Thursday, September 27, 2012

Show and Tell - New Collar

Hiya Furiends,

Just a quick post to show you my new collar. Apparently my old collar was getting too scratched up from my nails "of steel"!

This one has big pink diamonds on the little flowers. It must be worth ....... a billion zillion dollars!!

You may need to shield your eyes from the ferocious diamond sparkle and glare!!

I however, am needing a little pre-dinner shut eye....... 

Sorry about the lack of focus...... you know how hard it is to get good help from your peep assistants!! 

But thanks for my "blingy" collar ma.... I will wear it with pride!

Now - I need to resume my nap..... till later my furiends!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Maiden Voyage in the "PKW" - Part 2 (final)

Hiya all,

Oh how I laughed at your clever comments...... I SHOULD have made my peeps sleep in the patio.... but we all squeezed onto the double bed in the end. I have, however, caused a little ruckus ..... I have made my peeps sleep "head to toe" because of mum's claw-stra-fobia! He he he..... 

Anywho, here is the low-down of Part 2 of our hollingday..... hope you enjoy it:

Here is my first dinner - made full use of George's gift to me....did I mention it is a pop-out bowl and made of slips!

All this fresh air has boosted my appetite!

The walk-way on the beach esplanade was lovely.

We hit the beach with my black and white ball. I promised mum I wouldn't get wet and sandy.


I loved runnin' in and out of the shallows with my ball.

I enjoyed afternoon naps on my patio furniture.

Hey..... I think the neighbours are having snacks.... what should we partake in mum????

Oh yes, I am up for sharing some of what you got ma.....

Herby cream cheese on crackers......yum...... and those bits of Fritz are for me I hope??!!

(For those of you who do not know what Fritz's kinda a South Australian thing. The other states call it Devon..... but it's a processed cold meat...made out of mainly porky bits munched up! My mates Stella and Rory would know all about it!)

Don't mind if I do ma.......... I love camping!

We walked to the end of the river to watch the Sunset over the water. This lady is two vans up and she couldn't resist giving me some pats. She had just had her doggie leave for rainbow bridge so I made her a little sad.

OOoooo it's starting to look pretty!

Mum loves the lighting for her photos this time of the late afternoon.

That's me and dad the middle ...

We went onto the beach for sunset..... I thought I could improve the pictures with my presence. Can you see me??

Pretty pink fluffy clouds.

This was the last day - I had to stay dry for this beach romp....

I met more furiends on the boardwalk. Mum didn't get a shot of this ones brother who was a labrador - he jumped into the river pretty quick!! BOL!

This was me in the car....and dad dad driving us home. The PKW was following close behind.

When can we do this again...... I LOVED camping!

Except on night two when it was windy..... and there was flapping noises from the patio..... but I settled down after a bit!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Maiden Voyage in the "Peeps Kennel on Wheels" Pt 1.

Hiya all,

We finally did it!!! Yep mum, dad dad and I went on our first trip away in the Peep Kennel on Wheels (PKW) (the peeps call it a caravan) and I need to tell you all about it! This is one of the reasons I have not been around in Blogville much..... that and our not so great internuts service which can be VERY SLOW when it wants to...... and seriously interferes with me gettin' around to see you all!! :-(

This is the view out the front windscreen window of our car..... the PKW is behind us following the car closely.

For our first trip - my peeps decided on a nice powered site in a caravan park.... one that welcomes us DAWGS...... you know, the refined parks! This one is on the southern coast, not that far away, but has a lovely beach and stuff which you will see soon. Gotta do some set up because I'm not gonna be stuck on my lead tied the PKW for long!

Now this is more like it..... I'm much more comfortable now!! And I can fully snoopervise from my comfy wumfy spot here too!

Right........ van is popped up and this "patio" is now built. Phew..... it was such hard work too! I'm exhausted! ;-)

I can see everything from the "patio" including the loud and strange birdies in the bushes behind.

