Sunday, January 29, 2012

The "Joys" of a Cardboard roll (!!) - Guest Post

SCARLET: (bored Sigh!) Hi everyone, have a squiz at what I have to put up with......

SCARLET: Check out Rubie, the annoying "silver one" chewing and chewing on a Cardboard Roll....

SCARLET: Giving her little gob a workout and not letting my annoying sister near it....

SCARLET: Even the pleading looks from my sister have no effect.....

SCARLET: Now my auntie felt sorry for Zoe and gave her a "consolation prize" of a loo roll! She looks perked up with that no???

SCARLET: Now there are TWO annoying pups chewing Cardboard rolls.... I don't understand the enjoyment

SCARLET: Now the annoying "silver one" is allowing the annoying sister to chew the other end of the big one - it's not as if they can eat the me pig's ears or beef jerky!!

SCARLET: Look you two - are you gonna help auntie pick up all those slimy bits of Cardboard????

SCARLET: The "youth" of today!! Wake me up when there is real nomable chews on offer!! ZZzzzzzzzzz!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Photo Scavenger Hunt - January

Hi all, 

With our brand New Year comes more monthly Scavenger Hunts from the blog  Postcards from the P.P.  and, as usual, I will be "scoring" my mum on how many of her pics contain ME!! She is acting mighty pleased with herself and walking with a skip to her step..... so let's see:

Here are TWO little angels sittin' on the edge of a bowl (another one of mum's creations)

And a BONUS picture.....mum couldn't resist showin' you TWO mini I am with my mate Jazper. 

Scarlet and I playin' tug-a-toy and bein' in the blur state!

Here we are in doggie company (and peep company) at my agility skool. Check out my happy expression lookin' at my furiend Bailey.

This is the wine tastin' Entrance at the Hardy's Winery.... look how I'm dyin' to get in there (but was actually not allowed!!)

This is the ensuite bathroom off my bedroom. Mum has always disliked the decor in here - and was about to spend bazillions of dollars re-doin' the whole room. Then I came along and she discovered how great this tub was to wash me! Now this is my torture chamber every Sunday and the location of my scrub-a-dub bath!!   :-(

Some of the Tomatoes that are ready for pickin' at the moment from mum's veggie garden. Mum goes nuts over her "ox-heart" ones.

That's the end of the Brighton Jetty in the distance

This is the letter and brochure sent especially to me from the Quarantine Department tellin' me why they KEPT my TREATS sent to me from the USA and all the information associated. I said "Ppprrrrrffffffttttttttt.........!!!!!!!" to all that!

Mum says this is a MESS - I call it unwrappin' my gifts!!

See me laughin' at mum's latest garden ornament....... nobody likes it and I think it says "odd" all over it!!

Mum has made me all these SOFT and COMFY faux fur floor pillows - there are three in my house. The green one is the lounge room one.

Snakes.......??! What snakes???!!! Do you see any snakes???!! What a load of hogwash! Scare mongering!! 

So, mum, even if I don't count the BONUS picture, it seems I'm in EVERY photo! Very impressive, so you get:

12 / 12 !!!!

Perfect Score!!

(she's doin' happy human zoomies!)

Hope you enjoyed her efforts, Bye now!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Hey Birdie......It's hot outside!!

Hey all,

I had to rush to the bedroom bay window when I heard this strange "donk" "donk" knockin' noise against the window. 

Yes Mr Birdie.......Can I help you??????

Oh - you is sayin' is rooly rooly hots outside huh??? 

The weather lady said it's 39 degrees C outside there ( 102F ) .... yup, sure looks hots!! Are you feelin' all feather schwitzy???

I bet that pink skin on the bottom of your foots is, well, cookin' kinda!!

I wish I could help ya birdie, after all it's nice and cool in here - and I'm not a big fan of swappin' places!! Why not go and have a swim in our birdbath and cool off under the bushes or in the trees??

