Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Hollingdays again! - Port Vincent Pawt 3 (finals)

Hiya again,

I just read about the accident that Puddles' mom had and now has a banged up elbow. I just want to report that I also has a stoopids mum. She was getting out her BIG bucket of grout (weighs, like a tonne) out of the garage and while holding the 20 kilogram bucket at eye level, she turned and tripped over another bucket.... and BAM ..... hit the concrete floor (covered only by thin matting) like a "sack of spuds". The whole suburb shook, my furiends! Lucky for me she seems to be mostly oks..... with complaining about bruising and pains in multiples places, mostly the left knee really. It would pay to be more careful mum!!

Anywho back to the final thrilling instalment of my Port Vincent Hollingday. Here goes:

Another day in Paradise!

I ran around on my beach in front of Base Camp - chasin' my tennis ball of course, and meetin' more locals.

Oh - and for all those cheeky comments about Ottmar being my boyfriend...... wrong! My heart belongs to another (see my sidebar). Ottmar is awesome because he is one of my kind - all schnauzery like and excellent company!

Now for an update on uncie K's fishing on our trip:

Here I am providing moral support and checking out his fishing "bucket"

While the fishing was underway, we went on a short town walk along the esplanade - see me in front

It was such a nice walkway with cool solar lights alongside.

Back to the jetty to check on the fishing!

Here is uncie K sitting on the edge of the jetty and flinging me his fish. "Check that out Rubie!" He says.

What the HECK is that!!?????

YIKES!!!! It's ALIVE and FLIPPIN' all over the place!! This is an action shot of me tryin' to get close enough to paw it..... with my paws of DOOM!!

Now I know what you are thinkin'...... it's a little small huh? Well yes this fish is called a "Tommy Ruff" and this is full grown size. They are small but very yummy - uncie K and auntie B had to clean and fillet about 30 of them for our din dins the next day. They don't like that part of fishing.

The next day auntie B wanted us to eat the little fishys. This is the town beachside BBQ and shelter in front of the pristine swimming beach. We BBQ'd the little fish with butter and garlic on baking papers!

The peeps also bought hot chippies from the Kiosk next to the Shelter. Afterwards there was ice-cream in cones too.

Those Tommy Ruffs were Lip Smackin' GOOD my furiends!! You were so right Goose - fishing is GOOD!!!

So my furiends, that was another report on Hollingdays in the PKW. Hope you enjoyed it!

Now we must plan the next one.

Friday, March 15, 2013

PIP and PUDDLES - You Dawgs ROCK!!!!

It's a special day alright.

We critters in Blogville want to dedicate the WHOLE of this DAY, 15th March 2013 - to the APPRECIATION of our good furiends Pip and Puddles.

Pip has been proclaimed "The Blogville KING of CHEESEBURGERS", and Puddles has been proclaimed "The Blogville QUEEN of MERRIMENT and MAYHEM".

You TWO ROCK the WORLD....... your bloggies are AWESOME and your assistants do a great job too. You are WONDERFUL furiends and make us LAFF and CRY and WHINE and WHIMPER all at the same time...... and at different times too.

My Mum and I LOVE LOVE LOVE you BOTH......

I have switched the comments OFF this post because all of my readers will only AGREE with how GREAT YOU TWO are. So readers, have a rest then use the time to race around the other bloggies giving WORLDWIDE TRIBUTES to PIP and PUDDLES!!

Be Good Everyone, Tail Wuggles, Rubie xxx

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Hollingdays again! Port Vincent Pawt Two!

Hi all,

Before I give you another Pawt in my Hollingsdays report.... I wish to say that my MUM is REALLY SORRY that she has not been switching on the Big Computer much..... so I have MISSED so much COOL STUFFS on all your Bloggies. She has loads of EXCUSES...... but we can all come up with some of those..... can't we mum!! So I am going to make sure she gets back on track soon  xxx

Back to our week at Port Vincent:

I got to share the beach shelter with mum while she read some mags.

We romped on the beach - where I met lots of furiends.... this one is "Bertie" (not our Scottish Bertie) but another one.

Nothing better than chasing ones tennis balls into the shallow pools...

See what I mean! This is a watery skid to a halt!

If you look carefully into the waters..... you can see cool things too:

Little baby crabs

Here I am resting after the beach and guarding our Base Camp at the same time..... the grass was lovely!

Remember when I told you I met a special furiend??? Well here he is - his name is Ottmar (his peeps call him Ottie) and we got along real well. Ottie's peeps were caravanning here too - his dad was very good at fishing..... and gave my peeps some yummers fish for their dinner. That was real nice of him xxx

Ottie smiled for mum's flashy box!

We shared our experiences of the day.... compared notes

Then we did some schnauzer guarding of camp together! I so enjoyed our time together Ottie. If your ma is reading this - my mum would love to hear from her on my email: rubie(dot)schnauzer(at)me(dot)com (she has something to run past her)

Another end to a lovely day - we love the lighting this time of the early evening..... even mum can take a cracker picture!

See - pretty huh!?!

Stay tuned for the final pawt of my Hollingdays report..... I'll show you what was on the end of uncie K's line!!

Before signing off this post - I wanted to say "Hi" to Reilly and Dennys mom from cowspotdog.blogspot.com - she is from Adelaide Australia and has been to Port Vincent too. Mum and I wish to send you big hugs and will try and include lots of area pics for you  - to help with the homesickies etc!!

Bye for now!!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Hollingdays again! - Port Vincent Part 1

Last week my peeps got the PKW (Peep Kennel on Wheels - also known as a caravan) all packed up and put me in the car with them. We drove for about an hour and I started to get my ol' queeezzy back again.... so I threw up in the back. It gave mum something to do... he he he.

Anywho - another two hours after that - we got to this little seaside town..... and set up camp.

Here is Base Camp for the week. Note we are right on the beach - really cool!

This is the view round the other side of the PKW.

Right next to our PKW we had a "Fish Cleaning Shed" - and all these birds would hang around when any peeps went in there. Even these HUGE funny lookin' birds!

I decided to try out the beach myself..... and givin' my dad dad a bit of a run too. 

When I had enough of that - I took my ball and went back to Base Camp to see what the dinner plans were!

These are some of the peeps we went with. A bit embarrassing I know....... I didn't know why they were diggin' at the beach - aren't we dawgs supposed to do that!!??!! They were diggin' for somethin' to put on the end of a fishin' line. Beats me. 

This is a shot of me takin' my dad dad for a stroll around the Caravan Park. This park had lots of PKW's and boats.... but the best part was there were lots of us dawgs livin' there too.

I met so many furiends..... it was exhaustin' keeping up the social stuff. You will see one special furiend later.

Near my camp there was this cool "rocky jetty" and sometimes there were peeps there with their fishing poles and buckets.

There were peeps in their boats too.

I must find out what this peep activity called "fishing" is all about.... because my uncie K has his fishing stuff with him and he wants to do some. The sun is gettin' low and we have to check on him.

Here he is - see the head and the hat - he's sitting on the steps "fishing".

These steps smell good - gotta try not to get my lead string caught up with uncie K's line. He may not like that.

I'll help you uncie K......!!     H-e-r-e........ fishy fishy fishy!!!!!

We tried for a long time to do some fishin'.

Uncie K says...... "no luck tonight".

Just to prove how "knackered" I was at the end of each day - this is me straight after the door of the PKW was opened after dinner. I could not wait to close my eyes!!

Stay tuned for more!


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