Monday, August 29, 2011

Photo Scavenger Hunt - August

Here we are again, another month along, that means mum has to do "her thing" and arrange the "Scavenger Photo Hunt" hosted by Postcards from the P.P.

In case you didn't know, I allow mum to do this monthly thing on my blog..... and I mark her on how many of the items include ME in the photo. Last month she got 11/12......  here we go!

This boat at our back fence belongs to our neighbour - he likes to go out and fish - he even gave us a heap of Snook fillets once.....they were YUMMERS!

This is a pic of some kids on the dodgem' cars at Movieworld on the Gold Coast in Queensland. Mum thought the kids looked soooo cute.

ME in front of a fountain in a local first visit there.

Mum set up a picnic for Scarlet, Zoe and me. She had to take the pic very quickly because we were eating the goodies in our bowls VERY quickly! We approve of picnics!

This is a local Australian rules football game on a Saturday afternoon played at one of the ovals of mum's university... Flinders University. There has just been a goal kicked so some boys are happy (and the other half are not so happy!)

On the day mum bought these, uncie was coming over for dinner. We all LOVE bread and mum says it's not good for our hips !!??!! I put my bread in my mouth- NOT on my hips! - mum you are so silly sometimes!!

Me surrounded by fabric on the guestroom bed - I loved doin' this photoshoot - I was extremely comfortable lyin' around on the material on the bed!

My pawrents loved their visit to the Salamanca Markets in Hobart, Tasmania. Mum indulged in the BEST dagwood dog there ....... not a real dog!!!!! A tube-steak dipped in batter and then deep fried. She had to do a long hike after that one to feel better about eatin' it!!

Looking at the Alpine National Park, Victoria. The highest mountain you can see is Mount Bogong 1986m above sea level. 

These are tracks of a Dinosaur (Megalosauropus Broomensis, Theropod) which are 120 million years old! That's mum's foot, which is not ancient! This dinosaur was 9-10 meters in length. Imagine playin' bitey face with THAT!

No - the bizarre thing here is not my dad dad, it's this giant PRAWN my pawrents found during their motorhome travels. This was in Exmouth, North Western Australia. 

My puppy mouth is waterin' now!! Coral Trout battered with chips! WHY aren't I in this photo mum!!!??? 


Now mum's grades are SLIPPIN'..... I counted only 5 photos with ME! That means mum's score is: 

5 / 12  (!)

Looks like mum will have to work on her grade........ I want to see improvement for next month!!! (**tisk, tisk**)

Bye from mum and me!!


  1. Oh poor Rubie! You simply cannot let your mum get away with this! 5 out of 12 is just dreadful!

    To Rubie's mum: Just Kidding!



    PS: Sorry I haven't been commenting lately. I have been reading though!

  2. U are so sweet! I wish I could eat the food. Especially the fish.

  3. Hey Rubie!
    Wow, what a pawesome collection for this month's hunt! I actually think it's okay to be 5 of these...I'd worry something bad might happen if you were there with that big pink shrimp! BOL BOL
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  4. Yes, yes, dreadful! And I was searching so hard for your (sweet) face in all those photos...the last was the best. That's exactly the look Coco gives me when I tell her to eat her chicken.

  5. Great pictures.....but you're right, you should have been in more of them. 'Specially the fish and chip photo!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  6. Hey Sis
    I'm back came straight over to see you, great hunt Sis your mom and mine thinks the same, my photo for Street Food is fish and chips lol!!! but I am on that one :) love the photo for A Picnic.
    Tube-steak dipped in Batter!! some fish and chip shops do a mars bar diped in batter, mom calls them heart attack snacks!!!
    Have a good week
    Love Bro xxx

  7. Hi Rubie, well its just not good enough. More photos of you I say. P.S. Three of my siblings Graduated from Flinders Uni. No worries, and love, Stella

  8. Wubi
    What lovely photos, I agwee wif you , while youw Mum does take tewwific pictoowes, you should be in each and evewyone

    My favowite one was the picnic of couwse wif the nice lie down on the soft fabwics, but I'm suwe you could have given those boyz a lesson in shooting goals, and then eaten those yummie seafoods
    I can't wait fow next time
    smoochie kisses

  9. projectile laughter all the way around the world when I read the "bitey face" line...too funny. What fun you have Rubie....I must tell my Dads to do more with me, I don't want to get too bored!

  10. HI Ruby,
    Nice to meet you. Those were some great pictures and yes, you should have been in the trout pictures, I agree with you 100% and as a matter of fact, it should have been YOU and hardly no trout cuz then you would have eaten it all already. bol


  11. Hey Rubie-
    We like your mums scavenger hunt pictures. That dino print is really something! And the one with you in the cute!

    We just finished our photo hunt, we took the last 2 pictures just a few hours ago...we are slacking a bit..BOL

    Wyatt and Mom

  12. Those dinosaur prints are so cool! I think rockets paws are pretty close to being that big-that pup has some big paws ;)

    yuki (&rocket)


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