so much fun. Henry and his peeps love camping in our little fiberglass burro. And as for the travel trailer group...whoever heard of leaving the pups behind?!?

  20. Looks like someone had heaps of fun! Roy sleeps just like you (in the last pic). I wonder if it's a schnauzer thing. :D


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