Saturday, August 6, 2011

My "new" stuff!

Hi everyone!

There is a couch I like to lounge on in the front room of my place. Here is me on it. Excuse my silly mum making me wear one of her scarfs!

It was OK I suppose, but sometimes my mum tried to share it with me, and well, she is so huge, that it got a little snug when we were both sprawling.

So she went out and bought this...... so she and I have more sprawling options in the lounge room now. It even I can store my stuff in there if I want. My penguin pillow is comfortable now as well.

So that was my first new stuff.

The second "new" stuff is my "new" rabbit stuffie. I'm proud to say that it is pre-owned.

I found this on one of my walks...... some other doggie must've lost it. Rather than letting it go to waste, and decompose in the dirt and rain,  I insisted that we take it home.

I'm shouting all my excitements at this treasured find!!!!

It's one of my fav things.... it has TWO squeekers in it - one in the tummy and one in the head. Mum wouldn't let me have it until it went *whoosh* *whoosh* in the front loader swirling white box with assorted germ killing soaps first. THEN I had to just watch as it dried on the line *torture* !!

And it almost makes as much noise as my Mallard Duckie!! That way, my peeps always know that I am around!


  1. Hi Rubie, we have one of those pouffe thingys, but SHE is always putting stuff on it. That rabbit, what a find! And the squeakers still're a lucky pup.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

    We know you'll have it smelling just right in no time.

  2. That sprawling place looks really comfy especially with the penguin cushion and the rabbit is a lucky find. Our little gang love those long legged squeakies we can grab a leg each and play tug of war. You'll have to get Zoe and Scarlet over for a game. Love from Magic xx

  3. that's a really good idea, that's something that might actually work for yuki because she is so big now she takes up half the space on the couch when she's all sprawled out. Rocket can't jump on the couch yet, but there will definately not be any room for him once he's as big as yuki and is able to jump up.

  4. Hi Sis
    I was going to say you look cute in moms scaf with your long eye lashes ;)
    Sprawling is good, as long as I get the best place lol!!!
    Good for you recycling the toy, I feel sorry for the dog that lost it, but you have given it a good home.

    Glad you like my blogging tips, I have to get mom to read them alot, she gets stressed out sometimes with blogging lol!!
    Have a good week
    hugs and kiss's to you from your Bro xxx

  5. What a good find!! I just found a squeeky hotdog in the garden today. Mom thinks its several years old. (mine now!)
    I like your new sofa set up, very snuggly :)


  6. What a great place to sprawl Rubie, heavenly. Even better your toy, what a fab find - very impressed with the furtling skills on that one :-)
    Dex and Lou x

  7. Hey Rubie!
    Wow, what great stuff! You got your own cushy toy box...that's pawesome! Great job of recycling that cool toy. Have fun!!
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  8. Lucky Rubie! You found a tooki!

  9. Perfect squeaky toy for you Rubie...I have one I call Quaily 'cos it's a it honks like a noisy Quail. I also have 2 other squeakys and I love them too. Washing is necessary 'cos you just never know what's all over them. Love your new scarf...very shoo shoo or is that chichi!

  10. Wuby
    What a excellent new stuffs
    I love youw spwawling place and I hope you can fill up it's insides wif all youw toys ..and you awe soopew clevew to have given that pwe-owned stuffie a gweat new chance to be a fun play pal
    It must have been vewy hawd to patiently wait to get youw mitts on him, hehe
    Hope you'we having loads of fun now
    smoochie kisses

  11. The photo of Rubie in the green scarf is just beautiful.

  12. You look stunning in your scarf, Rubie. You're such a darling and I believe your mum spoils you always. I hope you can meet Moxie sometimes, he's a giant schnauzer dog.


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