Sunday, May 10, 2015

Pupdate and Hollingday Pix (Moonta Bay) Pawt 2

Hiya all,

Thanks and big licks to all my furiends who left beautiful messages to get better soon ... I did and I have! Turns out it must have just been a soft tissue injury and after my course of anti-inflammatories I was all better. My V-E-T was very pleased with my blood results and basically I'm a healthy pup all round.

Now for the funs part of my post ... Hollingday pix:

This here was a fairly common scene at the end of most days while hollingdaying at the beach at Moonta Bay. I had so much stuff to do.

Firstly there are many "walks" which are basically me runnin' about like a mad thing on the beach while chasing my tennis ball. See the look here sayin' "throw it, throw it, throw it!!!!!"

Rock pools and under jetty to explore ...

Gettin' wet ...

Swimmin' ..... love swimmin'!!

Even boats to check out on the beach ...

Then there are the dawgs to meet - this is Buddy - we had a blast together ...

So I took him back to the caravan pawk and introduced him to "Scooter" my friend.

Scooter lived one van away from us at Moonta. See her van is the big one at the very left of picture. Ours is the one with the 3 window domes and the solar panel.

When Scooter wasn't "fishing"  (looking for little fish in the shallows) she loved playing "get Rubie's ball" on the beach

She loved it so much she brought the ball back and shouted at the peeps to throw it again!! First to my dad dad,

Then to her mum Auntie Kath. Look - she even threw in some "crazy eyes" !!

We had some great times alright !!

Played until we were "knackered!!"

Knackered and a little sandy lol!!!!

(safe bet there will be a warm rinse off for me!)

The worst thing was when mum went over to Auntie Kath and Uncle Barry's van chatting and stuff - and then mum would grab Scooter and it would be all "love fest lovey dovey time"! 

Mum can't help herself. Auntie Kath was such a nice lady but she sounded funny - she talked different and she said she comes from Detroit U.S.A. !! She married an Aussie (who loves to fish) and they now caravan a lot. They live in Queensland and often travel to South Australia in Jan/Feb to enjoy our caravan parks and our fishing. Nice life huh?! Mum and I send big licks and hugs - and hope very much to see you again!!

So as you see a pup needs her rest while on hollingdays ... there is just so much to do!!

Next post I'll show you more of Moonta and Moonta Bay - I know Reilly and Denny's mum always gets a kick out of seeing towns she  is familiar with ... so a little tour is coming your way!!

Bye for now.... Rubie xxx

Monday, May 4, 2015

5th Birthday and my injury!!

Hiya all,

I know you were expectin' another post about my hollingday ... but my Birthday kinda came up in the meantime.

I also managed to somehow injure myself a couple of days earlier. 

Saturday I turned 5 and we also had an "open inspection" of our house so mum planned to make me "Birthday Burgers" for dinner. Get a load of these!!!

Aren't they a "work of art" !!! Drool worthy!

Let me at em' mum!! (Even though I'm in pain)

OMD you are a GREAT CHEF mum!!

I ate every last crumb and all the tomato too.

**** SOOOOOooooooo Goooooooood ***

Now for my medical update ... I'll pass you onto ma for the info...


Hi - Rubie's mum here. Rubie started showing signs that something was a little wrong last Tues/Wed. She was having trouble bending her head down to retrieve food from the floor. (That's why her Birthday Burgers were served on our step) She also stopped going up and down our steps, stopped jumping on the couch/chairs/bed and when she did use the steps she walked them (instead of bounding) and gave little under breath grunts at the same time. We assumed she had pulled a muscle or strained something and was watching her over a few days (while lifting her a lot) to see if she was getting worse or better. We got her to the V-E-T this morning and he gave her a good exam and also concluded that she may have a soft tissue strain in the neck, shoulders or spine. Just to be sure he has taken her blood and will do a number of tests to check she is healthy. Some auto-immune disorders can present with these types of symptoms too. So she has tablet anti-inflammatories for the next four days and has been told to have gentle exercise only. We will get the outcome of her blood work tomorrow - and hope that it is all clear.


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