Saturday, July 30, 2011

COOKIE TIME: Chicken and Chia Cookies

Remember when mum ordered some cookie cutters from the USA through ebay? Well she FINALLY tried em' we are sharing our secret:

Hmmmmmm......... Chicken and Chia cookies!

First you get your mum to steam some boneless chicken (in our case it's thighs) and allow to cool. In a food processor you munch them till real real fine.


Then you help your mum with the clean up of any rogue bits of chicken left on the edge of the bench. I'm on my real tippy toes here!

Any leftover munched chicken can be frozen for more cookies at another time. We put about 1 1/4 cups of munched chicken into a big bowl.

Then mum munched 1/2 cup of bran till fairly munched.

Then she added 1/2 cup of wholemeal flour to the bowl.

The red things are dried Goji berries (this gave sweetness without direct sugar - but if you don't have gojis - you could use dried fruit of choice) and we munched these in the processor - they were about 1/3 cup. Then add a good heaped tablespoon of Chia seeds direct to the big bowl.

Mum grated a medium carrot and added it to the bowl. It almost came to a cup.

Mum then cracked in one egg ...... are you gettin' all this furends????

It was starting to smell good.

Mum made up a 50/50 solution of skim milk and water - and after combining the stuff in the bowl - found she only needed about half of it to make the mixture come together.

It is fairly sticky - so we ended up using more wholemeal flour and was generous with it on the bench. Spread out the dough and flatten it with your palms. Don't help here furends - fur will impede progress.

Pass your mum the cookie cutters you want. I pawed over the bone cutter.

Put little bones on lined trays and bake in oven at 180-190 degrees for about 35 min.

See - here they are baked and we are puttin' them on racks to cool. See - I pawed over my giant doggie paw cutter and she made me one to avoid an argument!

TASTE TEST TIME!!!! See - I know my "leave it" command!

Nom nom nom nom..........YUMMERS!!

Another one???????? Pawlease!!!!!!

She's such a pushover........... I gotta say........these get my stamp of approval! (Is that a cookie crumb on my nose??)


  1. They look scrumptious....we might have to get some cookie cutters, too. You're sooooo lucky.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  2. Ooh Rubie - we got a bone shaped cookie cutter and a recipe book in Caoimhe's puppy pack but so far - no scrumptious biscuits! I'm hoping your Mum's amazing recipe will inspire mine to get cooking. They look delicious - love from Magic xx

  3. You are one lucky pup! Those look amazing!

    Nubbin wiggles,

    PS - Are chia seeds like sesame seeds?

  4. Thanks for sharing yr recipe Rubie! The red berries are good for eyesight (chinese belief).

  5. oh yum! looks very good! i saw chia seeds on the food network the other night and they had chia seeds...i didn't know those were the same seeds that you spread on those chia pet planters, those terracotta shaped animals you put the seeds on to watch the plants grow. don't know if it's american thing? but the song from those commercials is still in my head! "ch-ch-ch-chia", i see you used that huge paw cookie cutter, did rubie get to eat it all?

  6. Hi Yuki's mum, my mum has been busy giving away my cookies to other doggies, (but I'm eatin' em too) and the huge paw I will share with Scarlet and Zoe tomorrow during play-day. Tail Wuggles, Rubie.

    From Rubie's mum:
    I don't think the chia seeds I get would be used in pet planters because they are quite expensive and I would think just normal "sprout" seeds (such as rocket, alfalfa) would be what is used. If you want to check em' out search "aztec chia seeds" on google and you will see what a wonderful super food they are. We exclusively eat a bread baked with chia seeds, and if I bake bread at home, I always throw some in.

  7. You are sooooo lucky, your Mom really know how to look after you doesn't she? Those look mega tasty, our Momster has never heard of chia seeds so she's off to look them up. Have a great day Rubie Lou, Dex and Lou xxx

  8. LOL. I guess one thing we really haven't done for our pups is bake for them.But between you, Santa and them, and Yuki we are getting some wonderful recipes. :-)


  9. Those looked really tasty and healthy too.
    You are a lucky lucky dog, Rubie!


  10. Hi Sis,
    Hows it going, I have missed you, good photo hunt, mom has promised this month I will be on more. We will see.
    Those Cookies look soo tastie, I must be doing something wrong cus mom don't cook me any thing like that!! oh I forgot I do have liver cake, if she didn't cook that I would go on strike lol!!
    Have a good week sis
    See Yea George xxx


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