Sunday, April 29, 2012

Photo Scavenger Hunt - April


Mum's doin' her Scavenger Hunt again - against all odds because we have been super busy this month with my stay at uncle "boot-camp" because my peeps abandoned me so they could drive 1000km away to visit friends in another state. Plus we are busy with my Birthday event - Pawtners N' Pals as well.

So we will be brief and to the point:

Hosted by the blog postcards from the P.P 

Mum says her "wine matched" 3 course lunch at Brown Brothers Winery, Milawa, Victoria was AMAZING (especially the beef eye fillet) 

CHOCOLATE ...... I can't help her eating this..... bummer... but she is nuts for it (***especially Lindt White***)

On their drive home to come and collect me from uncie "boot-camp" - they followed the direction to Adelaide.

This is me and my "in/out" doggie door - made for me by my dad dad. This allows me complete freedom!

Mum says a good coffee is a regular required indulgence..... hey -  good propping mum! She says this is the first coffee she had on her short holiday in Bright.

Hey we have funny cows here in Australia!!! Here is a jelly bean one in Shepparton, Victoria. It's part of a "mooo-ving art display".

This is a picture taken in the car on my peeps' big drive. They were on the move for sure.

This is me sitting on a big rock at our local Cove. I was admirin' the view.

Mum says I have the best smile!

One of our Spring flowering bulbs pictured last Spring. (It's Autumn here in Australia)

Glue, honey and sticky tape.....all sticky. I'm tryin' to get to the honey.

Me in a Tangle of Tinsel.

So there it is...... 6 / 12 for mum this month (I score her on the number of her photos that include ME!) Which is barely a pass, Ma - so you better lift your game for next month.

Changing subjects - last call for Pawtners N' Pals entries to my Birthday Event. Go to my 14/4/12 post for details...... there are GREAT pictures already received - there are only a matter of hours before closing.....there are only 3.5 hours left in Australia...and I'm accepting pictures till about 3 or 4pm tomorrow 30th April) to account for the other side of the world being behind in time. So hop to it...... great Birthday presents on offer!!

Bye for Now, Tail Wuggles, Rubie xxx


  1. great pics Rubie. I enjoyed them all and yes, you do have a great Smile!!


  2. Great photos! Boy your Momma's three course lunch at the winery sure looks yummy!!

  3. I am amazed... I think your mum did an A+ job.

    WOW... your Dad made an in and out door fur you. THAT is really Grrrreat.

    I am so very much excited about your Pawtners/Pals Birfday thingy. I can NOT wait to see ALL of the entries.. Some have posted theirs. Jazzi and Shasta and Shiloh have theirs up and they are AMAZING. THIS is gonna be a TOTAL BLAST fur SURE.

  4. Great job, Rubie and Mum! We love your pretty smile best of all AND the yummy lunch bowl...BOL.

    We just sent in our Partners and Pals Pics. Hope we are not too late. Did we tell you that we love Air Dog squeaky balls! Happiest of Barkdays, Rubie!

    Wyatt and Stanzie

  5. SHE loves Brown Brothers! We were a bit worried when we saw several pictures WITHOUT you, but 6 isn't a bad score.

    Hope you're making them feel guilty about sending you to boot camp--even if you did have a good time.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella &Roxy

  6. You're mom did a great job!
    Dachshund Nola

  7. Your mom is very artistic and such a beautiful photographer, Great photography keep up the good work and I love chasing the colorful cow on the park :D

    Dog Shock Collar | Puppy & Human Bond

  8. Oh wow, I love scavenger hunts! I have nearly found them all! Oh what great photos Rubie! I loved them all especially the multi-coloured cow!! I really love your shnauzer smile, you are gorgeous! Lots of love and licks from your friend Frank xxxxxxxxx

  9. hi Rubie – we love your Scavenger Hunt posts because the pictures are always so interesting. And do you know – my humans actually saw a cow statue almost exactly like that one in Avignon! Must have been it's French cousin! :-)

    Honey the great Dane

  10. hey therrr rubie, dis photo-skavengirr-hunt fing iz sutch a funn and gratte eye-deea, cann anywun takey parrt!?! I fink it wood be sumthin ma mummer wood enjoy to do lots n lots! YEAH eetz troo! Posie dorgi xox


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