Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Guess who turned THREE....... AND FOUR!!!!

Hiya all,

It's been a HUGE week. Do I look any different?

Well apart from the the fact that my ears are all sad and down because SHE got out the flashy box.... again.....

On this day (2nd May) I was a whole year older...... I turned 3 my furiends.

So where are the gifts, ma?????

OOOooooo two pretty parcels. Let's open!

I tackle the Big one first..... I smell rope....

Wow - squeaky rope toy.... great!

Now this little one is a little bit fiddlier...... 

OMD.... a mini squeaky mallard duck..... matches my bigger mallard duck who I LOVES!!

Thanks ma and dad dad!

Now..... You smell something?????? Absolutely YUMMERS???

It's my Birthday BREAKFAST....... Skambled eggies on TOAST!!!! I'm gonna FAINT.

Pass them down to my eatin' place ma!!

Nom nom nom nom nom!!! OMD is this GREAT or WHAT!!

So that was my Birthday Day! 

THEN, on Monday Play Day..... Scarlet and Zoe came over as USUAL.... and there were MORE GIFTS!

We found these gifts in the Garden. Little Zoe is with me.

ZOE: I'm thinkin' there are foodables in that there baggie!!

Now Scarlet is with me. Scarlet tells me she turned FOUR yesterday!!!! 

Uncie, Scarlet and Zoe bought me a pretty new HOT PINK diamond encrusted collar.... Thanks very much!!

SCARLET: And I gots some yum yum yummers!!

SCARLET: In the pawcel was this squeaky stuffie tug-toy!! So cool!

SCARLET: Do I smell something phenomenal?????

YAY!!!!!! MEAT-CAKE!!!!!!!!! I spy liver treats on top....!!

It must be for us Scarlet...... it even has a silver schnauzer on the top. I'm so excited!

So while mum goes away and finds the knife and our bowls...... we can have a teeny tiny little lick.......

Just a little sample.....

SHE won't notice..... will she????

SCARLET: Nah....... Notice what??..... I see nuthin' !!

Awwww - we are gonna have CAKE for dinner girls.... we are such LUCKY, Lucky dawgs!!!

It was delicious my furiends!!

We LOVE Birthdays!!!


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