Friday, June 7, 2013

Dark Days Ahead???

Hiya Everyone - YAY for ma turning on the Big Mac Computer!!

Let me tell you the recent events.

Well - there was my ma - surfing the internuts for a table. Table??? Table.....? That seems innocent enough .... don't ya thinks!?

Very early in the mornin' - a courier delivers her new table right to our door ( and I got to Bark and Bark at him! )

So - then she starts to put it together. There is lots of bad words muttered and uttered.... and then she gives up.

Uncie to the rescue - he comes with Scarlet and Zoe on Mondays - so he helps ma put it together.

All finished ...... it has a nice non-slip surface and it spins..... and even goes up and down! There is even a hooky thing that attaches onto the edge of the table top.

We dawgs all fit on it. We even scored Liver Treats while we were standing on it.

The peeps were saying it was good for us to feel "comfortable" on this table and not to be "skeered" or "nervous"!!

Zoe keeps looking down at the table and says "Dark Days Ahead" ...... we don't know what she is on about!!

I'm confused as it is generally not encouraged for us dawgs to go and stand on a peep table.

Coz I am sure this is a perfectly respectable human peep table .... that is nothing for us DAWGS to worry about!

What could possibly go wrong????


  1. Oh no Rubie! That looks like a grooming table! Run for the hills!

    Millie & Walter

  2. Oh no Rubie, watch out!!

    Jazzi and Addi

  3. A dog sitting table?!!! hummm what could go wrong.

  4. Oh No!!! Rubie we're not sure but it does kinda look like a table for haircuts! Jump and run for your lives mates. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  5. Yep, I fear the earlier commentors have guessed correctly.
    Toodle pip!
    Bertie (living testament to the perils of the amateur hairdo).

  6. Oh, Ruby, we're sure it's just a training table for your human to get used to puppies standing on tables. In a while you'll be allowed to stand on the dinner table, we just know it!

    Puppy kisses
    Sasha & Trixie

  7. LOL we agree....hope it is not a grooming table? Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  8. Hi Rubie!
    You all look cute up on that table ... dont understand why you would be allowed on a peep table unless ... oh yes that looks like a grooming table!!
    Scarlett looks really black in that photo!
    You look like you are smiling Rubie Roo!
    Love, Licks and Hugs from your furiend Frank xxxxxx

  9. Oh Rubie - that looks very much like a table for doggy grooming :-( Love the photos of you 3 girls posing on it but I don't think it's just for taking photos...enjoy the weekend - woofs and licks from Magic xx

  10. RUBIE.... RUBIE can you hear US??? RUN... THAT is NOT a good TABLE... THIS is NOT going to turn our well at ALL. HIDE Honey... HIDE...

  11. Umm.... Rubie? That looks an awful LOT like a grooming table. I'd be worried!

  12. RUN!!!!! OMD!!! You don't's an EVIL table!!! Thingys are gonna happen to you on that table!! Your Ma is gonna steal all your FURS!!!
    RUN! RUN while you can!!!
    Oh dear...

  13. Ohhhhhhhhh, Nooooooo, not THE TABLE with a hangie post, GET OUT OF THE HOUSE NOW! stuffs gonna be done to you to make you faint!

    The Mad Scots

  14. Ohhhh noooo, Rubie...don't you know what that is?!? First you are up on the table, all four paws and fur and then, you are stripped of your furs!!! Run and hide, pllleeeeeeeaaaase!
    *Hiding under the bed*

  15. Uh oh!

    Don't like the look of that AT ALL!!!

  16. Oh my that a "grooming table"?? Well, I'd rather have my Mommy do it than a stranger. Hey wait...Mommy already DOES groom me. Maybe she needs one of those!! What this table really needs is a gigantic treat bag...THEN it might be acceptable. :)

  17. Oh ho, it's time for the Schnauzer cut! Don't worry you'll look more adorable (if that's even possible!)...


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