That's my schnauzer tip for today. Mum and I are watchin' the Australian Open tennis and that will be about it for us! Too hot to think of anything else to do!

Bye for now.......

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Good-Bye Christmas !!!

Hi ya all,

Some very excitings stuff has happened in the last coupla days....

First my dad dad and I dropped mum off at this big building with glass windows on Monday morning..... and then she came back home at about 9:00pm that day looking a little pale and weary and wearing two of these - one on each paw:

She apparently had a little bit of a "procedure" done but when she came home we went straight to bed so I could nurse her all night. I need to report that she is all betters now.

"Scooter" my pawsonal parcel delivery man brought me a box that afternoon.....

And it seems that Scooter must have been hidin' some parcels because this is a Christmas one!

Ma helped me open it the morning after our big sleep from Hospitals.

Ohhh, I remember this smells!!!! From the night me and my love DEXTER went to the PAWM!!

OOOoooo something colourfuls in this purple tissue paper!

Hey - a squeaky, stuffie froggie - and her back paw smells like my DEX!

See my card and a beautifuls bandanny made special for me by Dex's mum!! That's Dex on the packaging!

My special card  :-)

It's a good look isn't it???

Thankyou my Dex and auntie Di -  Big Hugs and Licks from ME!!

But - HOLD THE PRESS - Another parcel came this afternoon - ANOTHER one Scooter has been keepin' BACK. (Mental note: I need to have a firm woof with that boy!!!)

It's from my Bloggin' Bro' George The Lad, and Tess and auntie Jan!!!! They all got me something too!!

They sent this great rope toy, doggie treat cookbook (thumbs paws up!!), a cookie cutter and a little cookbook for my ma! How do they know mum collects cookbooks?????

I'm going to paw through the doggie treat book and start circling for ma!! Where is my texta??

Even a neat card!! Thanks George!!!!    ;-)

Now this wrapping paper is excellent too!

Hurmmmmpffff! Tear tear!! 

See I wore my Dexter bandanny all day - even out on my walk with dad dad!

This is a final picture of MY Christmas Cards sent special to ME!! I prolly got just as many "e-cards" too!! So THANKYOU to all who thought of me!! BIG SCHNAUZER LICKS!!

Friday, January 6, 2012

My Howl-O-Ween competition Prize !!!

Hi all,

Remember the end of last year when we celebrated "Howl-o-ween" over on the Fivesibes bloggie?? The Fivesibes Mom organised a great PHOTO competition and my mum thought it was a great idea to enter me while wearing an outfit!! This was my entry:

It was a gruelling photoshoot, and I didn't even know what a Halloween was!! Still the liver treats were flowing so I don't mess with a good thing I just do as SHE wants and provide my best sides for the flashy box!

It was SOOOOOOO exciting when Mrs Fivesibes Mom contacted me and said I WON THIRD PRIZE !!! She said there would be a parcel arriving just for me, and it arrived at my door just before Christmas.

OK mum, you got the flashy box, let's OPEN IT!!!!!! tissue paper!!

Do I see a Howl-O-Ween pumpkin stuffie??????

You betcha sweet bippy I do!!!!

OOooo look - it has a TAG still on it..... you know how I loves them!!

Hey Rubie....... There is a big yellow envelope in the bottom of the box you know!!??

OOOoooo - there is? Open it mum!!!

Hey lookie - I've got my "Pawsome Photo Award" and my very own Third Place Ribbon!

Ummmmm - the tag on the stuffie is mighty good too - Look at my Ribbon!!

This stuffie seems to be stuffed with a crinkly bottle......INGENIOUS!!

Oh I likey him!!!

Look this photo shows a bit of the tag that got stuck on my lip!

Thankyou to the sibes and the Mom who went to a LOT of trouble to make their Howl-O-Ween something fantastic. It was a very strong field of entrants and I didn't think I would come close to it was a LOVELY surprise for me and mum.

Thanks again Sibes Mom - you are the BEST!!!


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