Friday, June 17, 2016

Helping the "Gas Men"

As some of you know .... my peeps and I built our house and now my Auntie G (mum's sister) is building next door.

One morning we had a knock on our front door, and the Gas Man was there askin' for my pawfessional help in diggin' a huge hole in my Auntie's front dirts.

So dad dad accompanied me in my consultancy of the hole. The Gas Men had this huge cool yellow digger thingy, and they needed to dig a big trench to sink gas pipes.

We let the yellow digger thingy do MOST of the hard work.

Then the hole needed some finer touches so I directed the nice Gas Man as to how to dig and pat, dig and pat ....

Yups, that should be deep enough!

I then look at the overall lay of the land from across the road ... (after I finished investigating what I had stepped on that smelt good!)

Right - so the pipes are sunk, and then I said to fill the hole in with the digger thingy!

That's right boys - get that dirts back in there ... my Auntie does not need that hole left in her front yard!

Supervisor must inspect and do Quality Control of the area.

Yups .... ALL GOOD .... 10 - 4 a-ok MATES!

Here's is one of my new friends thanking me for my expawt consultancy and supervisory skills.

They were goin' for lunch ... and getting YIROS ... but my ma wouldn't let me go too!!! Grrrrrrrr! Doesn't she know the Supervisor should get the BIGGEST YIROS!!!! Geeez! 


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