Saturday, June 29, 2013

BOL! My...... I mean THE Great Escape!!

Hiya all,

I have a great story to share today.

The other day I was supervisin' my dad dad cuttin' down this HUGE Pine Tree from our front yard. 

Here it is almost finished:

Only a little bit of it left today.

Anywho, the doorbell rang and it was the Avon Lady bringin' my mum a whole of bag of stuffs. So you can imagine there was a LOT of woofing that needed doin, and I'm excellent at that.

Then mum shut the front door (only it didn't shut very well - and she didn't notice....I DID)

Mum went back to doin her mosaics project outside in the side garden, and dad dad was still out the front.

After a few minutes mum wondered why she could hear me barkin' and barkin' kinda a long way away and behind her..... like it came from around the corner!!?? She didn't think much of it.... and continued sticking her broken bits of tile to her concrete ball.

Then - about 5 minutes later - she had a funny feelin' ...... and decided she would look for me. She got around to dad dad and asked if he had seen me recently.... he said "no".

Then they both looked outside the fence to see me runnin' backwards and forwards outside on the footpath - lookin' mighty pleased with myself too!

See the green fence - I was on the OTHER side of it ...... BOL!!!

So then mum ran back inside to get out the front door to get me - and I was just runnin' in the front door to meet her.

You see if your peeps are CARELESS and leave the FRONT door OPENS...... a little schnauzer can get out into the big wide world all by herself. I was barkin at mum from the street outside to tell her ...."MUM YOU LEFT THE FRONT DOOR WIDE OPEN!!!!!"

It was priceless my furiends..... PRICELESS!

Shouldn't peeps be IQ tested before they get a dawg???

Just as well I KNEW where I WAS the WHOLE TIME!!

Now my furiends..... gotta get back to supervisin' the tree removal.

Stay Safe Now!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

I'm just mad about soccer!

Hi my furiends!! Is there an activity that you love to do??...... almost like an OBSESSION!!??!!

Here is ONE of mine. I'm very into balls. When my mum saw these beach balls in the shops - she wondered if I would like them. LIKE THEM????? ...... I LOVE THEM!!

Here I am ....... sending subliminal messages to my peeps ..... to come PLAY SOCCER...... play soccer...... with your most favourites dawgie!!


OOOooo my soccer ball..... I can hear stirring from the peep offices (hopefully they are not just going to get themselves another cup of coffee...... or a banana.)

YAY - Here they are!!!!!

These two steps - up from the family room - are one of the best places to be. It's a bit like being a goalie!! You gotta stop the ball from gettin' past!

You can see the joys on my furry face!!

Not getting' past me!!

Showin' my "air skills"!

Warthog is tryin' to get involved.

It looks like I'm talking to the ball - but I'm about to stop it with my furry head.

Blocked successfully! Mum is convinced that I would have made an excellent soccer player..... if only they allowed mini schnauzers!

It's also an excellent way to exercise your peeps..... I even exercised my uncie when he was here last Monday.

PeeS: This is actually my second beach ball..... my first purple one went BANG...... I may have landed on it one too many times..... but this one is going strong!

The hardest thing to do is keep your peeps focussed and motivated to kick!!

Friday, June 7, 2013

Dark Days Ahead???

Hiya Everyone - YAY for ma turning on the Big Mac Computer!!

Let me tell you the recent events.

Well - there was my ma - surfing the internuts for a table. Table??? Table.....? That seems innocent enough .... don't ya thinks!?

Very early in the mornin' - a courier delivers her new table right to our door ( and I got to Bark and Bark at him! )

So - then she starts to put it together. There is lots of bad words muttered and uttered.... and then she gives up.

Uncie to the rescue - he comes with Scarlet and Zoe on Mondays - so he helps ma put it together.

All finished ...... it has a nice non-slip surface and it spins..... and even goes up and down! There is even a hooky thing that attaches onto the edge of the table top.

We dawgs all fit on it. We even scored Liver Treats while we were standing on it.

The peeps were saying it was good for us to feel "comfortable" on this table and not to be "skeered" or "nervous"!!

Zoe keeps looking down at the table and says "Dark Days Ahead" ...... we don't know what she is on about!!

I'm confused as it is generally not encouraged for us dawgs to go and stand on a peep table.

Coz I am sure this is a perfectly respectable human peep table .... that is nothing for us DAWGS to worry about!

What could possibly go wrong????

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Zoe's "Travel Strawberry" !

Another Guest Post from my Little Cousin ZOE:

Hey there Blogvillians!! Geez - sometimes I just have to STEP IN and TAKE INITIATIVE in this Blog of Rubies. Rubies mum can get VERY UNMOTIVATED and then never switches the BIG computer on ..... thereby QUASHING Rubies ability to do her posts!

So I - ZOE -The Great - am doing a post to keep the interest up on Rubies Blog!

I want you to see my newest thingy...... dad dad went shopping on the internuts AGAIN...... and this is what I GOT! It's my Travel Strawberry. Well it's not a real Travel item - but I only got in it when it was in the car...... so it became known as the "Travel Strawberry". Cool huh?!?

RUBIE: Zoe....... whatcha doin' in there kid??

You keep that PAW to yourself Rubie!! No pressing on the Strawberry Walls!! (NB: Scarlets head complete with tongue is photobombing this shot!) 

First time Rubie saw it - she just wanted to bite the handle. (*rolling schnauzer eyes skyward*) That's me trying to stop her.

Can you say "fixated???"

Then Rubie and my big sis Scarlet just wanted to Fight it! But my Strawberry is tough! It keeps bouncing back!

RUBIE!!!!! You can't fit inside MY Strawberry!! 

Rubie: YES I CAN ZOE!! Na Na - Na Na - Na!!!!!!

Anywho - hope you enjoyed my ambush..... someone had to do it!! And I'm getting in my Strawberry more often now. It's kicking into some wintery weathers now - and my strawberry is very comfy and warm. Hopefully when my auntie sees THIS she will feel a little GUILTY about neglecting Rubies blogging abilities and LIFT HER GAME!!

Check ya later!! Signing off - ZOE. 


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