Monday, April 30, 2012


Hiya all,

FINALLY my Birthday Event is HERE!!!! We have LOVED all your pawticipation and pictures to CELEBRATE MY 2ND BIRTHDAY............

The 9 drawings for my COOL BIRTHDAY PRESENTS will be held on my Birthday, 2nd May. We'll post the lucky winners shortly afterwards.

Thanks again....... Tail Wuggles, Rubie xxx ooo xxx

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Photo Scavenger Hunt - April


Mum's doin' her Scavenger Hunt again - against all odds because we have been super busy this month with my stay at uncle "boot-camp" because my peeps abandoned me so they could drive 1000km away to visit friends in another state. Plus we are busy with my Birthday event - Pawtners N' Pals as well.

So we will be brief and to the point:

Hosted by the blog postcards from the P.P 

Mum says her "wine matched" 3 course lunch at Brown Brothers Winery, Milawa, Victoria was AMAZING (especially the beef eye fillet) 

CHOCOLATE ...... I can't help her eating this..... bummer... but she is nuts for it (***especially Lindt White***)

On their drive home to come and collect me from uncie "boot-camp" - they followed the direction to Adelaide.

This is me and my "in/out" doggie door - made for me by my dad dad. This allows me complete freedom!

Mum says a good coffee is a regular required indulgence..... hey -  good propping mum! She says this is the first coffee she had on her short holiday in Bright.

Hey we have funny cows here in Australia!!! Here is a jelly bean one in Shepparton, Victoria. It's part of a "mooo-ving art display".

This is a picture taken in the car on my peeps' big drive. They were on the move for sure.

This is me sitting on a big rock at our local Cove. I was admirin' the view.

Mum says I have the best smile!

One of our Spring flowering bulbs pictured last Spring. (It's Autumn here in Australia)

Glue, honey and sticky tape.....all sticky. I'm tryin' to get to the honey.

Me in a Tangle of Tinsel.

So there it is...... 6 / 12 for mum this month (I score her on the number of her photos that include ME!) Which is barely a pass, Ma - so you better lift your game for next month.

Changing subjects - last call for Pawtners N' Pals entries to my Birthday Event. Go to my 14/4/12 post for details...... there are GREAT pictures already received - there are only a matter of hours before closing.....there are only 3.5 hours left in Australia...and I'm accepting pictures till about 3 or 4pm tomorrow 30th April) to account for the other side of the world being behind in time. So hop to it...... great Birthday presents on offer!!

Bye for Now, Tail Wuggles, Rubie xxx

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Not long now....Pawtners n' Pals ending soon!

Hiya all,

Just a quick reminder.... my Birthday Event Pawtners n' Pals closes soon.....Sunday the 29th April to be exact.

Hmmmmm, it's a good likeness don't you think???

I just want to make sure that I have actually received the pictures you guys have already sent know how emails and compuuuuters can be!! I have sent a brief email reply to each peep or furiend that have entered so far..... so if you have not heard from me...I haven't seen your entry. So please resend.

For those of you who want to enter and help me celebrate my Second Birthday....GET YOUR SKATES ON!!!! All details of how and why are on my post from two posts ago.

Don't hesitate - there are some presents which don't have many nominate as many as you like (no one will know...just between you and me...right!!?)

PeeS: All Pics will start to join my PAWTY SOON!! 

Tail Wuggles, Rubie

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Reminder - Pawtners N' Pals Birthday Event

Hiya all,

I've had some GREAT photos sent to me for my Birthday Event "Pawtners N' Pals"! 

I've been impressed by the creativity you have all shown - my dear Blogville furiends!

But, I have to be fair and say...... IMMEDIATE family members cannot enter! 

(That's YOU Scarlet and Zoe)(*rolling eyes skyward*)

They first tried to enter this photo - because they said there is a big "likeness" between them. (We in fact, call Zoe Scarlet's MINI ME)

Then they decided to get cute........and so a photo shoot was done..

Zoe went first...... showin' how great she is......

But that didn't LAST LONG!!

Then Scarlet wanted to pictured with the little furry PAL......

And then she gave her auntie (my mum) a super cute look to the flashy box..........awwwww!

They'll do ANYTHINGY to try and enter!!

But sorry cousins, you cannot enter. Lucky mum gave you consolation prizes of hugs, kisses, milk bones, dried fish and liver treats!!

NOW for EVERYONE ELSE...... get creative and get entering your pictures. You have until the 29th April - but don't leave it to the last know how PEEPS love to Pro-kras-tin-ate!!

Remember to tell me which of the NINE PRESENTS you want to be entered into the draw for. You can nominate more than one and increase your chances of winning....!!

Go to the post before this one to choose your present/s and get the email address to send your picture and present choice to.

I look forward to seeing your picture and we will display them proudly on my special Birthday Posts that will start Next Week.

Tail Wuggles, Rubie xxx

Saturday, April 14, 2012

** BIRTHDAY EVENT ** - Pawtners n' Pals (!)

OOOoooo HOW EXCITING everyone!!!!! I'm gonna be 2 soon, in fact, it's the 2nd May to be exact....

So to mark this great event...... YOU can join in the FUN and the Birthday PRESENTS!!!!!!!

My Birthday Event is called: PAWTNERS N' PALS and it goes like this. Get your PEEP to take a photo of you WITH your LIKENESS .... whether that be a stuffie, an ornament, a door stop, or even a key ring thingy - whatever!!!  If you don't have any thingy that looks like you - get your peep to draw a picture of you.... lets see their creative side, and be photographed with it!!!! See EASY!!! Here is some INSPIRATION for you!!


Hey - then you need to send ONE (per pet) picture to mum and I - email dita(dot)hall(at)internode(dot)on(dot)net and we will enter you in our Birthday Giveaway!! Please note - this Giveaway is only open to FOLLOWERS of my BLOG - so sign up quick if you haven't already!!

