You know, being a little dog with a blog can be a little dauntin'. Sometimes you create a post and you just don't know if anyone is readin' it, or appreciatin' it, or even liken' it!!

Then I started to get AWARDS !!!!! It is beautiful and makes my heart smile! It even can make your mini schnauzer head swell a little (**grins**)

Now here are the ones my bloggie has scored!

Thankyou to Lavi, Christmas and the Girls and Sawyer!! (**big kisses**)

Thankyou to Yuki, Oscar and Sawyer! (**huge hugs**)

Thankyou to 101 Achievements and Bowie! (**loveable licks**)

Thankyou to Tooki from Living with 3 Hamsters and 2 Dogs (**schnauzer snuggles**)

This is my "Pawsome Photo Award" presented to me by the Fivesibes - I got "Third" place in their Howl-O-Ween photo content 2011. This award also came with a Ribbon and a Stuffie Toy!

Thankyou to my little furiend, Dachshund Nola (**High Paw Five**)

Thankyou to Muffin - you are the BEST (**cheeky winks**)

Thankyou to Magic, and Rama's Mama  (**big hugs**)

I scored the above THREE awards in one HIT..... Thanks soooo much Lovable Lily xxxx


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