This is base camp for a few days. Can you see the other triangular PKW that is one van up from us?? Well that nice lady lives in the Barossa Valley.... and she had a beautiful rescue Rottweiler girl with her..... and we played together!

Mum thought you need to see another angle of our camp. This little river runs into the sea - you will see this in the picture after next.

The river snakes it's way through the caravan park.

 Here is Normanville Beach..... in the foreground is the end of the river and you can see the channel goin' out to sea.

Ahhhhh, new sights....... new smells!!! That fresh sea air!!!

Yes, I think it's time for a nice esplanade ice-cream..... I'm waiting nicely dad dad!!

Now THAT'S what I'm talkin' about..... just reach it down a bit lower ma!!

Oh see, mum made a baby schnauzer cone for me (at this stage i've already sampled dad dads)..... but mum even put a few nuts on the top so it's just like hers was!

It was good my furiends!!!! Slerps!!!!

Ice-cream done - it was time to check out the beach......

And meet some fellow campers. This here is Oscar..... he was a hoot - and his peeps have a permanent van right on the beach.... they like to holiday there whenever they can. We played on the beach and at the caravan park.

Back in the patio..... here is the peeps' patio furniture....

And here is mine..... my stuff is much more comfy. I even get to try out my PKW foodables bowl which my blogging bro' George (the Lad) sent me for my Birthday. See the pink one to my left?? 

Right...... here's me checking out the foodables cupboard.... see all those plastic baggies...... they contain my assorted treats and chews - a girl has to keep her strength up.

This PKW is very comfy...... now that it is getting dark outside.... we have left the patio and are inside. (I wonder where the peeps are gonna sleep? He He He!) I've found this excellent bed inside that makes an excellent nest! ZZzzzzz..... wake me for dinner will ya??

To be continued in Part 2.......

Tail Wuggles, Rubie xxx

Thursday, September 6, 2012

My Traumas !

Hiya all,

First of all I had to say goodbye to my Auntie Lynny a couple of days ago. That was my first trauma in the last week or so. Mum says she is gonna to go on a big flying machine in the sky and fly and fly for hours and hours........ then she will end up in the Yoouuu - Kaayyy. I am so jelly because some of my best furiends are in the Yoouuu - Kaaayy (not to mention my most special man, Dexter!) and if I went with her I could go visiting!! But mum says she would miss me too much to let me go:

I always scream with excitements to see Auntie Lynny and she always brings me a special treat to chew on....... 

I'm not normally a lap doggie - but I give Auntie Lynny special love when she comes over - we have cuddles and kisses and wrestles!

She'll come back. 

Hope she brings me something!!

My second trauma this week went like this:

See this picture...... it's Scarlet (middle), Zoe (bunny ears) and me over at Grandpaws' last Saturday. See how gorgeous we are.


Zoe specialising in "bunny ears" that day.

Well....... on Monday Scarlet, Zoe and uncie came over to my place for play day as usual.

Look at Zoe..... hey what happened to your furs?????!!

Here I am laughing at Scarlet and Zoe because they had their post-winter fur cuts!!!! Ha ha ha........ glad I DON'T HAVTA have THAT HAPPEN!!!!!


Barked TOO SOON!

Oh darn....... this is me after 87 hours on the grooming table.......

Now I havta "look happy"!!!! As IF....... after that buzzer clipper TRAUMA!! At least I got some stroppy growling and biting in when uncie was doing my furs on my head!! he he he!

The only pawsitive is...... it makes me look slimmer!!

Someone explain this to me....... FURST they cut our warm furs OFF......THEN they make us wear COATS (yuk!) so that we can be WARM........ Heeellllloooo????? Can anybody else work out the problem??? Humans!!

So yesterday we were back at Grandpaws' with our new fur-do's. Poor Zoe had her coat on. We found a rag to play tug-a-war with.

Scarlet and Zoe.

Now that they have taken our furs off...... it is windy, cold and rainy!!

Can anyone explain this to me??


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