Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter ( it WAS!)

We went to Grandpaws' place for Easter Sunday. We met my Auntie and Uncie, along with Scarlet and Zoe there.

Me, Scarlet and Zoe - admiring the Easter Table Setting.

If you look close - you can see OUR doggie "easter egg cookies" mum made special for us given we cannot eat chocolate ones. They are this side of centre in little cello bags with gold ribbons. They are "chicken satay with seeds" flavour.

Mum and auntie prepared lunch - they had creamy potato bake, roast pumpkin, roast pork and gravy, duck confit with sour cherry sauce and buttered parsley carrots. It's smelled so yummers!!!

My eyes were firmly on that duck and pork!!!

After peep lunch, and our sampling, we each got a doggie "easter egg" - mum made them all pretty with stickers and stuff.

ZOE:    OOOoooooo peel the eggies auntie!!!!!!!! Quick!

So mum peeled them - one by one (far too slowly for our liking) - and we each got a whole easter egg to nom.

I woofed mine down.

Zoe Zoes was next.

And then Scarlet got hers - see how dainty she takes her pieces. Not like me - mum has to be careful she doesn't lose a finger with my technique!!

All of a sudden - uncie, mum and I went outside - and I suddenly got nervous because there was grooming equipments set up.

So I got my hairs trimmed    :-( 

Mum says I really needed it because I couldn't see through my eyebrows anymore. What would she know!!

I got to play at "half time" with my cousins to blow off some pent up "steam" from standin' on the groomin' table.

See my face not done yet - and my peeps think the "tassle" on the end of my tail is "CUTE" - I pointed to the breed grooming expectation of a mini schnauzer and there is nothing like this goin' on!! My mate Magic's mum will tell ya! It's sooo hard to get good help.

ZOE: Hurry up with your hair cut Rubie - I am waiting for sweets to be served!!! 

The peeps had their sweets (white chocolate and passionfruit mousse) served inside chocolate eggs!!! You can get the full recipe from mum's personal blog (link in my sidebar) - it will go up shortly.

Us doggies had some chicken satay egg cookies - sorry mum was too occupied doin' dishes and stuff to get the pics. Dad dad gave them to us.

When I got home - I just wanted to snooze on my couch with my new Chicken easter Stuffie. 

I just want to say - even with the hair-cut - that was a great day, and I hope your Easter was as Happy as MINE was!!!!! (minus the grooming bit of course!)

Tail Wuggles, Rubie xxx ooo xxx


  1. What a beautiful Easter table! Please give my compliments to the host! Looks like everyone had a good time and YUM!

  2. That human dessert made my mouth water. I will have to hop over to your mom's blog for the recipe. Looks like you had a fun time (except for the grooming).


  3. Rubie I had Easter yesterday, which was a day early here. Today my peeps are leaving me for another Easter that I don't get to go to. Something about me peeing on the expensive rugs at my dad person's parents house.

    Happy Easter!

  4. OMD OMD RUBIE GIRRRRRL I am DROOLIN all over my keyboard after seeing that ELEGANT and DELICIOUS DINNER you got to sample!!!

    What a gorgeous table that was.

    Sorry that you had to endure the groomering thingy butt you certainly do look LOVELY.

    Happy EASTER to you my dear furend.

  5. What a great easter and a yummy egg!!


  6. Those chicken satay biscuits sound scrumptious! We could see them on the table. Hope you got a little of the duck and pork, too.

    We had our eggs with our kibble...SHE says SHE likes having all of her fingers.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

    Bummer about the eyebrows.

  7. Rubie, mum is just GREEN WITH JELLY at your fabulous Easter meal. Totally yummers! What a fabulous day you had and we will definitely check out the Easter egg recipe for sure. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  8. Looks like you all had a fabulous Easter! What an awesome dessert!

  9. Look at your fantastic Easter meal!
    And you are all so adorables.
    You were making me very hungeys seeing all that nummy foods. Happy Easter

  10. Wubie
    Wowza! I don't think my Eastew came even close . I did get some egg and ham, but nothing as fabooloos as that meal youw mastew chefMom pwepawed..PLUS you got to be wif youw tewwific cousins and have playtime fun wif them

    Plus a bootification to boot..I would say youws was the pawfect Eastew
    Smoochie kisses

  11. oh such happy times! the pups look like they just had the best time on easter YAY!!! :)

  12. it was great you had a happy easter! thank goodness your mum made you special treats because i dont know how you did it after seeing all that yummy human food!!

  13. Hey, Rubie! What a wonderful Easter you had, even with the grooming. Bet you really felt better after you were brushed and trimmed. Your peeps sure take good care of you.

    Jed & Abby

  14. Wow, what a great Easter feast all round. Susie-Belle sends her congrats on getting all those goodies for yourselves xx

  15. That looked a great day out for Easter, Rubie, except maybe the grooming - mmm my Mum does agree the tufty tail is not quite the thing for schnauzers 'tho we have seen some in the UK with tails just like that :-) Oh my peeps were very taken with that easter egg dessert - they will be checking that out very soon - woofs and licks from Magic xx

  16. What a wonderful day. Look at all that yummy food...that duck looks so divine and the dessert, Mmmmmmm!
    Kisses to Rubie :D

    Wyatt's Mom

  17. Hiya Rubie Lou!!! At last we got here, darned cables. Well what an easter you had and of course you look gorgeous after your groom but then my girl always does! The hooman food looked totally scrumptious said our Mom but those eggs look the best! Lots of love to you, from your Dex xxx Louis waves hello!!

  18. Herlo therr

    I just fownd yoor bloggy n had to leeve a commint kus i thot yoor pagey iz just grreeeat,

    lovve posie da border terrior, xox

  19. Looks like you all had great time not sure about the tail tuft tho!!!

  20. Oh Rubie ~ WOW OH WOW what a Easter! Love the table decorations at Grandpaws and the menu. Duck confit and white chocolate and passionfruit mousse, I got the slobbers. We loved seeing all the pictures.
    Sweet William The Scot

  21. Rubie your Easter was wonderful, you were so lucky, you got to have some of your peep's food, your very own egg and cookies (Mum would like the cookie recipe please!) Mum loved the idea of each of you getting your very own decorated egg, its such a cool idea! All I got this Easter was a walk in the sun! Sheesh! Mum, are you seeing Rubies day? Learn something from it!!! The duck and pork are just making me drool, all the food looks super dooper yummy! The table setting is so beautiful and so Eastery! Mum just loves those chocolate bunnies! You all look like you had a shnauz-tastic day! You are so very lucky Rubie! Love licks and tummy rubs with Pugalier Hugs Frank x x x x x x x x

  22. Hey Rubie! We are new to your blog. We noticed that the yellow ducky stuffie is sitting on a bunch of wooden easter eggs. Mommy calls them Pysanky in Ukrainian. We have a bunch of those wooden eggs in our house too. The ducky stuffie looked so happy on the eggs.


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