Saturday, July 30, 2011

COOKIE TIME: Chicken and Chia Cookies

Remember when mum ordered some cookie cutters from the USA through ebay? Well she FINALLY tried em' we are sharing our secret:

Hmmmmmm......... Chicken and Chia cookies!

First you get your mum to steam some boneless chicken (in our case it's thighs) and allow to cool. In a food processor you munch them till real real fine.


Then you help your mum with the clean up of any rogue bits of chicken left on the edge of the bench. I'm on my real tippy toes here!

Any leftover munched chicken can be frozen for more cookies at another time. We put about 1 1/4 cups of munched chicken into a big bowl.

Then mum munched 1/2 cup of bran till fairly munched.

Then she added 1/2 cup of wholemeal flour to the bowl.

The red things are dried Goji berries (this gave sweetness without direct sugar - but if you don't have gojis - you could use dried fruit of choice) and we munched these in the processor - they were about 1/3 cup. Then add a good heaped tablespoon of Chia seeds direct to the big bowl.

Mum grated a medium carrot and added it to the bowl. It almost came to a cup.

Mum then cracked in one egg ...... are you gettin' all this furends????

It was starting to smell good.

Mum made up a 50/50 solution of skim milk and water - and after combining the stuff in the bowl - found she only needed about half of it to make the mixture come together.

It is fairly sticky - so we ended up using more wholemeal flour and was generous with it on the bench. Spread out the dough and flatten it with your palms. Don't help here furends - fur will impede progress.

Pass your mum the cookie cutters you want. I pawed over the bone cutter.

Put little bones on lined trays and bake in oven at 180-190 degrees for about 35 min.

See - here they are baked and we are puttin' them on racks to cool. See - I pawed over my giant doggie paw cutter and she made me one to avoid an argument!

TASTE TEST TIME!!!! See - I know my "leave it" command!

Nom nom nom nom..........YUMMERS!!

Another one???????? Pawlease!!!!!!

She's such a pushover........... I gotta say........these get my stamp of approval! (Is that a cookie crumb on my nose??)

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Photo Scavenger Hunt - July

As you are aware, the blog Postcards from the P.P. run a list of stuff that we can photograph every month. My mum had so much fun last month, that she continues:

Let's see how she goes this month.

Remember - I score her on how many of the pics contain ME!! (coz it's my blog afterall!!) Here we go, over to you mum!!

Look at me having to hold it all professional like!

Dad found this in his Dad's shed when we cleared it out - it's OLD - and started to deteriorate as we put it together - I don't reckon it could fly!

My first Birthday Pawty was a great Celebration.... mum is gettin' fancy with the effects - but the hats were REAL!

Some fields were at the boundary of the B&B acreage, but it was early winter so nothing had started to grow in them.

Mum had to blow the dust off these - it's winter here you know.

Fried ice-cream ball - from a Thai restaurant I was not invited to (*humpf*)

My Australia Day bandana sports the right colours here.

Some shells picked up by my peeps from ALL round Australia (another legacy of their motorhome trip) dad would like to point out that the BIGGEST one (closest to me) was found by HIM!

SOMETHING THAT MAKES ME HAPPY (not a person or animal)
Going to the BEACH makes both mum and I happy!

HEY! How did these glow-in-the-dark stars get on our black bathroom tiles????

Mum would like to point out that Strawberries are not in season here at the mo, but she has two beautiful english bowls with strawberries ON them. (I want to know why there is no FOODABLES in the bowl for me!)

Me lyin' under one of my fav blankies.......just happens to have stripes!

So there you have it....... and mum's score is.....**drumroll**......

11 out of 12

She lost a point for not having me in one photo - and it was probably the one photo I would have LOVED to be a part of (!) - preferably with my mouth around that ice-cream ball!!!

Hope you enjoyed that.....bye from mum and me!!!

Monday, July 25, 2011

A typical day in my life.

Our nice sunny weather is continuing (even though it's cold) and I wanted to show you our local park when it's nice and green:

We have had some healthy rain..... and my park has really appreciated it!

That's me on my way home.

Mum and I are now in our front garden.... and I am patrolling my street from ONE of my vantage points.

OOOoooo.... I see something - a person trying to walk on the other street (they didn't get my prior permission to do that!) ..... better WOOF real loud at that!! Can you see I am being looked at from under that fence??

That's a visiting doggie across the street, and he is looking at the spectacle I make of myself when I bark very loudly!!

See - you can kinda see my mouth in mid "Big-girl" much so that my voice echoes through my ravine and all around the neighbourhood!! Mum is not pleased with me and is trying to get me to stop. As if!!!! I stop for NO PEEP! After all, I have a job to do, and that is to ward off any potential threat to my peace and property!

To distract me from my surveillance activities....mum points out a little bee on some of our flowers....

Then she PROUDLY points out how many flower spikes her orchid has!!

When they start to open, she brings em' inside so we have fresh flowers for weeks in the house.

Ah well, to the office we go - ma says I have a blog post to do......after a little relaxin' - I get to the computer - and write you this!!

Have a great day everyone!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

The beach in WINTER!

Hi everybody!

It was such a nice winters day here in Adelaide, bright and sunny and no wind! It was forecast to be 14 degrees C (57F) and my pawrents thought it might be good to visit the close beach to our place.

After a short car ride - we pull up to this nice area and I get let out.

We go down one path to "the beach" - see me out in front. In case you were wondering - yes this is a rocky beach and rocky cove. We have loads of sandy beaches elsewhere, of course.

Then we go up again and along the nice walkway to another beach/cove.

Some peeps were out in their boat catchin' tonights feed.......uuummmmm!

And now I get to go down these steps...... take note George!

Mum takes a photo of this birdie who was chillin' by the waters edge - she thinks it's called a spoonbill because of the shape of the end of its beak. It gets round like a teaspoon! You may need to biggify the pic to see.

Toddling over the sand.

Scaling the big rocks.

I wonder where the nice rock pools are???

I think we are close to them here!

OOOoo I can see the waters!!

Mum wonders why I'm  jumpin' in and gettin' all excited and soggy in the freezings water..... when I don't seem to do that in the hot hot summer!!??

 (I like to keep her guessing) ;-)

See my skinny legs and wet tummy and woozle. What a refreshing blast!!

I was tuckered out when I got back in the car.....and you guessed it....I had to have a bath when I got home! The price we pay for some fun!!


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