Thursday, August 18, 2011

My Blue Octopus and Orchids

Hi everyone and everypup/puss.

I have a great thing to share. I know some of your peeps already know of this thing....but it's soooo great that I had to share - or I would burst!!!

Get your peeps into the op-shops!!!! Look at what they sell there!!

Have you ever seen anything so WONDERFUL! This is what my mum brought me home from the op-shop! It was only 50 cents! It is actually a hand puppet but my mum thought I would love it with all those leggies and stuff!

I became so attached to it that I took it everywhere with me - I even let Scarlet and Zoe play with it. If you look closely my octopus is now showing signs of  being rolled through the mulches on the garden beds.

But any dirts will wash right out. So - I'm encouraging your peeps to get into their local second hand shops and see what they can dig outa those big toy baskets. Remember to pick stuff that don't have hard eyes and noses.....we pups love to work on gettin' those off!

It's a great inexpensive way to keep stuffie turnover going in your toy baskets!!!

Oh - before I mum promised Wyatt's mum a picture of our Orchids in a vase in the house.

Nice huh? These stay good for about 6 weeks in the house.....but mum puts them into a cold room if we put the heating on at night.

A closeup. Look at the little yellow thingys in the middle. They are cool don't ya think?!

See ya soon, Tail Wuggles!!!!!!


  1. Hi Rubie, oh I just love your blue octopus. My mum loves op shopping too. That is where I got my new pink lounge and my birdie and crocodile. Have a great day. No worries, and love, Stella

  2. Hi Sis
    Great idea of yours, my favorite toy scooby doo was from a second hand shop, I love it moms worried its starting to fall to peices just though wear not by me, she has looked on ebay for the same one!!! but the thing is its wouldn't be the same :( so look after your octopus
    I've never seen so many Orchid flowers they are beauitful, my SSteps this week is all about a flower show!
    Have a good week Sis
    See Yea Soon Love Bro xxx

  3. What a great bargain, Rubie! coco loves octopus but she only knows it as "sotong". The orchids are really (repeat that 5 times) beautiful! My mother would've loved them. Orchids were her favourite.

  4. The octopus sure looks cute! But not as cute as you ^_^


  5. Great advice. Op Shops are fun. You can find lots of good things.

    Those orchids are gorgeous.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  6. We love your blue octopus - it's great to have toys with lots of legs for playing tug of war especially when there's five of us!
    You look so cute Rubie on that third photo - love from Magic x

  7. RUBIE... those ORCHIDS!! OH THOSE ORCHIDS!!! I am soooo glad Wyatt asked you to show them!!

    LOVE your blue octopus!!!

  8. Hey Rubie!
    Wow, what a pawesome toy! Those leggies would drive me crazy with fun! Those are some pretty flowers. I bet they smell good too.
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  9. What a great idea! I LOVE the idea of going to a second hand shop. Why didn't I think of that?

    What I also love is your new blog design. The green with the lovely, subtle flowers is super pretty.

    And YET another thing I love is (are?) the purple orchids. They are the most beautiful color and with the goodness. :-)

    Your mum has a good eye!


  10. I love orchids! They are are pricey in the states, but when I lived in Okinawa they were sold everywhere at a pretty low price and I loved having them around since they lasted so long! Also, I love when finding dog stuff that's inexpensive, I like going to discount stores and finding products that have been marked down super low and then finding that exact product still being sold elsewhere for full price, it just makes me feel even better for having found it.

  11. Hi Rubie Lou! The flowers are beautiful but nor as beautiful as that octopus stuffy, brilliant what a find!By the way do you know there is a ghost in your house? It's in the window behind you in the photie-o-graph, have a great weekend, Dex and Lou xxx

  12. You must be very well behaved. I would have eaten the legs off of that by now. I can't have stuffie toys, cause I eat them :(

    Those flowers are amazing!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  13. Rubie-
    Have we ever told you, what pretty eyes you have? Everytime we see your picture, we think you have on false eye lashes. You should consider a career in modeling :)

    Pretty pretty pretty orchids! You grow those outside?
    Everytime mom sees orchid plants, she wants to buy them....but we have a track record of orchid killing..haha!
    I like your stuffie. I would have his legs pulled off in no time!



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