Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Hollingdays again! - Port Vincent Pawt 3 (finals)

Hiya again,

I just read about the accident that Puddles' mom had and now has a banged up elbow. I just want to report that I also has a stoopids mum. She was getting out her BIG bucket of grout (weighs, like a tonne) out of the garage and while holding the 20 kilogram bucket at eye level, she turned and tripped over another bucket.... and BAM ..... hit the concrete floor (covered only by thin matting) like a "sack of spuds". The whole suburb shook, my furiends! Lucky for me she seems to be mostly oks..... with complaining about bruising and pains in multiples places, mostly the left knee really. It would pay to be more careful mum!!

Anywho back to the final thrilling instalment of my Port Vincent Hollingday. Here goes:

Another day in Paradise!

I ran around on my beach in front of Base Camp - chasin' my tennis ball of course, and meetin' more locals.

Oh - and for all those cheeky comments about Ottmar being my boyfriend...... wrong! My heart belongs to another (see my sidebar). Ottmar is awesome because he is one of my kind - all schnauzery like and excellent company!

Now for an update on uncie K's fishing on our trip:

Here I am providing moral support and checking out his fishing "bucket"

While the fishing was underway, we went on a short town walk along the esplanade - see me in front

It was such a nice walkway with cool solar lights alongside.

Back to the jetty to check on the fishing!

Here is uncie K sitting on the edge of the jetty and flinging me his fish. "Check that out Rubie!" He says.

What the HECK is that!!?????

YIKES!!!! It's ALIVE and FLIPPIN' all over the place!! This is an action shot of me tryin' to get close enough to paw it..... with my paws of DOOM!!

Now I know what you are thinkin'...... it's a little small huh? Well yes this fish is called a "Tommy Ruff" and this is full grown size. They are small but very yummy - uncie K and auntie B had to clean and fillet about 30 of them for our din dins the next day. They don't like that part of fishing.

The next day auntie B wanted us to eat the little fishys. This is the town beachside BBQ and shelter in front of the pristine swimming beach. We BBQ'd the little fish with butter and garlic on baking papers!

The peeps also bought hot chippies from the Kiosk next to the Shelter. Afterwards there was ice-cream in cones too.

Those Tommy Ruffs were Lip Smackin' GOOD my furiends!! You were so right Goose - fishing is GOOD!!!

So my furiends, that was another report on Hollingdays in the PKW. Hope you enjoyed it!

Now we must plan the next one.


  1. Sorry bout your Mama's ouches, but WOW what a trip! Who says fishing only is for kitties? Clearly, it no is.


  2. Poor momma, thank goodness you didn't break her fall, you would have been squished
    Benny & Lily

  3. Oh yummy yummy. I love fish. And I told you fishing is Great!!! What a wonderful time you had Rubie. If ya ever need a fishing partner I'm your dog.

  4. That sounds so yummy, what a cool place to visit. I can almost taste those fishy things right now. I hope your Mom is ok, my Mom does stuff like that all the time. We have to keep an eye on these Mommies.

    Loveys Sasha

  5. Yep Rubie keep and eye on mum. Wow what a cool visit.
    Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  6. Glad your mum didn't too banged up.

    That's a wonderful place to run around. We're really jealous.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  7. Oh oh...moms falling down is never a good thing....the first day I came home (all those centuries ago) mom was going up the stairs and heard me whimper..she turned to see why and fell down the stairs...dislocated her shoulder..what was bad is we were moving to Nebraska that day too and mom had to drive 8 hours with a very sore shoulder. (Oh..she popped it back in place herself) we must say that was one excellent holiday you had....hope you mom feel better

  8. Fishies, chips, ice cream!!! Sounds like a great holiday!!

    I hope your mom isn't too banged up! Ouch!

    Your pal, Pip

  9. OH your poor mum. So sorry that she had a bad fall. OMD you got to eat FRESH CAUGHT Fish? THAT must have been heavenly. You really did have a wonderful vacation in the PKW. Now where will you go the next time? It will be hard to beat this lovely place.

  10. What a grreat time! It sure is hard keeping our humans intact, isn't it? Such silly little creatures.

  11. Poor Mom, hope she heals up. Wonderful Holiday Rubie, sure wish we could have been ther to run on that beach and try the good looking fish!

    Your Pals
    The Mad Scots

  12. Hi Rubes there were reports on the news of minor tremors in your area must have been mums fall!!

  13. Hi Rubie, Take care of your Mum! She is counting on you to make sure she gets better. Have a great vacation - but remember, Mum is first.
    Wuff, Henry

  14. Rubie you are so lucky to have a great adventure with your family, I'm sure you really had a great time with them.
    Puppy Bond | Frontline Flea Control

  15. What a great trip that was! We loved seeing you with the little fishie. They really can move around quickly. Good thing you were not too scared. I don't think we'd like to clean 30 of them either. Phew, that's a lot of work fur sure.

    Hope your Mom is feeling much better. Ouch!

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  16. Oh Rubie you went on a lovely holiday. The beach looks so expansive and beautiful. I like my fish cooked. Thanks for stopping by my blog today. Happy Easter Rubie
    Sweet William The Scot

  17. Hi Rubie Roo! I'm sorry I have missed so many of your wonderful adventures but Blogger had somehow decided to delete you from my reading list along with my other Furiends like Finn, Shawnee and Benny and Lily! I was not a Happy pupp but I'm reading my way back through what I have missed and I love your new Holiday adventure in the PKW to such a fun place, you with that flapping fish is just hysterical and I'm super glad you enjoyed the local cuisine, it looks like you had an amazing time and I'm excited to see the next one! Love, Licks and Hugs from your momentary absent Furiend Frank XxxxX

  18. Oh, so that's how you do it. LOL. I wonder if your mom dreads the half-leg-baths like how hard it is to give you doggies a full bath. I always worry myself when Chooey and Buchi get their little legs dirty.

    P.S. No more huggies and cheese from now on.


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