So what can you win for my Birthday.....???????

Well - mum and I have been SHOPPING.... and we bought some great stuffs. There are NINE GREAT PRESENTS in all. You can nominate which presents you are interested in, and then we will do a POT LUCK DRAW with the names in a bowl!!!! We will do the Present Draw on my Birthday, the 2nd of May!!!

The cut off day for your GREAT PAWTNERS N' PALS pictures is SUNDAY THE 29TH APRIL - but please don't leave it to the last minute......get PLANNING AND PICTURING AS SOON as YOU CAN!! Remember to nominate which presents you are interested in when you send your picture......just provide the corresponding number/s ...... so no sending until you have SEEN the PRESENTS!!

Without further ado - Here are the GOODIES:

Present 1
Squeaky "boredom buster" Purple Rhino.

Present 2
 (These are my favourite thing!) Kong AirDog Squeak Balls Pk3 - NB: You need to be a mini schnauzer or SMALLER in size for these - you don't want to get these stuck in your throat!!

Present 3
Squeaky "boredom buster" black and white cow.

Present 4
Velour fancy Cat collar.

Present 5
Medium sized squeaky stuffie - think it's supposed to be an Echidna. (oooo I wanted to play with this soooo much!!!)

Present 6
Jumbo Pen for your Peep - they can write your treat list for shopping with this one - and they won't LOSE it either!

Present 7
Pet Chamois - Note how I am standing well back from the Bath Product. Well we all hate em' but AFTER your bath this will get you super DRY in no time!!

Present 8
Gorgeous BLING to clip on your collar - if you are so inclined!!

Present 9
Squeaky "boredom buster" Orange Bull.

We will start displaying YOUR PICTURES as soon as we can!!!

So get NAGGING your PEEP to help you with your GREAT PICTURE!!! You won't be SORRY!!

Tail Wuggles, RUBIE xxx ooo xxx

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter ( it WAS!)

We went to Grandpaws' place for Easter Sunday. We met my Auntie and Uncie, along with Scarlet and Zoe there.

Me, Scarlet and Zoe - admiring the Easter Table Setting.

If you look close - you can see OUR doggie "easter egg cookies" mum made special for us given we cannot eat chocolate ones. They are this side of centre in little cello bags with gold ribbons. They are "chicken satay with seeds" flavour.

Mum and auntie prepared lunch - they had creamy potato bake, roast pumpkin, roast pork and gravy, duck confit with sour cherry sauce and buttered parsley carrots. It's smelled so yummers!!!

My eyes were firmly on that duck and pork!!!

After peep lunch, and our sampling, we each got a doggie "easter egg" - mum made them all pretty with stickers and stuff.

ZOE:    OOOoooooo peel the eggies auntie!!!!!!!! Quick!

So mum peeled them - one by one (far too slowly for our liking) - and we each got a whole easter egg to nom.

I woofed mine down.

Zoe Zoes was next.

And then Scarlet got hers - see how dainty she takes her pieces. Not like me - mum has to be careful she doesn't lose a finger with my technique!!

All of a sudden - uncie, mum and I went outside - and I suddenly got nervous because there was grooming equipments set up.

So I got my hairs trimmed    :-( 

Mum says I really needed it because I couldn't see through my eyebrows anymore. What would she know!!

I got to play at "half time" with my cousins to blow off some pent up "steam" from standin' on the groomin' table.

See my face not done yet - and my peeps think the "tassle" on the end of my tail is "CUTE" - I pointed to the breed grooming expectation of a mini schnauzer and there is nothing like this goin' on!! My mate Magic's mum will tell ya! It's sooo hard to get good help.

ZOE: Hurry up with your hair cut Rubie - I am waiting for sweets to be served!!! 

The peeps had their sweets (white chocolate and passionfruit mousse) served inside chocolate eggs!!! You can get the full recipe from mum's personal blog (link in my sidebar) - it will go up shortly.

Us doggies had some chicken satay egg cookies - sorry mum was too occupied doin' dishes and stuff to get the pics. Dad dad gave them to us.

When I got home - I just wanted to snooze on my couch with my new Chicken easter Stuffie. 

I just want to say - even with the hair-cut - that was a great day, and I hope your Easter was as Happy as MINE was!!!!! (minus the grooming bit of course!)

Tail Wuggles, Rubie xxx ooo xxx

Friday, April 6, 2012

Get Ready - Easter is almost HERE!

Hiya all,

I participated in this Easter themed photo shoot because I did not see any novelty bunny ears amongst the props mum collected. I thought I was safe.

Oh how WRONG I was. (*sigh*)

This photo shoot is goin' to cost you a bucket load of Liver Treats mum ....... Just sayin'!

Yes - I can keep my "ears" on while lying down...

Ooooooo...... you say I can't have any of the chocolate stuffs, but the chicken stuffie is ALL MINE !!!! Woo Hooo !!! 

Ah Ha!!! The catch is I can't have it till SUNDAY??!! Story of my day ma!!! (*Humph*)

Hey DAD DAD !!!!!! Save ME!!! Surely ma had a BAZILLION photos of me already!!! It's time for my walk isn't it!!!!!!!!!

NOW THIS is what I think of Novelty Bunny Ears......and ma.... I'm a SCHNAUZER, that's a dog, NOT a Bunny Rabbit!!!!

We are going to Grandpaws' for Easter on Sunday - and there are going to be treats on offer for Scarlet , Zoe and me. I can't wait. I'll post the pictures.

Have a GREAT EASTER everyone !!!!!!!!

PeeS: I want to send a special HAPPY EASTER to my beautiful peep relatives in Sweden - they'll be readin' this post!!!! xxxx ooooo xxxx


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