Monday, November 24, 2014

A Traumatic Friday ..... in amongst a FUN week!

Hi all my furiends.

I need to share.

Good - I've got your attention.

My uncie had to do stuff - then go away for a little while.... so we looked after my cousins, Scarlet and Zoe for a week. This is a FUN thing. I always get more treats when those two are around.

Then on Friday .... Mum put the red harness on me and I thought we were going for a walk ... but she put me - only me - in the car and we drove to the V-E-T.

For those of you who freak out even at the sight of the V-E-T reception room - look away NOW!


I was OK at this point because I like my new V-E-T.

But this visit mum had to do some paperwork ... and then handed me over (!!!) ... and I got taken "out the back". Shheesh it was confusing and unsettling my furiends.

Then, the V-E-T nurses put me in a cage (without any snacks) and I had to sit and wait for what seemed like 87 hours!

They even took a "mug-shot".

Then things got fuzzy. I was taken to another room, Michael my new V-E-T was there too, and I got a little spot shaved off my front leg, and I can't remember much after that. I do remember that I was not happy though.

The fuzziness started to lift and I found myself back in the cage feeling groggy and sleepy. The nurses were back - patting me, and speaking softly to me. 

My mouth felt funny, my throat was scratchy and my nails were very short.

Meanwhile ... pay attention to this:

Mum went shopping - she went to her favourite "outdoor decoration" shop - you know the type that sells statues and plant pots and stuff.

These sheep she has ALWAYS loved... she thinks they are so cute!

But for Christmas ... the statue place bought a pallet of "mixed dogs". Mum almost had a car crash when she spotted a rather gorgeous statue that caught her eye. Can you PICK which one?? I'll give you a minute to work it out... Worked it out???

She spotted the mini schnauzer and immediately knew she needed to buy it. Here in Australia statues of mini schnauzers (big or small) are really rare. So this is why the car crash nearly happened!

Anywho - she took the FAKE schnauzer home ...

And put her on the patio where Scarlet and Zoe knew immediately that this FAKE was not ME!!! They are very sharp.

So where is Rubie??? (They wanted to know)

ZOE: At least this FAKE schnauzer is not growling at me or terrorising me like Rubie does! I could come to like this arrangement.

***(I'll get you LATER Zoe!!!)***

Fake Schnauzer even got moved inside to the family room ... don't even THINK about pawing through MY TOY-BOX! 

Meanwhile a REPORT REPAWT was being prepared for my release and pick-up.

Mum got a two-page repawt about the horror of my day. The V-E-T  cleaned my teeth and clipped my nails while I was knocked out and could not defend myself. Look how shocked I look on the "mug-shot"

Mum FINALLY arrived 87 hours later and paid the V-E-T receptionist with her plastic card, bought a 1kg bag of Liver Treats (do not think I can be bribed to forgive this day Ma!) and collected me. I barely gave her a glance before wanting to get OUT the V-E-T's front door and go HOME.

I couldn't jump into the car fast enough (and I'm not a huge car fan so THAT is saying something!).

This is where I had the I.V. needle giving me fluids. Totally messed up my leg furs!

Ahhhh home sweet home.

I need to check out that FAKE Schnauzer!

Looks nothing like me!! If anything it is a statue of "ZOE mucky pants!!"

And now lets begin the "Forgive the Ma" program. 

Start passing the Liver Treats.

Then the milk-bones, roo sticks, beef tendons, etc etc etc.

*** I'll notify you Ma .... when you get CLOSE to being forgiven.***


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